BBC’s Liz Kershaw accuses hospital staff of ‘elder abuse’ after her 80-year-old mother was heavily sedated ‘for being troublesome’ and her £1,000 necklace went missing

  • Radio 6 Music DJ lodged complaint over treatment at Hull Royal Infirmary 
  • She said sedatives made mother Eileen Pickup ‘cackle like a mad woman’
  • DJ claims she was once told to call back so a nurse could finish her toast
  • Mrs Pickup also complained she was denied access to hospital chaplain 
  • Trust strongly denied abuse allegations and apologised that necklace had not been found

BBC presenter Liz Kershaw claims her elderly mother was subjected to abuse during a hospital stay.
She said that disinterested staff ‘doped’ the 80-year-old leaving her ‘cackling like a mad woman’.
Miss Kershaw also claims that she was told to telephone back following a brain scan on her mother as a nurse was too busy eating toast.
The radio DJ said that the treatment at Hull Royal Infirmary amounted to ‘elder abuse’. She also accused hospital staff of losing an emerald necklace worth £1,000.
Radio presenter Liz Kershaw has accused hospital staff of 'elder abuse' against her mother, 80 

Radio presenter Liz Kershaw (left) has accused hospital staff of ‘elder abuse’ against her 80-year-old mother Eileen Pickup (right) after she claims she was given sedatives which caused her to cackle ‘like a mad woman’
Miss Kershaw described the treatment of her mother Eileen Pickup as ‘shocking’ and lambasted nurses for their uncompassionate approach. The 56-year-old said she was highlighting her mother’s experience as she no longer wants elderly people to fear going in to hospital.
Mrs Pickup, who was a Labour councillor in Manchester for more than 50 years, was admitted to hospital in August last year after becoming violently ill while on holiday in Yorkshire. But when her concerned daughter phoned the hospital to inquire about her condition, the calls were repeatedly unanswered.
On one occasion, Miss Kershaw asked to speak to a nurse and was told: ‘You’ll have to ring back. She’s just tucking in to her toast.’
When Miss Kershaw found her mother in a distressed state during a later visit, she asked a doctor: ‘Are you doping her like they do troublesome old people in homes to keep them quiet?’
The presenter, who is a patron of the charity Age UK, took notes documenting her mother’s stay and believes that she was treated unfairly because of her age.
During one visit she noticed that her mother’s mental state had deteriorated significantly and found her in a ‘state of mania’.
Yet when she asked a nurse about the change, she was allegedly told: ‘Well, wouldn’t you rather have her like that than when she’s the other way?’ Miss Kershaw believes her mother was incorrectly given sedatives.
She has also demanded answers about what happened to her mother’s jewellery which she claims was missing when her mother was discharged.
The Radio 6 Music DJ says staff at the Hull Royal Infirmary (pictured) gave her mother the sedatives unnecessarily. The trust has denied the allegations

The Radio 6 Music DJ says staff at the Hull Royal Infirmary (pictured) gave her mother the sedatives unnecessarily. The trust has denied the allegations
Miss Kershaw, who presents a show on BBC Radio 6, said: ‘I would like the hospital to acknowledge my mother was subject to elder abuse.
‘I don’t want any older person to have to fear going into hospital.’
Bosses at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have denied the allegations.
Chief executive Chris Long said: ‘We are shocked by the allegations being made. We strongly refute the suggestion that she has been subject to abuse and I can assure Mrs Pickup and her family that patients in our care are only sedated when there is a clear medical need to do so.
‘A full and formal investigation has taken place into the care Mrs Pickup received. This concluded that there is no evidence… that sedation was unnecessarily provided.’

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