Investigative journalist Jenny Moore was found dead in her room at the Radisson Country Inn & Suites in Washington D.C. on Monday. She had been investigating claims of alleged involvement of former President William J. Clinton in sex trafficking. Four weeks before her death, Moore had provided information from interviews with the alleged victim to the Department of Homeland Security and allegations against Clinton. Records show that she contacted DHS from July 6 through July 9. True Pundit reported that she contacted the FBI one week later with identical information gleaned from the alleged victim.

Jenny Moore and George Webb

According to several reports, Moore died as a result of a seizure. Hotel employees found her body. Investigative reporter Thomas Paine described Moore as “fearless” and a “former cop” who was aware of the physical risks she was taking.

Former FBI Agent Robyn Gritz, a friend of Moore’s, made several inquiries with detectives in Prince George County, Maryland, on Monday. Reports suggest that police believe that Moore did not commit suicide. Moore’s body is currently at the Maryland state coroner’s office in Baltimore for an initial analysis. From there, the body will go the state anatomy lab for autopsy. A toxicology test will be conducted but results that will determine the cause of death are not due until a month passes. Autopsy results are of public record in the state of Maryland.

Moore was looking into allegations made by a 26-year-old man that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted him and sexually exploited him at sex parties frequented by power elites. Also known by her sobriquet “Task Force,” Moore had provided assistance to investigative journalist George Webb, who frequently posts YouTube videos about his probes into government corruption.

According to True Pundit, Moore contacted the website in June about the allegations against Clinton. True Pundit spoke face-to-face with Moore and the alleged victim during the course of this year. The victim also spoke with investigative journalist Thomas Paine about the alleged interaction with Clinton. However, both Moore and the victim preferred to speak to the FBI and other federal agencies first to determine whether a criminal case could be filed against Clinton before publicizing the allegations.  in several locations. In July, the victim agreed to speak to Paine about what he experienced with Clinton. Along with Moore, however, the victim wanted to speak to the FBI and Homeland Security first to see if a criminal case against Clinton would be opened before publicizing the claims.

According to True Pundit, Moore believed that federal law enforcement agencies could “dangle” the victim in front on Clinton and wait for the former president to make a mistake or attempt to pay off the victim. Moore continued to worry about the safety of the victim. In a number of text messages, Moore wrote that the alleged Clinton victim showed signs of psychological trauma while he recalled the alleged abuse. The victim recalled being allegedly sexually assaulted by Clinton onboard a yacht in New England. He also claimed to know the identities of other child victims of the so-called “boat parties” where he witnessed sexual and physical abuse of girls and boys.

On July 2, Moore sent a text in which she said that top FBI officials are being blackmailed or may be involved in the trafficking allegations. For example, she wrote that an “FBI contractor personally trafficked his son” and other children, and uses a government computer to produce child pornography. She added that the FBI contractor’s wife and children were interviewed in 2015. She noted that President Donald Trump has called on a unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to probe child sex trafficking claims. “That is why,” Moore wrote, “that Democrats and some Republicans are trying to disband” ICE. She wrote that an ICE officer told her that the unit investigates claims of child trafficking and ritual abuse, but the “FBI just tries to block them from getting to politicians, elite, etc.”





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