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    Sadly Our Political System, Police, Courts are Riddled with Cowards Who Looked The Other Way While Cyril Smith Types Carried Out Their Sick Crimes………..These People Are Almost as Bad as the Smiths, Savilles etc etc etc

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    27. But did David Steel realise that had 3 wks of hearings about Rochdale the year before his “tittle tattle” comments re Cyril Smith? “I can’t remember if I was aware of that at the time.” Bg for Steel et al :

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    26. Counsel to asked David Steel why, on Newsnight last June, he dismissed evidence that Cyril Smith sexually abused boys as “tittle tattle” and “scurrilous hearsay”. David Steel said that he had the book by in mind…

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    17. David Steel told what Cyril Smith told him: “He had been in charge of, or had some supervisory role in, a children’s hostel.” “He’d been investigated by the police, and that they had taken no further action, and that was the end of the story.”

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    views on csa victims are the same as every other mp in the uk I know because I emailed every single one for help with ukcsapt Not one of them gave a dam They just wear a mask of pretending to in the media for votes Never trust an MP they have no idea real world

  6. house of commons,house of lords,they all knew what edward heath,leon brittan lord janner cyril smith were child sex abusers,how many more not exposed yet sit in the house of commons,house of lords

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    Hard to fight the rich & powerful alone. You’re a remarkable person x

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    Hope your well James. Take Care

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    People should be encouraged to disclose Non Recent Childhood Sexual Abuse ( if the Survivor has support & is ready ) These offenders should be punished regardless of time past Just think about what you have said. Many of these offenders could still offend !!

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    I doubt it, too many high profile VIPs involved. I’m trying to get help with Jocelyn Cadbury, for personal reasons, nobody wants to know.

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    Lots of words but all of them Not nice! Restaint! Grrrrr

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    No Words !!!

  13. council run childrens resedential care homes,where child rapes,and abuse took place decades ago,need also to explain why they covered it up

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    david steele has to face the charge of perverting the course of justice in my eyes .allowing cyril smith to abuse/sex abuse many other boys for decades on he must be charged

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    Yes totally

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    The police will, I guarantee it!

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  18. daily newspapers who attacked me on ellte child sex abusers do you do you remember my words years ago i told you your eat those words,start eating

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    many more ELITE to be outed DENTON

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    If he isn’t it shows the law needs revising, in order to arrest him.

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    A small world isn’t it!

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    He has admitted to it as far as I’m concerned! He knew at the time and ‘Chose’ to do nothing! Arrest him! today!

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    I did nothing James They did this to themselves! all it took was the truth to be heard! Thank you for you support over the years! 👍✊

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