Actor John Anderson Fans


Actor John Anderson Fans
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Defamation charges dropped due to evidence backing up what John Anderson has been exposing.
Source in Edmonton court stated, “Crown is left with only uttering threats, and have an offer on the table from what I understand, I’m not part of the caseload”.
FACT, Aster is a convicted pedophile, those who aided the pedophile will continue to be exposed since all charges of defamation have been dropped.
Over a year ago, actor John Anderson exposed many fake advocates working alongside with convicted pedophile #John_Aster. They returned with false claims and attacks on John Anderson and his family. Even his 9 year old daughter got threatened by these sickos.
And yes, each advocacy and person is being investigated, some will be shut down completely. Some will go to jail as well.
For fraud, tax evasion, hate crimes, sexstortion and much much more.
If it wasn’t for the bold actions of actor John Anderson in exposing these evil scum, they wouldn’t even be investigating.
Watch as in short time many fake advocates will be dropping off the web like flies.
We gathered many and I mean many hundreds upon hundreds of calls with cyber crimes, FBI, RCMP and many state police also.
We all warned you that John Anderson was right, now those who followed his accusers are now ultra screwed as they are now proven to have believed a convicted pedo Aster and his band of merry mates.
I still need to call Anderson’s wife and get the rest of the info re the rest of the charges.
This tells you all that John Anderson was telling you the truth about every name.
They have no case for defamation and they are whipped clean, I also doubt they have any Harassment charges.
Like I said, the most anderson will get is charges for threatening the pedophile Aster and Asters associates after they threatened to rape Anderson’s daughter.
This crushes the exposed and they get to remain exposed.
Seems using the court to expose convicted pedo Aster worked like a charm. Risky but proved no defamation period.
Anderson did say he was making non serious threats within the threat live feed so he could get them all into a courtroom.
Fucking brilliant.
I can remember all his accuser making fun and laughing, who is laughing now fuckers.
#John_Anderson #Told_Ya_So #Marked_And_Mummafried_For_Life

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