Aangirfan Sunday, 1 November 2015 ‘CHILD ABUSE COVER-UP IN SCOTLAND’

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Brian Docherty from Glasgow reports on video how his
family ‘were targeted by Police Scotland after informing them that a
paedophile had attempted to buy access to his son for £25,000.’

Police Scotland target family

William Henry Leicester Stanhope, Viscount Petersham, lives at the family’s Scottish estate, Crimonmogate.

His sister is Serena Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley (née Hon.
Serena Alleyne Stanhope) who is married to David Armstrong-Jones,
Viscount Linley, nephew of Queen Elizabeth II.

Alex Salmond was the Member of Parliament for the area around Fraserburgh (Banff and Buchan).

Alex Salmond’s grandfather, William Milne, shot himself dead.


Milne was a Conservative, a fan of the boy scouts and a Freemason.

Salmond: Against The Odds.

Why did Alex Salmond suddenly decide to support NATO?

A child abuse ring among Scotland’s top legal figures may have saved the
top Jewish politician Greville Janner from being prosecuted in Scotland
for child abuse.


The alleged child abuse ring has been referred to as the ‘Magic Circle’.

Janner is reported to have sexually abused a teenage boy in Scotland in the 1970s.

Janner (left)

The boy reported the ‘abuse’ to the Edinburgh police in 1991.

The ‘Magic Circle’ that operated in the 1990’s included judges, sheriffs and lawyers.

Scotland’s prosecution service, the ‘notorious’ Crown office, claims
that its officials did not receive a report about the ‘abuse’ of the

The police in Scotland have just recently found documents relating to the case.

Janner with Tony Blair. Blair was a pupil at Fettes school in Edinburgh.  TONY BLAIR’S SCHOOLS; CHILD ABUSE RINGS

Sir William Sutherland, 81, who was in charge of the
Edinburgh police at the time of the abuse report, says he could not
recall the complaint.

While Sir William Sutherland was in charge of the Edinburgh police, the ‘Fettesgate’ scandal took place.

The Fettesgate scandal involved the theft from the Edinburgh police headquarters of a report on the ‘Magic Circle’.

A top Scottish judge called Lord Rodger announced an inquiry into the
magic circle allegations but found ‘there was no evidence to support
claims of a conspiracy in the justice system’.

Read morehttp://www.dailymail.


Susie Henderson says that, at the age of 4, she was raped by Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (above), a former top Scotttish legal figure, Conservative Member of Parliament and aide to Margaret Thatcher.

Fairbairn, a solicitor general for Scotland, reportedly was a visitor to the boy brothel Elm Guest House.

The BBC’s Esther Rantzen had an affair with Fairbairn.


Robert Henderson

Susie Henderson says she was also abused by her late father, a prominent Queen’s Counsel.

Miss Henderson has told the Daily Mail that she suffered years of sexual assaults by her late father, prominent Scottish QC Robert Henderson, who was a friend of Sir Nicholas Fairbairn.

Susie said of Fairbairn: “I hated that man. More than I hated my father. He just really wasn’t a nice man.

“I want it acknowledged that my father and Fairbairn did something very evil. 

“Not just to me. 
“There are other children out there.”

In the 1990’s it was alleged that a ‘magic circle’ of judges, sheriffs and advocates were being blackmailed by ‘rent boys’. 

Some people wondered why the Lockerbie trial judges, lawyers and police
were so keen to accept dubious evidence from the CIA which was later
reported to be completely fake.

Susie first made her allegations against Sir Nicholas in 2000 but an initial police investigation did not lead to any charges.

Susie Henderson reveals that her father once said: “If I go down, they’ll all go down with me.”


Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s former Justice Minister. What does he know about pedophile rings and the Scottish Criminal Justice System?

Susie says that her father let his powerful friends rape her.

She speaks of an organised paedophile ring

She has given the Daily Mail the names of six other top members of the
Scottish legal profession who either abused her or were aware of the

Two of these top people are still alive.

Why did Alex Salmond suddenly decide to support NATO?

Susie ‘has spent a lifetime in hiding.’

Susie’s father Robert Henderson often beat his wife and Susie was regularly belted.

Susie believes her father started abusing her around the age of three.

According to Susie, “He always put a pillow over my head. Another time in the bath he abused me and put my head under the water…

“My father had parties where I had to dance for people. 

“He’d then put me in a bedroom. People came in. They had drugs there, lots of drink. My Dad used to give me drink.”

“There were parties and drink and drugs and people half-naked. 

“I remember him taking me to a sauna one time. Another time, he took me to a judge’s house and left me there.’

Which top people were involved in a child abuse ring in Dunblane?

“With the Fettesgate scandal, my father had a list of all the prominent people involved and he used to just laugh. 

“He would say, ‘If I go down, they’ll all go down with me.’

“He told me he could put me six feet under’

had all this evidence. He showed me. He just thought it was all
hysterical. He knew he would take the whole lot of them with him. That’s
why it was all hush-hushed.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scotland. What does he know about the Magic Circle?

