Georgetown University Massacre of Politics; SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon speech to American academics is pure SNP ‘grievance monkey’ politics,

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Georgetown University Massacre of Politics; SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon speech to American academics is pure SNP ‘grievance monkey’ politics, tawdry speech in Georgetown is like the script from an awful cheap B horror movie played out by a ham actor, a ham actor is an unskilled actor who overacts much like Sturgeon

Dear All

Spreading the poison, spreading the hate, where can you legally get paid to travel around as a grievance monkey, well, simple as SNP First Minister of Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon is spending our taxpayer money to travel round the US, staying in the best hotels saying ‘Scotland’s national interests are not served by Westminster’.

This would be the Westminster that paid her salary, gives Scotland extra cash and ensures our national security by having one of the best military forces in the world. Speaking in Georgetown University, the Americans have been ‘treated’ to a less than academic interpretation of Sturgeon’s view on Brexit and what it means. Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have been shut out of Brexit talks due to their own stupidity, Sturgeon says that there is a “real and growing risk” that the UK will leave the EU with no deal in less than two months’ time.

This raises the question is operating under the WTO rules a risk?

The answer is no, you could say what is the point of Nicola Sturgeon’s trip, it isn’t like the SNP will have done anything to justify it as previous trips aptly show. In a piece of scaremongering worthy of a cheap B movie, she also said that the UK “not remotely prepared” to leave the EU in 53 days’ time.

This is of course Sturgeon clutching at straws, so what straws are they?

1/ She wants an extension to the leave date.

2/ She wants a second referendum.

3/ She wants desperately to seen as a power player in international politics.

Although an extension is possible, it isn’t likely, as to a second referendum, she is onto plums; that isn’t happening. The third issue of wanting to be seen as ‘relevant’ is an ongoing issue since she was Deputy to Alex Salmond.

The SNP didn’t campaign to stop Brexit, sure, they put on a show but the reality on the ground and the piggy bank speak volumes. The SNP didn’t show at one of the major polling stations in my area until 5 pm on polling day. The tale of the piggy bank also shows their real agenda, they wanted a Brexit win to boost their case for a second Scottish independence referendum. The SNP plotted and planned and then found it all blew up in their faces when the Leave side won! They had multiple agendas but it was all short term vision, they had no long game in play, just a series of jumping from one hot frying pan to another.

Nicola Sturgeon is wrong, there is no “confusion and uncertainty of Brexit”, we are leaving the EU, the Conservatives are not stopping Brexit and the markets aren’t showing much interest in Sturgeon’s doomsday script. The real gripe by Nicola Sturgeon is that the SNP have been “sidelined” by the Westminster system. They had tried to be the centre of a coalition of the damned but found that opposition parties in Westminster didn’t want to climb onboard.

Scotland isn’t being treated as an “afterthought” by Westminster but the SNP sure are, they made their bed and now lying in it, they feel the isolation of exclusion, not part of the power dynamic. That is what grates on them, not as Sturgeon says:

“Finding ourselves four years facing being taken out the European Union against our will really does grate on many people in Scotland considerably.”

The SNP love to push the lie that in the Brexit vote, Scotland voted to stay, this was a UK wide referendum, they know this but keep pushing the falsehood out there. The SNP want a second EU referendum and also a second Scottish independence referendum, they mistakenly think that they can subvert Article 49 on joining, bypassing members’ votes and normal membership rules.

A stupid idea, unworkable and probably illegal, certainly dubious in the extreme, you cannot subvert EU members’ votes on a country wishing to join, no way round that party of the treaty. The SNP used the issue of Germany as an example, but the legal situation doesn’t stack up. A country can join with an existing EU member and that firstly is a matter of internal domestic politics. In the case of Scotland leaving the UK while the UK is still a member that means Scotland loses EU membership because the UK holds the contract.

Given that the people of Scotland have rejected the SNP and their independence agenda, we get Sturgeon saying:

“That in itself raises the question of whether decisions about Scotland should continue to be taken at Westminster or whether it would be better if those decisions were taken in Scotland by our own democratically elected Parliament”.

She added:

“I as First Minister have said I will outline my thoughts on the timing of another independence referendum in the next few weeks – once the terms of Brexit have become clearer”.

Nicola Sturgeon can outline her thoughts but she can’t get a second independence referendum this side of the 2021 Holyrood election. The spectre of a hung parliament still hangs in the air.

2021 should see a pro UK majority sitting in Holyrood.

The Americans, you have to pity them were then subjected to this rubbish:

“In my view those interests can only properly be served by becoming an independent country, but an independent country that then seeks to play its part in an interconnected world. And that is a vision that I think more and more people in Scotland, in the wake of the Brexit experience, find very attractive.”

Analysis……… sheer delusional crap!

As well as speaking rubbish, Sturgeon then treated our American cousins to this ditto, ‘UK Government is trying to renegotiate the EU Withdrawal agreement “with the clock ticking” and despite the EU saying it will not accept such a renegotiation’.

Wow, news in the public domain you can read off any website, but not an indepth analysis of what is going on behind the scenes!

A UK Government spokeswoman said:

“Nicola Sturgeon needs to stop using Brexit as an excuse to pursue her unwanted independence agenda. Rather than constantly seeking division and constitutional upheaval, she needs to work with the UK Government to avoid a damaging no-deal. That is what people and business in Scotland expect.”

Finally, what is the point of Nicola Sturgeon’s American trip, or perhaps the real question is, what is the point of Nicola Sturgeon? Anyone any idea of how much public money has been blown on this trip? Anyone know if Nicola Sturgeon will pay for a piano player while she has her dinner? To me, the only exit I see Nicola Sturgeon interested in is her own exit out the door of the SNP.

Application to be an international power player…. Denied!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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