a new day a new dick

This “guilty by association” logical fallacy that he employs so frequently never fails to work on the feeble minded because we all are brought up to think tribal. It was one of Hitlers and Goebbels favorite propaganda mechanisms, and Dunn knows full well he is deceiving his followers when he uses that trick. You see, when i first saw his videos, i thought he may be just an idiot. He sure has ADHD and focusing issues, forgets a lot of stuff and so on. Often, when he finishes a sentence, he has forgotten with what thought he started it with. So i spent a long time giving him the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. He knows full well that he is lying and deceiving, and he he knows full well that he is causing harm and pain. And he decided to give a fuck because he is living his personal dream (or nightmare). In that respect he has a lot in common with APD.



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