Aangirfan Tuesday, 22 October 2019 SCOTTISH CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY

Tuesday, 22 October 2019


This boy was driven from St Columba’s College, in Largs, Scotland  to Ireland.
He was sexually abused by Marists and or others.
He said he was stripped naked and beaten until bleeding.
Brother Everard demanded silence “your mother must never know.”

St Columba’s College, Largs ….

“A BOY aged seven died at St Columba’s College in Largs after being on the receiving end of a ‘vicious beating’, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has heard.
“The horrifying incident is said to have taken place in 1980 at the Catholic-run school in the north side of Largs.
“The inquiry in Edinburgh was told that Aldo Moroni was punished for taking too long to use the toilet.
“A former pupil, only named as Edward, said that the boy died after a beating by religious brother called Brother Germanus – real name David McKell.”


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    By André Vltchek, ‘The Last Moments of Indonesia as We Know It’


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