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  1. Hollie can you please email me at contact me – I seem to have difficulty emailing you at your address. i have had a complaint about your comment on my blog which I want to have a chat. best david

  2. Hello

    The email above does not work:

    ‘Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to holiegreigjusticee@gmail.com because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.’

    I would expect a ‘ll’ and wonder is there an ‘e’ too many at the end?

    Anyhow thanks for your work e.g. found this artice very interesting and disconcerting:


    hi due to Google being cunt s our e mail is holliegreigjusticee@gmail.com

  3. Someone told me the owner of holliegriegjustice blog is Janette Scharenborg

    Exposing nasty internet trolls…lots of ’em!
    HomeWill the real Janette Scharenborg please stand up!
    Will the real Janette Scharenborg please stand up!
    January 8, 2015 trollpatrol2015

    Screenshot 2015-01-29 17.37.28

    Dear Readers, it is with the utmost urgency that Troll Patrol must warn you about one of the most prolific and potentially dangerous trolls on the internet, particularly Twitter, Janette Scharenborg, nee Meachen. This nasty troll and vampire appears never to sleep and has her hands elbow deep in many putrid pies…whilst orchestrating her minions to do her bidding. This blog will inevitably expose those minions too but my main focus is on the sinister Beast of Beltrum, Scharenborg herself, the capo de tutti capi of organised online chicanery and subterfuge!


    I will attempt to piece together the known facts of this…excuse for a person – what you do with them is entirely your business. I have absolutely no objection to this blog being copied or shared online, in fact, I welcome it because Scharenborg really is one of the worst, most tenacious, manipulative and devious trolls you are ever likely to come across. She is also extremely bitter and vindictive. Remember, this is a women who claims to support CSA survivors! By the end of this blog the reader will be left in no doubt that this is clearly not the case.

    Before I take you further into the rabbit hole of the Dutch Deceiver l will attempt to define, for the benefit of the newbies out there to e-warfare (and believe me, this is war) what a troll

    imagesNJI Janette Scharenborg

    [trəʊl,trɒl] is, by subtracting what a troll isn’t.

    According to Wikipedia: ‘In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic …’ What is particularly fascinating to me is not necessarily a trolls aggressive behaviour in trying to sow their seed, but their motive, their agenda – hence the birth of this particular blog.

    [My interpretation] A troll is not someone who merely voices their opinion, however forcefully – that would make us all trolls! We are all entitled to our own opinion, surely, offline or online. A troll, I believe, is someone who tries to subvert the truth, more often than not, by inveigling themselves among those in search of it, in order to spread disinformation. A troll will stoop to the lowest of depths to get their warped agenda into the mainframe – without a care in the world for those harmed by said disinformation along the way. Most trolls reside behind the veil of anonymity and have multiple online pseudonyms, (‘sock’ accounts) often answering their own postings in the affirmative in an attempt to lend credence to what it is they have to say.

    It is interesting to note that mouth almighty, Janette Scharenborg, never officially tweets under her own name, but she may as well have – her many online personas expose her singular modus operandi – diversion! Scharenborg fits neatly into my definition of a troll, so much so that any updated dictionary term for ‘troll’ ought to carry her photo and include the definition ‘see The People vs Scharenborg.’ To wit, So, have you been ‘Scharenborged’ lately?

    More about Scharenborg’s shady history later as this blog inevitably swells with new information gleaned but what we do know is that Scharenborg is an articulate troll, albeit not the brightest we at Troll Patrol have ever come across. It would also appear she is a rather wealthy one too (or is paid extremely well!) flitting backwards and forwards all over Europe in her expensive little motorhome, ‘saving the souls’ of those who would surely be beyond saving were it not for her seemingly benign gestures…and the Scharenborg Sofa treatment. Feeling drowsy love?

    What is also known is this: Scharenborg, for reasons yet to be determined, loves to be surrounded by death, doom, and gloom, particularly where children are concerned. I like to read factual murder cases, Ann Rule, a former cop and now prolific author is my favourite because I am interested in the psyche of someone, who, for example, is fine one minute and yet wipes out all of his loved ones the next – but that doesn’t make me the Ian Huntley of the internet, lurking in a chatroom or forum, checking who is saying what to whom whilst appearing overly helpful.

