Blunder sees bank worker accused of stealing £175,000 walk free from court

23 OCT 2013 10.11AM
A BANK worker accused of stealing more than £175,000 from customers has walked free from court following a Crown blunder.
Satnam Kaur was said to have taken cash from two accounts while working as a customer advisor for the Royal Bank of Scotland.
The 30-year-old Indian national was alleged to have withdrawn money as euros and deposited a £120,000 cheque into her own account.
She was sacked from her job at the Albyn Place RBS branch in Aberdeen after the allegations came to light.
The former bank worker was due to go on trial at the city’s sheriff court yesterday but the trial collapsed after it emerged the Crown had made a mistake.
Essential words required by law were missing from the indictment served against the accused.
The sheriff and jury trial was thrown out because the words “by authority of Her Majesty’s Advocate” were missing from the paperwork.
This meant that the indictment was incompetent because the document failed to show that the case had been officially authorised by Scotland’s top legal officer.
Depute fiscal Elaine Ward told the court the Crown initially believed Miss Kaur was going to plead guilty and so had not fully prepared for trial.
Prosecutors are legally bound to bring a criminal case against a person accused of an offence on indictment to court within 12 months.
The time bar in the case against Miss Kaur ran out this Friday.
Mrs Ward called on the sheriff to extend the time bar so the Crown Office would have additional time to prepare a new indictment to serve on the accused. But Sheriff Graeme Buchanan refused the motion, stating that the Crown had shown a “lack of focus and direction” by way of preparing the case for trial.
Miss Kaur, whose address was given in court papers as Flat D, 11 Fraser Place, Aberdeen was accused of stealing £144,626.06 from the bank account of Robert Brown on several occasions between June 2011 and March last year.
She was said to have used her own unique bank log-in details to withdraw cash.She was further claimed to have taken £30,400 from the account of bank customer Robert Mann.
The court heard the customers suffered no financial loss as a result of the alleged incidents.


  1. Well, a guilty as all hell Royal Bank of Scumland embezeller walks free. Now that's a change from alleged super-nonce protector Sheriff Graeme Buchanan instead of going easy on Scaberdeen's Tartan Tadger and Grampian Gropers Club kiddie fiddling scumbags.

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