The following is based on:

The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues

The Magic Circle is said to be group of top people in Scotland involved in child abuse and the use of rent boys.

Reportedly, top people in the criminal justice system would arrange light sentences in return for gay sex.


Many top people have been linked to the Magic circle, including:

Sir Angus Grossart (Deputy Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland) 
Lord Hardie (judge of the Court of Session, and former Lord Advocate) 
Mr Ivor Reginald Guild (Ex Senior Partner of solicitors Shepherd and
Wedderburn and prominent resident of the Edinburgh’s New Club)
The late Very Reverend Andrew Herron (former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland)

In 1988 possible homosexual blackmail had been suggested in the Burnett Walker Solicitors case [37].  

Ian walker killed himself and money was missing [117][118] [119]
In 1989 Lord Devaird mysteriously resigned [119].

Operation Planet

On 24th March 1990 Lothian and Borders Police launched Operation Planet
after a 16 year old boy from a care home, was sodomised by a number of
men, having been given cannabis beforehand [1]

Five defendants walked free.
The Orr Report

Detective Inspector Roger Orr’s report concluded:

“Homosexuality may well have been used as a means to seriously interfere with the administration of justice”[10] by “a well-established circle of homosexuals”, including judges, sheriffs and lawyers. Significantly, the report named names!

The report has still never been published and appears to have vanished.


At around midnight on July 19, 1992, an intruder entered the offices of
the Serious Crime Squad and made off with a haul of confidential files.

One file was about the “magic circle”.

It was leaked.

The Crown Office appointed QC William Nimmo Smith, and a regional Procurator Fiscal, James Friel, to investigate (and arrange a cover-up?).

Nimmo Smith / Friel Report

Nimmo Smith was duped into revealing his findings to a bogus journalist. 

The “journalist” was none other than Derek Donaldson, the original thief of the Orr Report.
The Nimmo Smith report found no evidence of a homosexual conspiracy.

Days later, Nimmo Smith was admitted to hospital with nervous exhaustion. 
The Nimmo Smith / Friel Report was finally published in January 1993. 
In essence the Nimmo Smith /
Friel Report found all the lawyers linked to the Magic Circle clique
innocent of any wrongdoing and all of the policemen who investigated
this affair guilty of homophobia. All the rent boys and others who
supported the Orr findings were liars and crooks. Peoples powers of
recall was also found by Nimmo Smith / Friel to be perfect among the
lawyers, and wanting among the others [8a].

The Nimmo Smith report refers to a boy brothel in Thailand thought to
have been frequented by several persons popular on the Edinburgh gay
scene, including the gay element of the legal fraternity.

According to Nimmo Smith: “We are in possession of no evidence which would support this latter allegation.”

In this matter, Nimmo Smith had accepted the evidence Martin Frutin.

In 1996 Martin Frutin was convicted of possessing child pornography [123], and he moved to Thailand. 
He became a prominent member of the local Masonic Lodge, Pattaya West Winds, as well as the gay scene. 
His death is reported by Andrew Drummond in 2010 [94].

On 28 December 2012 Scotland’s Former Procurator Fiscal Depute Stuart Macfarlane was found with 15,000 child pornography images.

He escaped earlier charges of indecency with a prostitute whilst serving
under Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, the Crown Office claiming at the
time “it was not in the public interest” to prosecute the former
prosecutor who has now admitted to being a paedophile. [20]

One person said “There’s more chance of winning the lottery than winning justice in Scotland.” [125]

Continued here: The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues


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  3. Spooks on Halloween

    Definition of ‘spook’ 1) Ghost 2) a CIA spy

    Undercover agent spy, commonly known as John Smith found anywhere and everywhere specifically in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

    http://ift.tt/29bBxEV (Page 9)

    I wonder what he is keeping an eye on?

    Let’s have a guess shall we?

    Anything to do with –

    Children *


  4. God I So Wish You Were Wrong!! (Sorry!)


    ‘S Math Sin, Glè Mhath
    Moran Taìng
    Oichde Mhath à ghraìdh

    C xx




  5. Oh… Have u seen this??


    Cover ups o this size only mean 1 thing….

    C. xx



    1. You
      know that there have been reports that Mikaeel’s father had some sort
      of bust up with his friend, Sheku Bayoh, on the “night” that the latter
      died in mysterious circumstances in the hands of the police.

      Sheku’s family have appointed Aamer Anwar as their solicitor to try to get to the bottom of the matter.


      Anwar was with Paul McBride when he mysteriously died in Pakistan :


      read recently, but cannot find the info, that McBride (and one assumes
      Anwar) was (were) actually on some sort of secret mission over there.



  6. Haggarty
    anyone? What about Aberdeen’s finest Buchanan? Possibly even Bowen? Or
    maybe scumdees satanic murder? Izzies promise would know.


