1. deported either.
  2. Ally
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 12:03:14
    A couple of points worthy of mention viz this latest gagging blitz launched against Robert.
    Why was a DI from Aberdeen dispatched to ‘detain’ / arrest Robert when the interdict was issued in Edinburgh Court of Session? Have Police Scotland’s cut backs gone so far as to lay off the entire Edinburgh Plod Squad hence no plods available for the task – as it is 140 miles less of a drive than Kiddie Fiddler City.
    Besides Robert being refused legal aid by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and this ‘interdict’ gagging order petition of Angiolini’s twice thrown out by previous sitting judges Lord Glennie and Lord Stewart until Robert was provided with ‘Equity of Arms’ / legal aid in keeping with the equitable rights provisions of Article 6 of the European Human Rights Act – then such prior judgements being wholly ignored by the arrogant ‘Bent’ Bannatyne – and the interdict arbitrarily granted – regardless of Robert being denied legal representation – and the same trick was pulled by SLAB following his travesty of a trial at Stonehaven in 2012 – he was denied legal aid to launch an appeal against Sheriff ‘Fast Eddy’ Bowen’s unsafe guilty verdict.

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