Angiolini lied in court about their being an investigation into Hollie’s abuse and saying Anne had mental health problems.

She could not answer many questions and was shacking while she was taking the stand.

Rusty was asked to be back in court on Thursday for the next day of the trial and it might be finished that day or maybe go onto Friday.

More news will be added about Rusty’s court case and what has been happening in court…..

The basis for this persecution of a brave international human rights activist is that he is alleged to have publicly objected to Angiolini`s suitability to be installed as Principal of St Hugh`s College, Oxford, which she claims has caused her “alarm and distress”. Such alarm and distress must be significantly worse than the horrifying rape ordeals endured by Hollie Greig and probably, many other children and the disabled in Aberdeen. The poor woman must have suffered much more than the Lockerbie case`s Mr Al-Megrahi, terminally ill and locked away far from his home and family for years in a Scottish jail after being blatantly framed, with Angiolini`s knowledge and collaboration.

May I ask again for full support for Rusty from all decent people who really do believe in fairness and democracy?

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