Another Crucial Fact, Ignored By The IICSA, About Melanie Shaw

from robert green

Another Crucial Fact, Ignored By The IICSA, About Melanie Shaw

Six years ago, when Melanie, along with others, first informed the authorities of the horrific crimes committed at Beechwood Care Home, Nottingham, she was offered a considerable sum, thought to be around £36,000, to compensate for her ordeals, by Nottinghamshire County Council.

There was, however, a condition attached to her receiving  this sum.

Melanie was to be subjected to a gagging order that was to prevent her from naming her abusers and those she had witnessed committing other serious crimes from the police or anyone else.

Being a public-spirited person of integrity and courage, Melanie rejected this condition as she considered it to be outrageous that dangerous sex predators should be protected so by the state. Her reward for this truly outstanding example of honesty and bravery is now there for all to see.

As a result of continual sexual abuses suffered whilst in the hands of the state, whose duty it was to protect her, the same state is guilty of pursuing a relentless and barbaric vendetta against her because she dares to be prepared  to name her state-sponsored criminal abusers.

This is the true state of our once great country today.

The solicitor who negotiated the offer from Nottinghamshire County Council to Melanie is Mr Chris Ratcliffe , of Nottingham firm Uppal Taylor.

This information has been passed to the IICSA`s chief, Professor Alexis Jay and to the judge at the most recent ‘trial of facts’ hearing , Her Honour Judge Penelope Belcher, who has been courteous enough to acknowledge receipt.

Robert Green

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