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To Alex Salmond MSP First Minister,

                                                     In this” open” e-mail and as stated in my previous letter dated 12th February 2012,attached below,your position of privilege as First Minister of Scotland is untenable due to your failure in office to represent and support the people of Scotland.You have stood by and allowed the good name of the Scottish people to be dragged through the mud and allowed elements of our Police Forces and Judicial systems to persecute the innocent,namely Hollie and Anne Greig also allowing the unlawful arrest,persecution and imprisonment of Robert Green for a breach of the peace in Scotland’s most expensive trial of its kind in history to go unquestioned.Whilst you and the Ministers in your charge have stood by in full knowledge of these events you have allowed the perpetrators of these deeply sick and inhumane acts of satanic ritual and sexual abuse to run free.Free to force there twisted will upon others both inside and outwith the supposed care of the Scottish Establishment.As has been asked of you on other occasions without the courtesy of reply “whom or what are you afraid of”.(letters also attached below).What force is it that holds sway over those supposedly there to protect that it is turned on its head and they blatantly and openly protect the abusers of our children and the vulnerable?

   Yourself and your Ministers have done the people of Scotland and these islands a great disservice by your cowardliness and failure to act.To quote your own words Mr Salmond when addressing a conference on the structure of Scotland’s Police Forces,”it’s all about the protection of the people”,what “people”were you referring to?,quite clearly not the abused children of Scotland or the vulnerable elements of society.

   Your failure to act in any way on these appalling and inhumane acts and your attempts to distance yourself from them brings nothing but shame to the office of the First Minister and the entire Scottish Establishment and again I state that your position of privilege as First Minister is untenable and Demand that you step down immediately and offer a full and public explanation to the people of Scotland as to why the satanic ritual and sexual abuse of our children is being swept under the carpet by the very institution that claims to be there for our protection.

Scotland awaits your reply

Gary Cluckie

Previous correspondence.

