The Weakest Link Greg Lance-Watkins

Quote: No one can say Hollie has Never been abused – Greg Lance-Watkins
23rd October 2010

Incredible as it seems the above quote was indeed made by Watkins today on his blog where he also claims to be the ‘Messenger’ when clearly Anne Greig quite rightly removed him from the caseSo who exactly is he delivering the message for?
Once again Watkins finds the need to copy and paste a comment from YouTube from someone showing a little support and dissects it in his usual abusive manner with his opinions and slanderous remarks and insults.

Quote: To have been named as a paedophile without one shred of evidence of even a possibility of that which is sustainable is an obscene crime to be accused of. – Greg Lance-Watkins.
Pot…. kettle…… black spring to mind in this instance as he publicly accuses HG supporters of being paedophiles, abusers, liars, slime, stupid and the list goes on without any evidence to back up his claims and without having any contact with most of the people he accuses and so it is only his opinion and does not validate his claims.

His continual abuse against the HG supporters is nothing more than a personal vendetta, often refering to them as the ‘lynch mob’. There is no evidence to support this claim in the slightest. If Watkins is refering to the angry outbursts due to his slanderous insults and deliberate goading on a daily basis, then I think the correct definition of their actions would be ‘self defence’. 
If this lynch mob were that hateful then maybe Watkins would like to explain why that whenever he decides to attack another individual for merely clicking a ‘like’ button and calling them an abuser for doing so, that many people will come to that individuals side to support them, show solidarity and defend them yet not on any occassion has one person come to the aide of Watkins in his defence.

In his daily rants on Stolen Kids which is becoming more bizzare by the day, he demands supporters to show the evidence to justify their support for HG. As they are a support group, they would not be privvy to such information as Watkins is well aware. If indeed Robert Green and Anne Greig have further evidence, it is hardly likely they would put this in the public domain and run the risk of jeopardizing the possibility of a new enquiry.

As Watkins fails to understand the support HG has, it shows his lack of human compassion. It would be safe to say that the half of these people are infact victims and survivors of abuse and have first hand experience and knowledge as to how the system can be used and twisted to cover up crimes and protect paedophiles. They also know that medical evidence is not always sufficient or available. Medical evidence alone does not make a case, if this were true then victims who disclose abuse in later years and decide to bring criminal charges against their abuser would have no medical evidence to support this. However, statistics show that over the years many cases have been won without medical evidence. They are also aware that compensation is awarded to victims even without an arrest or conviction against their abuser. This would indicate that although there is not sufficient evidence for an arrest, it does not suggest that abuse did not occur, it signals that indeed abuse has taken place but the evidence is lacking for a conviction which is often the outcome in many cases and so compensation is awarded.

Supporters can empathise with HG and Anne Greig because they have experienced if not the same treatment but very close to it. There are supporters who know someone that has been abused and have witnessed the effects victims suffer and there are those who support merely for the fact that paedophiles are committing horrendous abuse but are protected by the system when this protection is very much lacking for the victim.

Supporters do not have to justify their beliefs and reasons to Greg Lance-Watkins it is not a legal requirement to disclose such justification and Watkins certainly doesn’t have any authority in demanding evidence to validate their support for HG.

There is only one reason they show support, they believe Hollie Greig.

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