A Few Observations Regarding Hoaxtead Research & Co.

A Few Observations Regarding Hoaxtead Research & Co.

How you doing, Ricky?

I see you and your evil pals still have those false and criminal references to Fabooka De Stait on that vault.

Hmm! Given we (and let’s not bullshit ourselves here) have established you are part of the Hoaxtead Satanic Cult of Abusers.

And, that I like to work in a different manner to most – you know, sort of starting from what I do know, and working backwards now and again as opposed to chasing what could be the unknown.

I thought you might like to know that I watched a couple of videos last night, that had some fella in them: Actor apparently.

Claimed he was unduly apprehended and questioned for being a Satanic and Paedophile leader of a vile Cult of baby eaters based somewhere near you.

Unbelievably, he said to the BBC interviewer that it never actually bothered him, except that the accusations came from his kids.

Fucking weird that, ain’t it.

I mean, without doubt 99% of innocent fellas would be fucking fuming at the police for coming across with such an insinuation, and 99.5% of fellas would be livid if the accusation referred to their own kids and then 99.9% would be absolutely fucking seething and distraught if the accusation referred not only to their kids but came from them – they really would.

How come you were o.k. with the actual accusations, and not just the fact they came from your kids?

Oh yeah, and you know what else I found strange?

Well, I found one video with a young girl in it who said the same thing about her dad.

She also stated he made her cut the heads off babies.

Now, I know, I know, I know that it would initially appear far fetched and to be honest, I have only gotten into having a look at such things lately. Largely in response to a lot of ambiguity online.

But, with that being said; I do have a lot of experience (probably a lot more than most police forces tbh) when it comes to analyzing death, mutilation, serious gore and the like. You know, things such as beheading, cutting people open from the chest while still alive, so as to rip out their beating heart, stabbing them in the eyes, neck, etc, etc.

Your friend Royden, thought he would try to use this against me when sending himself threats to kill after spying on some old FDS Facebook pages and watching the vids – you know, just before he also got his friends in the NCA to act like a photo owned by Elton John was classed as child porn so as to facilitate trying to find out who people are so as he could Dox, Gaslight and carry out even more disgusting acts given the help of his handlers. Fortunately, they failed at every attempt.

I appreciate it seems crazy and a lot of people have said it was all an elaborate and twisted hoax perpetuated by other parties. Indeed, given the acting credentials of some involved, that could be the case…but…one thing struck me about what this girl said.

You see, Ricky; the spine can be a real fucking problem when trying to get a head off a body (even a little one). I tell ya, those fucking cervicals can be a real pain in the ass – no shit.

I mean, I have seen brutal cartel members; soldiers in the middle east, soldiers in chechnya, and hundreds of other baddies all come unstuck despite having a lot of experience and some really big and sharp fucking knives or even machetes – no, I really have.

I have seen them having to resort to twisting, pulling, yanking and contorting whole bodies as they did their damn best to get that fucker off quickly – all to no avail.

So it really struck a chord with me (pardon the pun) when she said she was struggling to get through the spine when little and her dad then slapped her and applied extra pressure to enable the final cut – it really did.

Now, as I say; I have not gone that much into such things just yet, and have been merely browsing to see what it was all about, given I have been labeled a Hamphoaxer Troll and Random Twat or Psycho by you and your evil cohorts – with no evidence at all – and only unbiased reference to the events long before I became aware of that lot.

I sort of wanted to weigh up the for and against aspects of such cases, especially given I had not really paid much attention to them until unduly set upon by a group of Satanists who came out with all kinds of lies and attacks upon my credibility based on them being highly mistaken and very ill informed by equally criminal associates with regards to what I am about.

If it was all a Hoax, how come it went so far without assistance?

Someone must have done a lot of work to make it seem at least initially plausible so as to be investigated by the police in the first place.

Just say for instance, it was set up by the security services or similar so as to drag a lot of people in and to do so, they used people from a drama based background.
Well, at the end of the day, given I never knew of the fella or his acting credentials, I have to say, after completely proving himself (probably not his ideal outcome) to me, that he and his friends are in fact Satanists out in the light, so to speak, as they call an abhorrent case which may or may not have been true; then the fella at the centre of it has also impressed me more than I would have ever imagined given he now looks a distinct possible for having done some seriously sinister things in the past, irrespective of what those who leap to his defence claim.

Then, if we look at the likes of the pathetic police investigative efforts surrounding Royden James Jones and his self-sent Threats To Kill that allowed him and themselves to PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE given he and the aforementioned are colleagues – we can appreciate that it would not take much to outsmart the police when given some high-level assistance, can’t we.

Further to that, I also came across a far more recent video, which I may have already alluded to in the past, whereby the daughter looked very traumatized indeed. Now, I appreciate that later on in the case, the police accepted some kind of dubious withdrawal testimony, given the girl stated her earlier claims were made up and based upon some part of the film The Mask Of Zorro that showed a severed head in a jar. I fully appreciate that seeing something like that could be a little shocking for a kid of around nine-years-old and may possibly lead to nightmares or even wild stories.

With that being said, I just can’t get over how she came to describe the severing of the spine in detail and acted it out in such a graphic manner given as the head-in-jar scene of the film contained no such depictions.

Do you know what I mean?

Just put me down as a don’t know, for now. Thanks.

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