It is clear from all expert evidence that Hollie Greig has been the victim of sexual abuse over a long period of time, from around the age of six. It is also apparent that the main and initial abuser is her father, Denis Mackie. We know that the police have not investigated Mackie. All this information has been in Alex Salmond`s possession for some years.

Why then does he continue to protect a man he must know has raped his little, disabled daughter?

Why was Mr Salmond even prepared to defy the Queen`s own appointed official and break the law on two occasions, rather than act, in order to protect Denis Mackie?

What possible hold can a man like Mackie have over the Scottish leader?

These are all absolutely valid questions. All evidence, including that from police experts, points to Mackie being culpable. His own solicitor, Peter Anderson, is honest enough to write that even he thinks Mackie is probably guilty. Of course, there is also no reason why all the other 21 individuals named by Hollie as abusers should not be questioned and have their computers examined. But the evidence against Denis Mackie in particular is overwhelming.

So why is he not being questioned by the police and having his computer seized – are the police and possibly Mr Salmond, afraid of what or who it might reveal?

It was interesting to see how prominently the British media have just featured the French president`s alleged affair with an actress – front page news!

I suppose that all this is mildly entertaining, but how can it possibly compare in newsworthiness to a British national leader caught breaking the law in order to try to cover up for a man who has serially raped his own disabled daughter?

The scandal of Alex Salmond`s involvement should be on the front page of every newspaper and on every news bulletin, north and south of the border.

So why isn`t it, many people have asked me?

Well, as mentioned in previous posts, The First Minister`s own personal solicitor, Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae, who also acts for Elish Angiolini, represents all the main Scottish broadcasters and news outlets and perhaps most alarming of all, controls the Scottish police. No wonder all the editors are terrified of him.

But then where are the English media, you may well ask?

Whilst they are perfectly happy to publish tittle-tattle about the French leader`s love life, they cringe at the prospect of re-publishing the scandal of the Scottish leader`s conduct. They cannot possibly face legal action. The ruling about Mr Salmond has been made by the Information Commissioner and The Firm`s publishing of the facts over two years ago went unchallenged.

Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Jersey, Hollie Greig – who or what can they all be frightened of?

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  1. Who are they frightened of? Their Boss, the one who hands out all the perks and accolades and glittering prizes; the lofty official positions and material wealth via the magic Circle of Masonic brotherhood network – the Lord and Master of Lies and Deceit, of Graft and Corruption, who feasts on pain and suffering – especially the screams and virgin blood of unsullied innocent children. None other than Satan / the Devil.


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