Vile teaching assistant Kathy Kitts threatened to not help vulnerable boy with homework unless he had sex with her

Teaching assistant Kathy Kitts who threatened to not help a
vulnerable schoolboy with his homework unless he met her for sex has
been jailed.

Kathy Kitts, 46, often had sex with him at school during their lunch hour.

It took place in parks near his home in a van fitted with an inflatable mattress.

The student said he was 15 when the teacher first had sex with him in April 2012.

He said in an impact statement: “She wanted to see me at lunch and on spares, see me alone and away from others.

“I was too young and too trusting to realise what was going to happen.

“I had no choice but to agree. If I said no, she wouldn’t help me with homework and I would fail.”

He said he had never felt so alone and slowly started to lose “all my feelings”.

The boy said: “I sealed them deep inside my heart and brain and waited for high school to be over.

“I lost connections, lots of friends and my family because I never
wanted to hangout or get too close because they might figure out my

He added: “My innocence was destroyed by Mrs. Kitts.

“All I am now is empty. I worry I won’t love someone.”

He met Kitts for one-to-one help after struggling in class at Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa, Canada.

Kitts, who has two teenage sons, blamed an awful lapse of judgement
for her crimes, exposed after the boy’s mum found sexually graphic texts
on his phone.

There were a staggering 15,000 messages between the two.

And Ontario Court Justice Celynne Dorval said the planning and duration of the sexual exploitation was anything but spontaneous.

She said: “Had there been one or two sexual encounters before she
ended the relationship, I would be prepared to accept that the emotional
turmoil of her own separation could lead to a terrible lapse in

“That is not the case. The relationship was fostered through repeated
text messages. “Ms. Kitts wasn’t questioning her judgement during
15,000 text messages?”

Kitts, now divorced, sobbed as she was jailed for 14 months after pleading guilty to sexual exploitation at an earlier hearing.

Two years of probation will start when she leaves prison and she will be registered as a sex offender for 20 years.

Her lawyer Susan Chapman said after the case: (Tuesday, Aug. 30) “Obviously I’m disappointed with the sentence.

“She’s very remorseful and got a very significant custodial sentence.”

The boy’s mum, who branded Kitts a predator, said: “I believe that
justice has been served. “Hopefully, the strength of our judicial system
in this ruling will spare others from suffering through future, similar

“We are happy that this is over. We will now be able to begin to put this past us and move forward in life.”

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