For the best part of a year I have been pressing the Chief Constable of Cheshire to provide me copy of a statement his officers took from a Cheshire West and Chester Council employee, a statement which caused the Chief Constable to send armed officers to arrest me – the more I pressed the Chief Constable the more steadfast he was in his refusal and as a result I engaged a legal team and now I own that statement –  and now I know exactly why the Chief Constable did all he could to keep me form learning the content of that statement the Cheshire West and Chester Council solutions team officer David P Finlay had provided him !
Mr David P Finlay agreed to provide the Chief Constable a true statement he agreed to include only that which he knew was the truth, alas David P Finlay, a man proven by his own Council to be a liar lied again. In his statement Finlay said..
“It is within my knowledge that Mr Pickthall then created a website criticizing the staff and facilities at Leighton Hospital. I believe that this site was later closed down by the hospital authorities”.
Shortly after taking Finlay’s statement the Chief Constable ordered me arrested by armed officers – several Months later the Crown Prosecution service having made its inquiries refused to accept Finlays statement and threw out the Chief Constables trumped up charge claiming me sending malicious correspondence. I am writting the Chief Constable asking him why he has not arrested Finlay at gun point and for perverting the course of Justice – this should make interesting reading !
Albeit I have not, nor would I ever, design a website to attack Leighton Hospital or indeed any other Hospital, it is in the public domain while a patient at Leighton Hospital, and at a time when it was desperately short of staff, I witnessed a cardiac patient, a man recovering from a heart attack, go unattended despite repeatedly complaining to members of staff over many hours he was suffering chest pain. At 2-30 am the following morning still having not seen a Doctor the gentlemen suffered a further heart attack and as a result was blue lighted [ emergency Ambulance ] from Leighton Hospital to the North Staffs University Hospital heart attack center. Later that morning I met with hospital officials including a senior Matron and submitted my formal complaint. During my interview I made it clear the patient had first reported his his difficulties at 1- 30 pm and yet went unseen by a Doctor until 12 hours later and only then because he was fighting for his life. Later in the meeting I highlighted the fact there was a obvious shortage of trained nursing staff on my ward, CCU 1 Cardiac ward one during the day and even less staff on during the night I made the meeting aware we were attended only by a single Staff nurse who was assisted by a single auxiliary nurse. From that day on and until the day of my discharges CCU1 became properly staffed both during the day and during the night.
I am delighted to say I met with the neglected patient at his home several Months later, he was making great progress he was debating with his family if he should sue the Hospital – I still wait to hear from the Mid Cheshire Hospital Trust in the matter of my formal complaint – I remain astonished why these circumstances would cause David P Finlay to knowingly provide the Chief Constable of Cheshire a deliberately malicious, unfounded and dishonest statement in hope it would see me imprisoned for a crime he knew all along I had not committed.
I have written the Mid Cheshire Hospital Trust making it aware of Finlay’s lies and asking it to confirm indeed that it was not I who created and ran the site which Finlay claims it closed down – this will make for further interesting reading !
Robert A Pickthall

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