  7. Greville Ewan Janner
    He is a former member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.International Brotherhood of Magicians
    (I.B.M.) is an organization for both professional and amateur stage
    magicians, with approximately 15,000 members worldwide. The headquarters
    is in St. Charles, Missouri, and there are over 300 local groups,
    called Rings, in more than 30 countries, largely concentrated in cities
    of the United States and Canada, though there are members of the
    international organization from at least 80 different countries[citation
    needed]. The organization publishes a monthly periodical entitled The
    Linking Ring, which features tricks, coverage of shows and events in the
    magic community, and interviews with magicians.[20]

    A teacher at
    the elite Jakarta International School is accused of using a “magic
    stone” to anaesthetise a child before sexually abusing him, Michael
    Bachelard reports from Jakarta.
    police transcripts of the children’s
    statements, leaked to the Wall Street Journal, contain extraordinary
    allegations of secret underground rooms on the school grounds and a
    “magic stone” which Bantleman is alleged to have conjured from the air
    to anaesthetise one boy prior to an attack.


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  10. I
    got into all this spooky stuff about magicians recently. But today I
    read this and I’m flabbergasted. This is really spooky too, like a
    science fiction horror movie, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where
    loads of people in high places have been taken over by something really
    evil, and so you can’t get anywhere. .

    I looked at all the links
    and the videos and it’s an obvious cover up. Now I do believe quite a
    lot of the stuff I read on Aangirfan, but things must fade after a while
    and perhaps unconscious doubts start to occur, but then I read
    something like this and it hits me really hard. ‘Top policeman, top
    judges, and the top people in government social services are all in it
    together.’ Crikey!

    I came across a site the other day which said
    that the Mafia, organised crime, sections of the CIA and the FBI, some
    prominent people in government are all in it together because crime is
    where the big money is made. This includes the illegal arms trade, drug
    trafficking, kiddie porn, trafficking children, deliberating starting
    wars to make lots of money. Basically, it is pure evil.

    people want to live in peace and have an enjoyable life with sufficient
    relaxation.. But the ruling elite keep the wars and tensions going, and
    put everyone in ruthless competition with each other to make massive
    profits. We are told by the powers above that mankind is naturally a
    violent creature.

    But are prominent Russians and Chinese
    criminals too because only the most ruthless get to the top? let’s hope
    not, and I like Putin a lot. But how can any other country deal with a
    country that is run by organised crime? Where its purpose is to keep
    tension up so as to be able to sell lots of weapons and military
    equipment, and furnace the nuclear arms race which is £trillions over
    time. But the tax payer pays for it all.

    I know now that the US
    has always been run by organised crime, and it’s capitalist system is
    really fake. Ordinary people have to battle it out in ruthless
    competition, while the ruling elite free ride. In fact capitalism is the
    perfect system for keeping wages dirt low, the working hours extended,
    and people going at it 24/7.

    So the system is perfect for the
    ruling class to turn ordinary people into slaves without them even
    realising it. No need for fascism, or military police, or the army, to
    make people work much harder than they really want to, the ruling elite
    can just get the market do it. And they call it freedom and lecture the
    rest of the world about it, while the top hedge fund managers hover over
    people’s pensions to see if they can raid them, people’s life savings.

    argue that without the free money stolen from the third world western
    capitalism wouldn’t at all. But there will always be a ‘people’s type
    capitalism’ where ordinary folk start up their own companies and
    practice their art and skills, but the ruling elite have hijacked this
    as camouflage for its fake exploitative type of capitalism to extract as
    much profit as possible and creating conditions for people that are
    like factory farms.

    Could there be a revolution, a
    peaceful one i hope? Could there be a Zeitgeist movement? We can start
    by making banking public and take away the money creation system from
    the ruling elite.



    1. “Could there be a revolution, a peaceful one i hope? “
      The ruling elite are there because of their utter & total
      willingness to use as much violence as neccesary ; & then some.
      why they’re the ruling elite.Of course,they don’t dirty their hands
      themselves – they can always find willing “mercenaries” to do the dirty
      work for them.& get rid of such men if they become a “problem”.
      So please stop daydreaming.

    2. The
      Ceausescus were operating as secure members of the elite until they
      were so discredited that not even the police or military would defend
      them. A vision of a society with a distributive financial system that
      would end the divisions that the elite encourage and exploit in order to
      maintain their overarching control could infect the enforcers, many of
      whom in the nature of things have to be ordinary human beings who detest
      the activities they are paid to be involved in, and destroy their
      willingness to protect their employers. The centralized control of
      money is what allows peoples to be enlisted in repugnant work. A
      general realization among the populace that this centralization is
      completely artificial and derived from a fundamental financial scam
      would create an irresistible pressure for reform. The elite would of
      course try to manage the reform so it would not threaten their position,
      but every disappointment merely wisens more people up to the game that
      is being played. Eventually cynicism will make the whole system
      unworkable–short of implementation of open slavery, but this is an even
      riskier and less stable means of control than cooption by monetary

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  12. lets bang some thai kids



  13. http://ift.tt/1HimmjG

    Hugh “Mitch” Mitchell was jailed for 10 years for the serial abuse of
    youngsters – chiefly in a bedroom-cum-dungeon in their marital home. His
    victims are glad justice has finally caught up with him. “

    Mitch seems to wear a strange ring, you may have to dig a little for the images of that.



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