posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 10:21 AM
Serial killer in the making’ jailed for life 

A college lecturer once described by police as a serial killer in the making was jailed for life yesterday for murdering and dismembering a teenager, dumping his limbs in Loch Lomond and his head in the sea. 

William Beggs, 38, was found guilty by majority verdict after a 17-day trial at the high court in Edinburgh of killing Barry Wallace, 18, a supermarket shelf-stacker, of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, in December 1999. 

The trial judge, Lord Osborne, said Beggs should serve a minimum of 20 years. He said it had been “the most distressing of cases and appalling of offences”. 

It was Beggs’s second conviction for murder and mutilation. His first conviction was overturned in 1989. He was also jailed in 1991 for a razor attack on a man who warned that Beggs would strike again. It is thought police may now reopen investigations into the disappearance of other young men. 

Beggs trained in public administration at Teesside Polytechnic and dabbled in politics, becoming regional chairman for the Federation of Conservative Students. 

He was invited to Downing Street for a Burns Night supper and told friends it had fuelled his desire to become an MP. He was on the far right of the Tory party and there were reports that he had connections with the National Front and had joined Ian Paisley’s anti-gay campaign Save Ulster From Sodomy. 

This scottish sicko even had an invitation to downing street! friends in high places indeed!

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