PalovbsItch says:
IMO there are no ‘Italian’ Mafia for at the top of the heap, they have to be Jews as was borne out by the prohibition gangsta’s posing as ‘Italian Mafia’. When Victims Rule: attacking, creating carnage then claiming persecution by their victims. In every country applying The Edict of Expulsion, the plague is exported until, over time, everywhere is infested. Christopher Jon Bjerknes’ tome The Manufacturing and Sale of St Einstein cites the debauch America had to endure once the lowlifes invaded.
PalovbsItch says:
The most damning information comes from the Jews themselves; they never tire of boasting of their endless crimes against humanity. They’ve only had around 6,000 years to perfect their tired old boring evil game through endless repitition and outreach. Rabid and Rabbis; everywhere in history, the stench of their effluence has been unearthed. The most hated pestilence on the planet. Apologists claim ‘oh it’s the Zionist’ but ALL jews are Zionists/genocidal racists and born of putrid wombs.

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