“DIRTY TRICKS” – Just when you thought that Scarborough Borough Council could sink no lower, it has now excelled itself by progressing a totally false allegation levelled at Real Whitby contributor Nigel WARD. And by a curious quirk of circumstance, this comes as an apparent ‘return of service’ after Real Whitby published “The Genie is out of the Bottle” in mid-March 2014, containing excerpts from an apparently fraudulent 1996 benefit claim by a couple of serving Councillors, the documentation of which was widely circulated in late February 2014, seemingly by an SBC insider. – http://www.facebook.com/l/NAQGs1vKuAQHqfl2MjS-0dLFZTzVeVmqvCrnWmjs0yIMWvA/tinyurl.com/nq5b8ct

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