Boy aged 13 rapes his siblings, cousins and neighbours’ children – but avoids being locked up

His victims were aged between just three and 11 at the time of the attacks

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The child avoided jail
A 13-year-old boy who raped his siblings, cousins and neighbour’s children has been spared jail .
child, who cannot be named, was described as immature for his age and
lacked interaction with other children because he was home-schooled.
All of his victims were aged between three and 11 at the time of the offences.
Instead of jail the boy was sentenced to a 12-month referral order which means he will be monitored by several agencies .
judge Ken Sheraton told him: “I sit in this court pretty much every
day. I deal with grownups and children for all sorts of different
“I have got to say it is pretty rare to see anyone, of any age, charged with as many serious offences are you.
“I can tell you now that I am not going to send you to prison.
of just how serious this case is nobody could say I was wrong for
putting you inside for a very long time. It is that serious.
are a couple of things that prevent me from doing that today in my
mind. One of those is the fact that you have got no previous matters
before a court.
“The fact that you have being open and honest
from the start which takes bravery to admit to admit to things when they
are as serious as they are.”
The boy committed the offences over a six-month period, which began in December last year.
Some of the attacks happened at the family home in Cambridgeshire while others happened at different addresses.
Following his arrest he was moved from the family home to an address in Stevenage, Herts.
He will remain there until he is deemed suitable to return home.
lawyer David Potter told the court: “He has been very frank and honest
as far as he can. He is a very immature young man. He finds it very
difficult to talk about it.”
Mr Potter added: “Maybe the fact that he has been home-schooled and there hasn’t been much interaction hasn’t helped.
“He has also lost any other social interaction because he can’t be alone with his friends or family.”
Cambridgeshire youth court, sitting in Huntington, heard the boy’s family want him to return to live with them.
The boy’s aunt plans to move closer so that she can offer her support.
Nicola Davass, prosecuting, said: “The complainants involved are members of three separate families.
“His own family, the family of a close neighbour and his cousin’s family.
is also right to say that the ages of the complainants was very tender
and the way that their evidence was taken was not without difficulty.
“When he (the boy) was spoken to by his parents and by the police he was immediately helpful.
“He was helpful throughout interviews and provided far more than some of the complainants were able to.”
boy admitted four counts of raping a boy, five counts of inciting a
girl to engage in non-penetrative sexual activity and engaging in sexual
activity with a boy and a girl.
As well as the referral order he must stay in contact with the police for the next two and a half years.

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