Gary Cluckie
12th February 2012
To The First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond MSP,
                                                                                                      I am writing to you today Mr Salmond to ask that you step down from your position of privilege as First Minister of Scotland as your position and account of this office are no longer tenable in the following respects.
You have failed in your capacity as First Minister to promote and represent Scotland both at home and abroad by allowing the satanic,ritual and sexual abuse of a young woman with Downs Syndrome named Hollie Greig not only to go un-investigated but have stood by in full knowledge of the case and allowed Hollie Greig and her mother Anne to be persecuted and bullied by the Scottish authorities. Bullied to such an extent that they had to flee Scotland having been failed so disgracefully by the very institution they sought justice and sanctuary from. As stated many times to you by many different parties in various forms of communication all Hollie and Anne Greig have asked for from the very beginning in the year 2000 is an open investigation into Hollies abuse. You yourself on many occasions have tried to either deny knowledge or awareness of the case and have even refused to answer freedom of information requests asking about your own involvement of the case. Where Mr Salmond is your humanity?.While you and others stand by the deeply disturbed and dangerous perpetrators of these vile acts of depravity still operate within and without the echelons of the Government you were appointed to lead. This alone makes your position as First Minister untenable as you Mr Salmond are directly responsible for the actions of the Ministers and the offices they take ministry over are you not?Your office has the power to appoint the ministers and even the Lord Advocate with the support of government does it not?Then why have you stood back and made no attempt to instigate action on this issue of child abuse?I say again to you Mr Salmond whom or what are you afraid of here?Are you stating to the people of Scotland and the world that Scotland is a safe haven for the abusers of children and that satanic sexual rituals of abuse and murder are acts of normality that will go unchecked by our Authorities because of who is involved?
All aspects involved with the case of Hollie Greig have connections to the Government of which you have either appointed or are in close association with yet you have chosen to run for cover in an attempt to distance yourself from what is indeed Scotland’s Shame. Your former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and now Ministerial Complaints Adviser also seems adverse to answering requests under the freedom of information act about aspects involved with the Hollie Greig case and is currently under investigation by Police. It becomes more apparent by the day that the Government of Scotland and the further institutions thereof have some serious questions to ask in relation to the handling of Hollie Greig’s ordeal and the failure to investigate these very serious allegations.
I hereby state once more Mr Salmond that you have failed in your capacity as First Minister and you have also failed Hollie Greig and all the other children that have suffered abuse at the hands of these unchecked and unchallenged paedophiles.
Your position as First Minister is untenable due to your failure to uphold your duties to the people of Scotland and I hereby demand you step down from this office.
Gary Cluckie
Gary Cluckie
18th December 2011
To Alex Salmond 1st Minister of Scotland,
                                                      I am writting to you in regard to the on-going saga concerning the alleged ritual and sexual abuse of a child with Down’s syndrome,Hollie Greig,by members of the so called Scottish establishment.These members,allegedly a Scottish sheriff, senior police officers, lawyers, a fire officer, accountant, nurse and social workers have to date never been questioned nor has an investigation of any depth what so ever been carried out,why is this so Mr Salmond?Hollie and her mother Anne Greig have been bullied and basically forced to flee their home and country by the Scottish “justice” system and the very people sworn to protect decent human beings from this vile and inhumane abuse.Even the then Lord advocate Elish Angiolini,now Dame and now Ministerial Complaints advisor to yourself is deeply indicated in the case,firstly denying any knowledge of the case,a nonsense as she was the procurator fiscal involved in the case at the time and she was responsible for the lack of investigation in the first place and secondly for her involvement in having Robert Green arrested for breach of the peace,I will mention more of this in a moment.Why Mr Salmond is the Scottish Government and its so called systems of justice allowing these horrendous acts of child abuse to go uninvestgated and unchallenged and indeed why is the Scottish Parliment and the Brittish Parliment working hand in hand to keep this case and others hidden from the mainstream media?What or whom are they trying to protect?Is the Scottish Judiciary saying that to submit a child or any other human being to the horrors of rape and sexual abuse is permissable if you hold an office with the illusion of power?,for it is an illusion Mr Salmond for it is the position that holds the so called and perceived power not the person occupying the office.As in all cases of child abuse the deeply,deeply sick perpetrators of the act should be exposed and brought to justice as indeed they will in this case as all things come to the fore eventually,as Martin Luther King said “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”and this shall prove to be so in this case also.
   With regard to the on-going and frankly pathetic harasment and abuse of Robert Green by members of the Scottish Government and Legal system again the question why?So far an estimated £500,000 has been spent trying to prosecute Mr Green for breach of the peace(or in truth for trying to publicise Hollies’ case and do the job that the very system who are trying to cover up Hollies abuse should be doing).Does this not seem a little excessive to you Mr Salmond just for politely handing out leaflets and trying to raise awareness of the horrors of child abuse?Does it not seem a little bit strange that the leading courts of the land wish to silence a thoroughly decent man for doing what is absolutely morally right?Where does the corruption end and why indeed are yourself and the rest of Brittains politicians so terrified to utter Hollie Greigs name and bring to justice those who are responsible for her sickening abuse and the abuse of so many others brushed aside by our pathetic and cowardly Judicial system.This will not go away Mr Salmond indeed it cannot for if we continue to allow the beautiful children of this earth to be abused by even one sick mind then humanity itself is guilty by acquiesce.Myself and all other people of true conscience demand that the persecution of Hollie and Anne Greig and their freind and supporter Robert Green ends immediately and that a full and proper investigation is undertaken forthwith to expose all the deeply sick and corrupt persons involved in this case and others no matter what their perceived position of power and influence may be,Its time to stand up and be counted Mr Salmond and end this sick charade.
Gary Cluckie
Gary Cluckie                                                                                                                                                                             22nd January 2012
To Alex Salmond 1st Minister of Scotland,
                                                           I am writing to you again with regard to the case of Hollie Greig and the failure to respond to my previous letter other than a note from your Correspondence Unit(ref no:-2012/0000131) saying that a reply would be sent as soon as possible.A note which even omits Hollie Greigs name and simply says”alleged abuse of a child with Down’s Syndrome.Is the Scottish Government even afraid to utter Hollie Greigs name or place in print a reference to the “alleged” horrific crimes committed against her?Again I ask the question, what or whom are you and so many other politicians afraid of?By your and others inaction and attempts to ignore this case how many other innocent children are currently being abused?How many other families are being failed by the very system that is supposedly there to protect them and offer them justice in the event of such horrors being forced upon them?By this inaction are yourself and others covertly admitting that there is a higher power at work here which commands the role of Government and Law to do its own bidding and leaves merely a false facade for the rest of us to doff our caps to and submit ourselves to which ever outcome would best suit a hidden agenda?Surely this cannot be Mr Salmond,we live in a free and democratic society do we not and such practices are there for the Hitlers and Stalins of this world not for the once proud peoples of these islands and those with whom WE have supposedly placed in positions of authority and privilege to serve OUR best interests and protect US from harm.I know that it is not through lack of knowledge of the case as there are plenty of examples of contact with yourself regarding Hollies alleged abuse,such as the attachments with this letter and also the fact that Hollie Greig was awarded £13,500 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority following the accepted validity of Hollie Greigs claims of abuse.But still there is a lack of investigation or indeed any commitment on behalf of our justice system to delve into the quagmire that this case so obviously presents for said system.
   Then we have the still ongoing(at time of writing) case against Robert Green.Standing trial on a charge of breech of the peace at Stonehaven Court for breaking an interdict that was not served on him until after he was arrested for breaking said interdict.Surely in any free and just society with an open,honest and just system of law this charge would have been dismissed immediately upon the realisation of such an obvious mistake and abuse of the law?Yet on it goes to the alleged cost of £500,000 to the tax-payer before this current trial started.All of the witnesses so far last week questioned,some of whom were named by Hollie Greig as either abusers or victims,have stated in court that they have never been approached by Grampian Police following Hollie Greigs allegations.Staggering to say the least when we see the tenacity of Grampian Police force in their pursuit of Robert Green for upsetting a group of people by backing Hollie and her mother Annes allegations and pushing for justice in this most horrific and in-humane series of events.We also have the quite blatantly suspicious death of Ann Greigs brother Robert David Greig,who before his death had witnessed Hollie Greig being abused as Hollie later testified to.A full and thorough investigation into this must also be initiated and carried out with the utmost urgency Mr Salmond as all aspects of this shameful and quite frankly disgusting chain of events are inextricably connected.
   The slogan Scotlands Shame has been attached to Hollie Greigs case and all that surrounds it but it goes deeper than that,it is shameful to ALL humanity that the sexual and ritual abuse of any child can go uninvestigated and indeed is permitted to happen at all in what could and should be a world full of wonder and surprise for all our children.Once again I call upon you Mr Salmond to use your position as First Minister to come out from the shadows and do what is morally right and expose all the sick and perverted goings on within Scotland and beyond and bring to justice the perpetrators of these acts no matter their perceived positions of grandeur and power,for no-one has true power unless it is yielded to them by another.
Gary Cluckie

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