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Too true – especially so Sarah McLeod of the HGH / Major and Dragon broomstick merchant gang.
McLeod is a government Magic Circle disinformation agent and paedo protector – who was all in with Robert Green until they stabbed him in the back in Aberdeen in February of 2010 and had him arrested once they knew the (then) strength of his evidence against Hollie’s named 22 abusers.

Hi Chris,
On behalf of Tim n Ren Rustige:
Just to clarify, it’s not his wife ‘Ren’ but ‘Tim’ / Rusty (65 and pension age today) that’s up before the Aberdeen ‘beak’ / on trial (jury denied) on the 24th – 28th February for allegedly ‘cyber-stalking’ Nonceland’s ex-Lord Advocate Elish McPhilomy Angiolini back in February and March of 2012 (700-plus days ago) by publicly questioning her professional competence and moral probity to be elected to the post of Principal at an august Oxford college due her chequered legal career being blighted by all manner of allegations of graft and corruption plus a litany of legal blunders that equal AP Herbert’s hilarious ‘Misleading Cases’.
Robert Green’s arrest is linked to his most recent posts, haranguing the BBC
over the saintly Angiolini’s guest slot on Desert Island Discs last Sunday – an offence that relates directly to the dodgy interdict arbitrarily issued by Lord Bannatyne (aka Iain Alexander Scott Peebles) at the Edinburgh Court of Session last month – where Robert has been throughout, with purposeful malice aforethought, refused legal aid by SLAB (Scottish Legal Aid Board) and the ‘interdict’ gagging order petition conspicuously twice thrown out by previous sitting judges Lord Stewart and Lord Glennie until Robert was provided with ‘Equity of Arms’ / legal aid in keeping with the equitable rights provisions of Article 6 of the European Human Rights Act.
Of course Robert, a sprightly 68 years of age, apart from being a personal friend and close Cheshire neighbour of Tim and Ren’s, is a constant and abrasive moral thorn in the side of Nonceland’s SNP-dominated excuse for a government – exposing First Minister Alex ‘Porky Pict’ Salmond’s refusal to comply with the directives from the Royally-appointed Freedom of Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion and now his successor Commissioner Rosemary Agnew – thus placing the arrogant git in breach sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Act in his repeated refusals to supply the Commissioners with the extensive documented information he has been handed (by Robert) and now required viz the now-notorious Hollie Greig sexual abuse / serial rape of disabled and special needs children by an untouchable Aberdeen-based Masonic / elitist paedophile ring that still escapes police investigation.
Mind you Angiolini also refused the same when Kevin Dunion was FOI Commissioner – regarding her alleged abuse of public funds to finance private legal actions against her detractors – specifically Robert Green and Rusty – amongst others.
But Robert and Rusty, and more’s the power to them both, have pissed a great many of these Magic Circle VIP ‘dignitaries’ off by publicly exposing the corrupt practices of Nonceland’s Masonic ‘Speculative Society’ dominated judiciary – from the evasive Lord President Brian ‘Halitosis’ Gill recently dismissing a Parliamentary petition to have senior law lords and judges declare their conflicts of interest affiliations with the Highland Mafia and legal aid profiteering money launderers posing as Glasgow solicitors. Then we have their exposure of Plod Squad Scotland’s Chief Constable Sir Stephen House refusing to even reply to correspondence concerning the Hollie Greig scandal – and Robert’s personal vendetta aimed at Levy & McRae’s Professor Peter Watson – legal advisor to the Scottish media, Police Scotland, Alex Salmond ‘and’ Elish Angiolini – (anyone smell a conflict of interest?) – hence the wicked Watson’s deserved media-gagging / political manipulating derogatory sobriquet: ‘Rasputin of the Glens’.
Last but by no means least we have Robert’s exposures of the misdeeds of Sheriff Patrick Davies, Lord Bannatyne and most certainly the racist Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen – who slapped Robert with a 12 month custodial sentence in 2012 and made him another Prisoner of Conscience for his anti-child sexual abuse crusading beliefs.
At the end of the day, perhaps this hit on Robert is to prevent him appearing as a defence witness at Tim’s trial on the 24th February.
As Robert’s arrest is directly linked to this pantomime ‘interdict’ issued by Bannatyne to gag Robert from publicly telling the TRUTH viz Angiolini’s scandal-ridden past – the child sexual abuse coverup allegations besides, it is rumoured the dodgy Dame kick started her long and profitable criminal career by shoplifting Christmas cake from M & S in Glassie.
Thank Christ Robert never mentioned that one in his weblog exposee’s as well or he’d be looking at a life sentence in Aberdeen’s Craiginches Prison.
Ally C: spokesperson Prisoners of Conscience International group.

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