Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tim Rustige Snr – Scotland Trial Update

A Public Service Announcement from Prisoners of Conscience International:

Follow the URL links for the trial update and forthcoming 27/03/2014 sentencing of Rusty’s pensioner father, Tim Snr, to a 12 month jail term for allegedly exposing Scotland-based paedo ring and cyber-stalking their protectors.















For English pensioners Rob Green and Rusty’s Dad, here we have yet another example of Scottish injustice at its worst.
Robert arrested and held incommunicado on remand in HMP Perth for 110 days – without charge.
Tim Snr denied the right to speak at his own trial and vital defence evidence never presented by his got-at lawyer.
Not only do Scotland’s PTB protect the paedo kiddie fiddlers, they jail and gag the ones who dare stand up to expose them – and make martyrs of them for the Hollie Demands Justice campaign.

Luke 8:17 – ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’.

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Blogger thirdeye said…

Who is tims solicitor? I have been urgently trying to get a letter to him as I am willing to counter testify against one of the so called magic circle. I will expose the lies told in tims trial if given the chance so that justice can be done against the untouchables. Its not to late to take action

14 March 2014 04:22
Anonymous Gospel according to Luke said…
For Third Eye:
Tim Snr’s solicitor is Graham Morrison of Gavin Bain & Co, 432, Union St., Aberdeen AB10-1TR.
Tel 01224 623040.

Advocate / Barrister is David Moggach of Black Chambers, Edinburgh.

14 March 2014 06:53
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Robert and Tim are fearless warriors who fight for others with no thought for themselves.
They expose and confront the evil that most people, especially our government, refuse to acknowledge the existence of.

14 March 2014 07:28

Blogger thirdeye said…

Brilliant thank you so much I will see him and make my voice heard.


PS tell Tim I said hi and I hope he is ok

14 March 2014 07:48
Anonymous Malcolm X said…
I was at the trial – a complete and utter stitch up. The police and complainant Angiolini perjured themselves under oath with a calculated and practiced ease.

14 March 2014 07:51
Anonymous McFee said…
Of course the PTB cover up their Satanist paedophilia crimes and persecute the likes of Robert and Rusty. These elitist scumbags are the guardians of the ‘first domino’ – the keystone piece – for once that is toppled then all the rest of their dominoes will follow suit and with catastrophic consequences for the evil PTB elite syndicate.

14 March 2014 08:22

Blogger thirdeye said…

What an utter joke. Just off the blower to tims “solicitor” more like paid clown imo. He had no interest what so ever in exposing perjury. I was told in an angry manner that “the judge has to decide wether perjury has been committed” he had no interest in the ruling at stonehaven of no witnesses being interviewed in regards to hollie greig. He said *that has got nothing to do with it”

Lies. Lies. Lies. Bullshit blah blah blah what a travesty. Nonce land once again nails its colors to the mast of most judical corrupt place on earth where the whole game is a wash with cock suckers. Im disgusted

14 March 2014 09:30
Anonymous Gaz said…
Well, no surprise there Scott. The PTB want to keep as tight a lid on the can of worms as possible – and have Levy & McRae’s Peter Watson – the Rasputin of the Glens – to keep his publish n die choke hold on the media.

14 March 2014 10:55
Anonymous Quinn said…
With Robert Green jailed on Dame Angelo Dundee Cake’s command for questioning the BBC’s thinking for inviting her as a guest on Desert island Discs and hence breaching an interdict – and Rusty’s Dad shortly to be sentenced to a year in the slammer for allegedly questioning her moral probity to be appointed to a top notch Oxford Uni – then this woman’s global popularity rating is going to drop from the current zero figure to what? Like a Centigrade temperature scale thermometer – 25 below zero and dropping faster that some Glassie rent boy’s skiddies in the St Enoch’s British Home Stores men’s public toilets on a Saturday afternoon to service a queue of Masonic sodomites?

14 March 2014 13:54

Blogger thirdeye said…

That is a good point gaz. I strongly feel that Tim’s solicitor spoke to me as though he was scared. Any thought of my appeal to justice brought him in a rage. He was clearly rumbled and that tells me someone has put the shits right up him

14 March 2014 16:48
Anonymous Anonymous said…
I wish both of them the best of luck.

14 March 2014 18:57
Anonymous Guido Fawkes said…
Are these people mad? They have Robert Green on remand to gag him over Salmond and the dodgy dame’s involvement in the Hollie scandal coverup and screwed up their chance to grab Rusty senior and have him remanded before his trial so they could silence both Robert and Tim and prevent them naming Nonceland’s elitist judiciary membership of the Violate BD/SM Club.
So here is Robert in HMP Perth and preaching the Hollie Greig anti child sexual abuse gospel to the entire inmate ‘and’ prison officer population.
On the 27 March, Rusty Senior will cop a dead cert’ 12 month sentence and probably end up in the new HMP Grampian at Peterhead, where an ex-special forces army officer of Tim’s superior intellect / top notch IQ calibre is going to have a field day with his oratorial skills, educating the entire prison inmates and staff on the corrupt – if not criminal – short-comings of Police Scotland and the Crown Office’s Lord Advocate and Holyrood Parliament’s SNP crew politicians regarding the suppression of investigations into complaints viz the sexual abuse and serial rape of disabled bairns and special needs bairns by Masonic establishment elitist nonces – with the Hollie Greig case at the forefront – plus the assisted suicide / murder of her Uncle Roy.
Robert and Tim are martyrs to the cause and both prisoners of conscience – victims of the corrupt Salmond SNP regime.

15 March 2014 13:44
Anonymous Old Holborn said…
Too f*cking true Guido.
The Nonceland / Aberdeen PTB are falling over themselves to hush up the Hollie Greig paedo abuse scandal yet they’re sticking moral crusaders like Rusty and Robert into the midst of the prison populations in Scotland – none of the inmates are going to be kindly inclined towards officialdom and the bent authorities involved.
Definitely screwed up thinking on their parts.

15 March 2014 13:58
Anonymous WikiLeaks Sarah said…
Too true, someone in command authority in Scotland has their thinking screwed up.
Robert and Tim are a greater threat ‘inside’ the system than outside and will inflict a fatal degree of damage to Salmond’s political machine credibility through the prison network grapevine via word of mouth.

15 March 2014 15:53


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