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    The Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List
    Special Report by Cigpapers
    Elm Guest House. Now flats.
    The Elm Guest House was on Rocks Lane, Barnes , South West London – now converted in to flats. Between 1979 and 1982 it was owned and run by Carole Kasir and her husband Haroon, who were both bisexual jews. Carole Kasir had been paid by the Spartacus Club ( ostensibly a gay club but really for paedophiles with up to 25,000 members ) to become a venue for their “parties” after being approached by leading Spartacus Club member Peter Glencross. The Spartacus Club is exposed in this article in 1983:  http://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/the-spartacus-paedophile-network-was-exposed-by-the-sunday-people-in-february-1983/
    Sickening homo-paedos.

    Sickening homo-paedos.
    The Spartacus Club was run by Catholic Priest John Stamford from Amsterdam. Stamford masqueraded as a gay rights champion but was secretly a leading member of the Paedophile Information Exchange. The venue was advertised in the Press including Capital Gay magazine and Conservative Party literature.
    Advert in Conservative Party and Capital Gay literature - the 10% discount is code for young boys available.

    Advert in Conservative Party and Capital Gay literature – the “10% discount” is code for “young boys available” to Spartacus Club Members.
    A large number of rich and powerful VIPs would attend these parties where mostly White Working Class Boys were trafficked from local Care Homes to be sexually abused and raped during perverted “parties”.  Several Boys have reported that they were forced to dress up as girls and/or fairies for these sordid “parties”. The Boys were also plied with alcohol and drugs.
    VIP paedo parties.

    Homo-paedo VIP parties.
    One of the Councils providing the Boys was Richmond , whose jewish Social Services boss Louis Minster also seems to have attended these parties according to Mary Moss. It is believed that the Spartacus Club was getting boys taken in to Richmond Council Care to order after choosing them from photographs in School records. It was later found Louis Minster was unqualified for the job and he was given a large golden handshake to leave. A number of these abused Boys have since taken their own lives or died suspiciously.
    Evil scum who prey on Children.
    There are allegations linking Sir Jimmy Savile to Elm Guest House, but his name doesn’t appear on any lists released yet. However some guests did use fake names.
    A party at the Elm Guest House was raided by Police in 1982, following which 12 boys gave evidence that they had been sexually abused by men. German born jew Carole Kasir was convicted for running a disorderly house but no charges of Child sex abuse were brought against anyone.

    Elm Guest House owner Carole Kasir in 1983

    Elm Guest House owner Carole Kasir in 1983
    Haroon Kasir in 2013 - he is trying to emigrate to USA.

    Haroon Kasir in 2013 – he is trying to emigrate to USA. On 16th July 2013 Haroon Kasir was arrested on Child porn offences, he was bailed until September 2013.
    Following Carole Kasir’s suspicious death from an insulin overdose in 1990 at the age of 47 two Social Worker friends of hers gave disturbing evidence at her inquest. Mary Moss and Christopher Fay made serious allegations of Child sex abuse by rich, powerful People at Elm Guest House. There are also two local Boys still missing from that time who are believed to be linked to Elm Guest House.
    Mary Moss was raided by the Metropolitan Police Special Branch and other unknown Police Units looking to seize and destroy any evidence, however she managed to photograph and upload the alleged VIP guest list and other evidence before the Police could get to it.
    Elm Guest House VIP list.

    Elm Guest House VIP list.

    A complete set of the 130 Mary Moss original documents can be found at the bottom of this article.
    Here are some of the highlights of the alleged VIP guest list released by Mary Moss:

    Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, traitor, Russian spy deceased.
    Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedophile.
    Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
    Charles Irving
    Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
    Peter Brooke, Life Peer
    John Rowe, MI5, former MP
    Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP
    Ron Brown
    Colin Jordan, Politician and author
    George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
    Peter Campbell, Monday Club
    Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
    Cliff Richard,aged  Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’
    Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
    Ron Wells, aged Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House.
    Richard Miles, Monday Club
    Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile.
    R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry
    Terry Dwyer
    Patrick Puddles
    Louis Minster, Head of Richmond Social Services
    Colin Peters, QC – a convicted paedophile sentenced to 8 years in 1989
    Steve Everett, Senior Westminster Social worker
    Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedophile therapy
    Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter
    Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman
    London's finest.
    The following Police Officers and an alleged informant also appear on Mary Moss’s list for some reason:
    Colin Peters QC, Police informant and convicted paedophile.
    D. Naismith, Chief Constable Wandsworth
    DC Chris Carter, CID Richmond
    DC David Lines, CID Barnes
    DC Ron Thornton, CID Richmond
    PC Roderick Smeaton
    WPC Sheila McInnes
    PC Chris Wicks
    WPC Elizabeth Meredith
    PC Alan Jones
    Cliff or Kitty? Either way we'll keep it quiet!
    Allegedly Sir Cliff Richard presently has a super injunction from the High Court preventing anyone naming him in connection with Elm Guest House – don’t worry Kitty your secret is safe on the internet!
    It was first reported in 2010 that Sir Cliff Richard had surrended his British citizenship and become a National of Barbados known as a “Bajan”.
    On 14th August British Police raided Cliff Richard’s mansion in Berkshire looking for evidence of Child sex abuse. Later on 14th August 2014 Sir Cliff Richard released this statement from Portugal:
    Here is Sir Cliff Richard’s statement of 14th August 2014 in full after police started searching his Berkshire home:
    “For many months I have been aware of allegations against me of historic impropriety which have been circulating online.
    “The allegations are completely false. Up until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response, as it would just give them more oxygen.
    “However, the police attended my apartment in Berkshire today without notice, except it would appear to the press.
    “I am not presently in the UK but it goes without saying that I will cooperate fully should the police wish to speak to me.
    “Beyond stating that today’s allegation is completely false it would not be appropriate to say anything further until the police investigation has concluded.”
    A paedophile network diagram.
          A diagram of a paedophile network – get the picture yet?
    Louis Minster is now 81 and retired to Malta on a large Government Pension, however the investigative website Exaro tracked him down and telephoned him. In the telephone conversation he denies who he is initially before making some strange excuses. The telephone conversation can be heard here:
    Main Stream Media suddenly dropped this massive story in 1982
    Following the Police raid in 1982, the main stream media were full of the Elm Guest House story between 7th August and 23rd August 1982. However, perhaps due to a D-Notice, from 24th August 1982 until 2013 no mention was made in the main stream media. Here are some of the stories from the MSM between 7th and 23rd August 1982:
    Keith Vaz MP was solicitor of Richmond Council.
    Keith Vaz ( now a Labour MP ) was the solicitor of Richmond Council at the time. He has refused to answer a number of questions about the matter and an investigation in to him has begun on this website:
    Here are the complete set of documents uploaded by Mary Moss:
    We are planning on holding an “Elm Guest House” VIP reunion party in a couple of months. These are the latest addresses we have to send invitations to our guests, so if you can help with any further information we would be grateful:
    Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, Russian spy died 1983.
    Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedo. 11 MORPETH GARDENS, SHEFFIELD S3 7LD aged 75
    Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club CHIMNEYS, LOWER MOUSHILL LANE, MILFORD, GODALMING GU8 5JX
    Charles Irving died 1995
    Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister LOWER GARDEN HOUSE, SPENNITHORNE, LEYBURN DL8 5PR
    John Rowe, MI5, former MP current address unknown
    Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP died 2012
    Ron Brown died 2002
    Colin Jordan, Political Leader and author died 2009
    George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader living somewhere in South Wales – current address unknown aged 73.
    Peter Campbell, Monday Club current address unknown
    Gary Walker, Sein Fein current address unknown
    Cliff Richard,Pop Star, known at Elm as ‘Kitty’ aged 72 current address unknown – had a home on St George’s Hill estate in Weybridge, Surrey.
    Jess Conrad, ex Pop Star. BAMBI LODGE, TILEHOUSE LANE, DENHAM, UXBRIDGE UB9 5DA aged 76
    Ron Wells, Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm current address unknown believed to be in London area.
    Richard Miles, Monday Club current address unknown
    Chris Denning, ex DJ, convicted paedo. aged 72 arrested at an East London Homeless Hostel on 3rd June 2013 on paedo charges not seen since.
    R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry current address unknown
    Terry Dwyer current address unknown
    Patrick Puddles current address unknown
    Louis Minster, Richmond Social Services – previously reported as dead but the Exaro Website found him alive and living in Malta.
    Colin Peters, QC current address unknown
    Steve Everett, Westminster Social worker FLAT 9, LINSTED COURT, RESTONS CRESCENT, LONDON SE9 2JQ
    Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedo therapy died 2008.
    Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter current address unknown
    Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman FLAT 2, 367 COMMERCIAL ROAD, LONDON E1 2PS
    We’ll put copies of our invitations to the reunion up on here with their replies/threats/legal actions etc.
    The following article appeared on the Independent Newspaper website on 21st July 2013:

    Elm Guest House investigation: Former senior cabinet minister faces rape investigation

    By James Hanning , Paul Cahalan

    A former senior cabinet minister is now the subject of a rape allegation currently being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service. Police investigating possible child abuse at the Elm Guest House in West London have submitted a file on the former minister, and the CPS is expected to come to a decision over the matter during the summer. The claims are not believed to relate to the abuse of minors at the guesthouse, and the alleged victim was over the age of consent.

    The allegation follows evidence given to the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating claims that a well-connected paedophile ring was operating from a guesthouse in Rocks Lane, Barnes, south-west London, in the early 1980s. The inquiry has been examining hundreds of leads submitted to it after a politician claimed that a historic paedophile ring with connections to Downing Street had been in operation there. The extent, breadth and wide timeframe of the claims led police to look beyond the Elm Guest House’s allegedly dark epoch and beyond the abuse of children.
    Police have been looking into claims that young boys from the Grafton Close care home, run by Richmond council, were sexually assaulted at the guesthouse – now a block of respectable flats. It is alleged that the boys were taken to organised parties at the house attended by prominent people, where they were made to dress up. The parties were often “Kings and Queens” themed, a practice begun around the time of the Silver Jubilee in 1977.
    The lack of charges relating to the guest house has given rise to counter-claims of “conspiracy theories” and cover-ups. But in January 2013, The Independent on Sunday revealed that the disgraced Liberal Democrat politician Sir Cyril Smith, who for decades abused children without ever facing justice, was a regular visitor to the Elm Guest House.
    The revelation came after police raided the house of one childcare worker and seized documents said to contain the names of some of those who stayed at the guesthouse. Those on the list also included prominent politicians, judges and celebrities.
    The Fernbridge investigation came in the wake of the allegations surrounding the TV presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile.
    In October last year, Tom Watson MP told Parliament that an evidence file on Peter Righton, a former child care worker convicted of importing illegal homosexual pornography in 1992, contained “clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring”. At Prime Minister’s Questions, he said: “One of its members boasts of a link to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”
    Scotland Yard is still investigating those claims, as well as suggestions that its officers failed to carry out a proper examination of child abuse claims in Richmond in 2003, when the Independent Police Complaints Commission received allegations from a concerned council worker.

    And on October 20th 2013, the Daily Express ran a story about a former child protection officer, Chris Fay, who had a gun held to his head by a Special Branch officer when he was trying to help victims of child abuse which included Elm Guest House in Richmond, South London.
    “It became very dangerous. People seem to forget that Special Branch could do what they liked, they were a law unto themselves.
    At one point they had me up against a wall by my throat with a gun at my head telling me in no uncertain terms that I was to back away if I knew what was good for me.
    A colleague of mine had the same treatment, as did a number of the volunteers. Victims who were actually abused at Elm House were also physically stopped from coming to speak to us at the NAYPIC office in north London.
    I witnessed Special Branch officers manhandling them and turning them away with a warning to keep their mouths shut. It was blatant, it was open, they were acting like gangsters.
    In the end we had to meet victims at a local community centre without the knowledge of the police to hear what they had to say.” NAYPIC was given the identities of senior politicians who formed part of an alleged paedophile ring at the heart of government.
    However, Mr Fay said: “I was told by the police implicitly, ‘We do not want you to come to us with big names’.”
    In a sinister twist, he said his kitchen window was shot at, leaving three bullet holes in the glass, although he never found out who was responsible.
    An interesting interview here by Bill Maloney of Chris Fay:

    The following article appeared in the “This is Local London” series of newspapers and website on 22nd July 2013:

    Two charged with historic child abuse under Operation Fernbridge by Richmond Reporter

    The former deputy head of Richmond Council’s Grafton Close children’s home has been charged with offences on boys aged nine to 15.
    John Stingemore, 71, was today charged along with Father Anthony McSweeney, 66, with indecent assault and making indecent images of children.
    Both were arrested under the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating historic allegations of sexual abuse at Elm Guest House in Barnes.
    They were charged today and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on bail on September 4 – rebailed to September 18th 2013.