    So just what is Scharenborg’s angle? What is really going on here? As I type, Scharenborg is all over CSA cases. Nothing wrong with that, so are thousands of others I hear you cry! True, but Scharenborg goes that one step further, you know, the step that would make any supposedly aware person step the hell back! Never divulge any personal information to her!

    Scharenborg, the scab on the underbelly of society, gives off the air that she is concerned about children but that wars with her many [catalogued] scathing comments from her multiple persona’s and her dictatorial, bullying manner. She’s not just a freak, she’s a total control freak. Why does the thriller Misery spring to mind?

    Evidence is mounting that Scharenborg is embedded within such discussion groups for the purpose of scoping rather than helping, snitching rather than soothing. I leave it to the reader to decide if she is simply a kind-hearted busybody ‘granny’ with too much time on her hands or something deeper, darker.

    FACT Scharenborg is well known to ingratiate herself among abuse survivors across the age range but she turns on them in a sixpence if they pick up the desperate vibes she gives out and wisely choose not to confide in her. So, just what is Scharenborg up to? Who sent her? Who funds her? From where or from whom does she get the finances to travel from one missing child case to the other? Is she connected in any way to Mark Williams Thomas? What’s in it for her? That is the sole purpose of this blog, to ascertain the truth.

    Given what I have already typed, the following is deeply concerning. At one stage Scharenborg put herself out there as a surrogate grandmother for other peoples children. In isolation most would think there is nothing wrong with that, that it was merely a benevolent gesture of an elderly, lonely woman who adores children. It’s a fair point. However Scharenborg’s brother, David Meachen is a convicted sex offender who viciously and intentionally maimed a woman with blunt objects which were shoved into her body cavities resulting in her having to wear a colostomy bag – such were the horrific extent of her injuries! Meachen the Monster is believed to still reside with her at her smallholding in Beltrum, Holland, ‘receiving treatment’ but what possible treatment could there be for a monster like that other than a nearby tree and a noose?

    Scharenborg bleats that she cannot be held responsible for the vile action of her ‘bro’ but she should be blamed and fully investigated for inviting abuse victims back to her Dutch lair whilst her monster of a brother lives there, for crying out loud!

    Scharenborg claims to have been raped from the age of six. If that is true then it is beyond horrendous. Nobody, child or adult should ever have to experience such horrific acts and as far as I am concerned the perpetrators should be strung up and left to swing. I really mean that! But, with so many lies coming out of her face, is what she says really true? If it is true why does she bully other genuine abuse survivors online? This is the red flag part. What Scharenborg would have us believe is that after her horrendous experience that she would then allow her brother, one of the most dangerous rapists out there and one she hadn’t seen in forty years, live with her? In the name of God, please be serious!

    red flag

    Two of Scharenborg’s victims, who themselves are victims of abuse, have reported receiving child abuse links in emails from her! They believe the aim was for them to click on the links, have the abusive images downloaded on their computers and, obviously, be compromised! Why on earth would someone claiming to support child abuse survivors do such a thing? Is it because she is not only on the other side of the child abuse fence but is also a police informer and her role is to try to denigrate the testimonies of genuine survivors?

    Whether Scharenborg acts alone in this has yet to be deduced, but it is extremely doubtful. Here is a list of her various online aliases, to name but a few: @just_standing2 @just_standing3 @I_loath_Trolls @kevgreen50

    This is the link to the blog which Scharenborg denies she is the author of – except she IS the author!



    red flag

    The Beast of Beltrum pretends to care about abused children but in truth the (sic) disCusting swine doesn’t! Scharenborg’s typical modus operandi in terms of her comments rarely alters from one online persona to another. Her putrid bile is therefore easily recognised in all of her many guises.

    If you have had the misfortune to come into contact with this pathetic excuse for a person, feel free comment to this blog in the conventional way, anonymously, if you so choose.

    Sympathy vote…..ring a bell anyone? Well these trolls always appear to be on the verge of death, what with CAT scans or this illness and that illness……staring at a bottle of pills…YAWN! Is

    cat scan

    that the time? Don’t be fooled by it! Although not the brightest in Beltrum, Scharenborg uses it to particular effect, and often, in an attempt (now a vain one) to garner sympathy and support. It’s hard to determine how many times she has contracted cancer! Her usual trick is to threaten suicide and then use it as a ‘triggering’ exercise to try to dupe vulnerable abuse sufferers to commit suicide!

