Sex with animals: The horny oddballs caught with their pants down with snakes, ducks, cows and other wildlife

Many of our four-legged friends have caught the eyes of the oddballs in our rogues gallery of sex-crazed animal lovers

Sex tape: Wayne Bryson appearing at Skegness Magistrates Court

When Amber Hickling looked through her love-rat boyfriend Wayne’s phone she was shocked to find he had cheated on her – with a DOG.
Surprisingly, the randy 19 year-old who was spared jail despite bedding a Staffordshire Bull Terrier isn’t the only one with animal attraction.
Many of our four-legged friends have caught the eyes of the oddballs in our rogues gallery of sex-crazed animal lovers.
It includes a quickie with the pet pooch, to a filthy tryst with some wary cows and a pervert with a fetish for extreme bestiality.
Here is our top 10 of people you probably shouldn’t leave your pet alone with.

1. Kitsao Gona
A man who had sex with a goat was forced to come to face to face with his victim, after the live animal was brought into court as a witness.
The nanny goat was presented to a magistrate and looked on as Kitsao Gona was jailed for 10 years after admitting his crime.
Kenyan media said it was rare for animals to be presented as evidence in court cases.

2. Bernard Marsonek

Marsonek: Arrested at his home

Bernard Marsonek, 58, was arrested after allegedly having sex with a pitbull in his front garden – in front of horrified neighbours.
When police arrived, neighbours told them Marsonek had not stopped the alleged act after they shouted at him.
He was arrested on two counts of firearm possession  by felon, animal cruelty and sexual activity involving animals .

3. Reid Fontaine and Michael Jones


When does a conversation between two friends turn to one having sex with a cow while the other films it?
Jelly covered Reid Fontaine is accused of trying to have sex with several of the animals while another man, Michael Jones, filmed it.
The alleged abuse came to light after a farmer set up  CCTV cameras on his barn to find out why his cows had become anxious and were not producing any milk.

4. Graham Redfearn

SWNS Graham Redfearn leaves Shrewsbury Crown Court
Just experimenting: Graham Redfearn claimed he lay on the bed and the “dog did the rest”

Graham Redfearn, 41, was caught after he was arrested over a separate issue and police found the footage on his phone.
It showed him having sex with a mare as well as a pit bull terrier and vizsla.

He claimed he was “just experimenting” and said: “I just lay on the bed. The dog did the rest.”

5. Ryan Tannenholtz

Ada County Sheriff’s Office Ryan Tannenholtz
Bubblegum Husky: Ryan had a fetish about dressing up as dogs and having sex with cats

Ryan Havens Tannenholz, of Idaho, enjoyed dressing up as a dog called called Bubblegum Husky before sexually abusing the cat.
The 28 year-old was a member of the furry fandom community.
He referred to himself as a “fursuiter” who portrayed himself as a “sparkly” husky, a blue fox named Kismet fox and a purple dog.

6. Stephen Thresh

Hull News and Pictures Stephen Thresh at Hull Crown Court
Big load: Stephen Thresh had a collection of extreme animal porn

Thresh is a pervert with a fetish for animal porn and downloaded images of women having sex with a SNAKE, TIGER and an ELEPHANT.
The 47-year-old built up a collection of 405 images of women having sex with animals – including horses and dogs.
He was not interested in straight sex but told police in interview he did not have a problem.

7. The fiendish duck-raper

Rex Duck
“Unable to walk”: The duck concerned suffered serious damage to its intestines

A Turkish man detained by police for allegedly raping a duck has dismissed the bizarre claim made by his in-laws, calling the accusation “slander”.

The man’s father-in-law is reported to have said he found “feathers and blood” in a bed with the duck.
According to the father-in-law, the duck was “unable to walk”.

8. Paul Lovell

Queasy lover: Paul Lovell could face jail for trying to have sex with the farm animals

Paul Lovell, 61 , stripped to his socks and shoes as he tried to carry out a sex act with a cow near Tottenham Hotspur’s football ground.           
When the animal walked away, he chased after a sheep that he also tried it on with, Wood Green Crown Court heard.
He showed no emotion as he was found guilty at the end of a trial during which the jury had to be told by the judge to get over their giggling fits.

9. Nicholas Saunders

PA Nicholas Saunders, 46, outside Gloucester Crown Court where he is accused of having sex with a bull mastiff dog
Denies claims: Nicholas Saunders refuted his ex-wife’s claims he had sex with her pet

Saunders had been kicked out of his house following an argument with his girlfriend and had gone to his ex-wife’s home.
The pair had remained on friendly terms following their separation but Mrs Thacker spurned his advances.
So he had sex with the bull mastiff instead.

10. Malam Kamisu Baranda

See no evil: A goat similar to this one satisfied the demands of Malam Kamisu Baranda

The Nigerian villager was arrested for having sex with a goat but he demanded to be freed because he asked PERMISSION first.
The 20-year-old reportedly had sex with the goat ten times because they “satisfied his demand”.
He was jailed for two weeks despite his pleas for leniency.
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