From Rusty 4th June

to a supporter:
Well, Wednesday 4th June  –  70 dats served and 68 to go.  We are on the downhill side of this prison term, finally.  As to my previous premature and wholly naïve optimism when the ‘A’ Hall governor came personally to my cell with concerns over my health and conditions and stalled release, he did state that he was going directly to the home detention curfew office (here in HMP Barlinnie) to check up on my tag-release processing and said he “would get back to me, if not later, then tomorrow”.  Tomorrow was yesterday, and no word.  Obviously Governor speak with forked tongue.
In my current information vacuum/action-impotency position I’m at the mercy of the system and don’t know what the hell is happening  –  so have just the August 11th release date to work towards while these prison-service clowns play mind games with my tag release.  Boring.  Annoying.  Stressful.  And the poxy diet, after 2-plus months, is starting to play up on my health, as you are aware already. 
But that’s the ‘compound interest’ of life catching up in my 60s.  A variety of ailments.  Tenterhooks caution viz high blood pressure and suffering another stroke  –  which is scrupulously countered via the medium of a healthy diet when at home.  Aches and pains.  Melanoma on my arms.  A left hand crippled and disabled through two injuries past  –  one military and one industrial  –  and now afflicted with osteo-arthritis.  What next, one might speculate?  Though when I step back and observe the walking, talking human tragedies that are my companions in HMP Barlinnie, then my lot takes on a less intense impact.
So let’s hope the Governor does get inundated with calls, e-mails and letters from supporters petitioning for my early tag release to be processed sooner rather than later  –  and get David Scott to help in that respect if possible, like his letter of objection to MacAskill viz the Perth meeting.  If the Barlinnie Governor gets barnstormed with petition mail this coming week, maybe I’ll have some brighter, happier news to report.
ADDENDUM:  Optimism, of the blind, unstinting type, trying to look on the ‘bright side’ and adopt a positive, 24/7 ‘cup-half-full’ view of my incarcerated circumstances, is an attitude that fails to fly in this stark and forbidding philistine institution, whose sole purpose is to deprive men of their dignity, their humanity and their liberty  –  and all to what end ?  It is a place devoid of any semblance of subtlety and sophistication, with the constant diurnal banging and clanging of cell doors and impromptu bawling at mega-decibel levels, and anyone given to a jumpy, nervous disposition would be doomed to an existence of knee-jerk flinching, like some hapless St Vitus Dance-afflicted soul, for the term of their sentence  –  and most likely a lingering, post-trauma-effects life thereafter.  Amen!

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