    It’s an unfortunate fact that Scharenborg’s inside is as ugly as her exterior…and that is really saying something! See the recent photo below – does she look like she is on her last bloody legs?


    Scharenborg is an out-and-out liar folks! More of the same ‘sympathy’ bollocks. [Below]

    sharenborg sick again


    How do such despicable trolls behave when sussed out? They use the ‘They are abusing the abused’ tagline….another attempt at eliciting sympathy to try to throw switched on Twitter users off their rancid scent. It doesn’t take long to scroll through her interminable tweets to get the gist of how she and her fellow co-conspirators operate.

    Twitter users are urged to be wary of #TROLLALERT it is Scharenborg & Co ganging up to block and report anyone who rumbles them out or refuses to take part in their online bullying. They usually inbox tweeters and tell lies about other tweeters in order to sew dissension in the ranks. Don’t fall for their bullshit.


    Under her many pseudonyms and backed up by her family of under-trolls she writes disgusting lies about others – and cries like a stuck pig when karma comes a-knocking. Her tiresome, typical M.O. is to scream, bleat, spit her dummy out and threaten others outside or her ring with the police, or just recently, Carter Ruck! I am sure the #mccann will not take too kindly to that! The good news is that Saddo Scharenborg cannot help herself nor can she lay off, even for a moment! That is how trolls like her roll – but it is what has proved detrimental to their success at the online grooming of those who have been genuinely abused, thank heavens! In God’s name, given the info here, who on earth would want to spend an evening on the Scharenborg Sofa? GHB and tonic, anyone?



    If this blog saves but one person from these evil swines it will have served its purpose. It is absolutely vital that victims of abuse get the support that they deserve….but professional support from properly accredited people…and most certainly NOT warped excuses for humanity like Scharenborg!

    Meanwhile keep a very close eye on one Darren Laverty of Anglesea, Wales @drlavertyx @darrenlavertyx More about this aberration of nature, this self-confessed rapist, under title of Beast of Bryn Estyn. Laverty is certainly mentally unhinged. He and Scharenborg appear to have a thing for one another, albeit he appears the submissive one.

    Laverty, nicknamed Lavatory for the shit that comes out of his mouth, is a pure bully and a coward of the highest order. When he was stabbed in the past for threatening the life of the wrong person, clearly, he squealed like a stuck pig and rushed back inside his hovel to barricade himself in whilst calling the police! Laverty must have a direct line to the boys in blue, he’s always calling them and grassing good people up.


    Another Scharenborg sidekick and total weirdo, former Animal Liberation Front infiltrator /agitator, Paul Rogers of Kent. @paulrogers002 (Pictured below)

    Paul Rogers

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! Stay safe folks, stay awake and for your own piece of mind, stay well away from Scharenborg and her ilk.



    Feel free to share this information across social networks of your choosing. TRYING_HARD? You’re damn right you are Scharenborg – threatening to Carter Ruck anyone who gets too close to the truth – clearly you didn’t learn that when the McCann’s tried to suppress the truth, the truth screams LOUDER!


    carter ruck
    P.S. Try *WRITS you dumbo!

    Scharenborg back-tracking on her threat because everyone, including those at #mccann were laughing at her.
    The reply, as you can clearly see, is from Laverty, the Beast of Bryn Estyn,
    Scharenborg’s gopher and bully




    Scharenborg caught lying YET AGAIN! The Bint of Beltrum just cannot help dropping
    herself deeper in the shit!


    Troll Patrol

    Some content on this page was disabled on July 23, 2015 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Janette Scharenborg. You can learn more about the DMCA here:


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    2 thoughts on “Will the real Janette Scharenborg please stand up!”
    Stuart Carter
    January 29, 2015 at 4:49 pm
    Scharenborg appears to be the shit-stirring ringleader on Twitter. Will screenshot her tweets and file them for TP for future reference. Have been to Beltrum for a flower festival, some really weird people live there. They do both sex mud wrestling too!


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