I wish someone would do a little digging around in Fife (hometown of Gordon Brown), I’ve been fighting to protect my daughter for over 2 years against her Dad, she is now 5, before the Savile scandal came out, police and social work attempted to give him full custody over her, just because I was reporting what she was telling me and questioned their attitude and conduct. I was told to stop reporting things or a child protection order would be made from the first health visitor involved. So far I have fought against 1 police constable, 1 detective constable, 2 detective inspectors, 3 health visitors, two social work team leaders, 3 social workers, 1 head teacher, 2 GP’s, 2 lawyers (not including my own) and 1 sheriff. I have made a complaint to the chief exec of social work, the Scottish Social Services Council, the chief exec of Fife NHS trust, the Head of Professional standards of the police, and I have gotten no where. I am under the impression that everyone is afraid to speak up. It is my belief that an organised paedophile ring is operating in Fife within all levels of local government, the justice system, health and education. Luckily I still have my daughter due to a couragous Child Psychologist and psychiatrist ( yes I had to agree to a psychiatric assessment!!). I am on a court order and forced to hand her over every fornight overnight all weekend to her abuser, she has said numerous thing to different agencies, including police, SW, health visitor, GP and education, yet I was told by my lawyer at Christmas that I can still have her taken off me. I have been hit with a fierce and relentless process that is designed to undermine the victims and glorify the perpetrator. There is historical abuse and historical psychiatric illness on her Dad’s side of the family, that hasn’t even been mentioned. It is my belief that the abusers at the bottom are being protected to protect the abusers at the top of sociecty. I have since learned that the Director of SW for Fife is leaving, I find this suspicious as I sent him a three page letter not so long ago, I also called asking to speak to him, which he wouldn’t, he didn’t even reply to my letter, he passed it on to the Chief Exec of Fife Council, whom has consistently denied everything. I am now at the stage where I find out if I get to keep my daughter in a few weeks, and have to make a complaint to the Public Services Omnbudsman for Scotland, which I think will be a waste of time. I have experienced evil in its purest form, and therfore can say that the satanic worshipping that is going on is highly credible. As it has been guidance from the Lord God that is getting me through this.

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