Maurice Lippens

Children are preferred by the elite because they also used for rituals. It is also called ritual sexual abuse of children. It should preferably virgins or otherwise very young. This network makes use of occult rituals and children are abused and psychologically prepared. It could also very well be that this ritual sexual abuse of children is a product of an occult (international) society.

These ancient rituals were reported as sexual escapades in Roman times between senior executives and male prostitutes. In the Netherlands the highest man in the ministry of justice, Joris Demmink, has been accused of abuse of very young baby boys. The court case is ongoing, however Mr. Demmink is the top judge who handles all the paedophile and child abuse cases in the Netherlands.

There have been several statements made by victims, including one Frank Leenders. ( See online whistleblower ) Frank Leenders, according to his own statement early eighties in the Czech Republic at age 5 was first abused by Demmink. Later in life is that abuse continued. Demmink at the time worked for the Ministry of Defence.

(NATO) But to this day refuses politics a thorough investigation into the rumors and allegations about this man. And in a press embargo on this subject seems to be effective. (based upon a Dutch article translated in Google Translate).


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