Justice For Holly Greig and Robert Green: Official Petition

We the Undersigned Petition for Redress for and in behalf of Holly Greig and Robert Green from the People of Scotland. WHEREAS: 1. Holly Greig ( a little Downs Syndrome Girl) and 7 Other Known Victims were systematically raped and tortured by a known Pedophile Ring. 2. Said Pedophile Ring Included Social Workers, Politicians and Educators, some of the Leading men and women of Scotland. 3. Robert Green was jailed for reporting the story to the public 4. The Uncle of Holly Greig was brutally murdered with what appears to be an ax handle and found dead in a burning car that appears to be arson after he reportedly walked in on Holly being sexually assaulted by her father. 5. Scottish Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, has illegally used her influence to shut down any investigation and publicity of the Holly Greig case. 6. The Law firm of Levy & McRae has illegally sought to intimidate and influence witnesses and Robert Green for reporting the matter. 7. Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland has been made aware of Angiolini’s methods and has failed to act in a way conducive to justice in these cases. 8. The members of Scotland’s Parliament have also been made aware of these injustices and have failed to take any action. 9. Scottish Law Enforcement has been well aware of these injustices and has failed to take any action against the perpetrators Therefore: We the Undersigned petition the People of Scotland: 1. To seek redress for and in behalf of Holly Greig 2. To seek a vote of “No-Confidence” in the current administration. 3. To seek to establish a new administration that will pursue Justice for both Holly Greig and the other 7 victims of pedophilia. 4. To seek Justice and Relief for noted Journalist, Robert Green. 5. To seek a removal of the Muzzle Order on Mr. Green. 6. To permit Mr. Green the opportunity to actually enter the district where he is running for political office. 7. To seek prosecution of those individuals responsible for the murder of a witness in this investigation and those that have impeded the search for Justice. 8. To seek a break-up of the monopoly that Levy & McRae currently have over the Scottish Legal System. 9. To seek sanctions against Levy and McRae for interfering in the Freedom of the Press and the intimidation of witnesses in a criminal matter.


Paul A Drockton M.A.



  • Janette Docherty Justice for Hollie Greig,Robert Green, for children stolen by the State, and we did not vote to have a child overseer for every child in Scotland. HANDS OF OUR KIDS
  • edwin dodd I think that is a child abuser for every child in scotland! I hope everyone stand up and says no to the bent Governments we now see suffercating us all!
  • ianofthehousemcmahon disgracefull

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