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  1. We must remember that this is the second time that Robert Green has been in prison, fighting for justice for Hollie Greig. This time he has spent at least three months in Perth HMP, without any kind of court hearing. And what is he accused of? Non compliance to a non- harassment order, for which it appears there is no paper work.
    Does the way he has been treated sound a little disproportionate?
    By the sound of the way the Scottish legal system seem to have blown due legal process to the wind- as though they were putting in emergency measures to deal with a major threat to the system, as in times of war- this is no mere minor case. It seems to me that we are dealing with issues considerably greater than one set of private individuals feeling that Robert is harassing them. It points to major corruption and perversion of the course of justice.
    All that Robert Green is asking for is freedom of information, which may have become shredded, and a proper investigation.

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