    Stingemore and McSweeney.They are due to appear at Southwark Crown Court at 9:30 AM on September 18th.

    Stingemore and McSweeney.They are due to appear at Southwark Crown Court at 9:30 AM on Sept. 18th 2013.

    Mr Stingemore, who lives in East Sussex, will face eight counts of indecent assault, two of taking indecent images of a child and one of conspiracy with persons unknown to commit buggery.
    Mr McSweeney, a Roman Catholic priest from Norfolk, has been charged with three counts of indecent assault, one of taking indecent images of a child, three of making indecent images of a child and one of possessing indecent images of a child.
    The charges relate to seven victims, all aged between nine and 15 years when the alleged offences took place during the 70s and 80s.
    Anyone with information, who has any concerns or believes they may have been a victim is asked to contact the NSPCC on its helpline 0808 800 5000.
    A 69-year-old man remains on police bail, to return in September.
    On 24th August 2013 the following appeared on the Justice Denied blog:
    It alleges Leon Britton has been questioned, and has some other updates – well worth a look.

    Cigpapers Opens Investigation

    With no real progress in this investigation by the authorities this blog has filed it’s own Freedom of Information Request with this website https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/ :

    From: Sean Moran

    14 September 2013

    Dear Richmond upon Thames Borough Council,
    Please provide a list of all Richmond upon Thames Borough Council
    Councillors for the last 40 years ( or as long as possible ) and
    Heads and Deputies of Richmond upon Thames Borough Council
    Yours faithfully,
    Sean Moran

    The article below isn’t directly linked to the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal, but is in regard to the Operation Ore child pornography investigation and subsequent cover up and demonstrates the corruption in Britain:
    The Sunday Herald : Child Porn Arrests Too Slow
    Herald And Sunday Herald : Sunday January 19th 2003
    Operation Ore : The Police enquiry which plans to arrest a further 7000 men across the UK , in addition to Who guitarist Peter Townshend, for buying Child pornography online is set to end in disaster with many suspects walking free.
    Detective Chief Inspector Bob MacLachlan, former head of Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit, told the Sunday Herald that the lack of urgency in making arrests will lead to suspects destroying evidence of downloading child pornography before they are arrested.
    The Sunday Herald has also had confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high profile former Labour Cabinet Minister is among Operation Ore suspects. The Sunday Herald has been given the politicians name but, for legal reasons, can not identify the person.
    There are still unconfirmed rumours that another senior Labour politician is among the suspects. The intelligence officer said that a “rolling” cabinet committee had been set up to work out how to deal with the potentially ruinous fall-out for both Tony Blair and the Government if arrests occur.
    Since the September 2002 Operation Ore arrest of Detective Constable Brian Stevens, a key officer in the inquiry into the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the public have been aware that wanted suspects had downloaded Child pornography from a US website called Landslide.
    MacLachlan, who was one of the main officers on Operation Ore before his retirement last year, said “Sufficient warnings have been given that if people haven’t got rid of their computers then they are either stupid, don’t believe they’ll be arrested or are so obsessive about their collections that they can’t destroy it. As time goes on, the chances of successful  prosecutions will diminish with speed and the information out there must impact on the offenders.”
    With only 1200 men arrested so far, MacLachlan says that claims by Police Chiefs and the Government that they were prioritising paedophile crime were “smoke and mirrors”. Paedophilia is still not a priority on the Home Office’s National Policing Plan for 2003-06. MacLachlan claimed that before he left Scotland Yard his team were under-staffed, over-worked, under-funded and reduced to using free software from computer magazines.
    There are around one million images of an estimated 20,000 individual Children being abused online. Some Police seizures involve hauls of more than 180,000 images. Last year, images of 13,000 new Children were uncovered. Only 17 Child victims have been identified worldwide.
    Police have also revealed that images of Fred West abusing one of his Children are among Child pornography available for downloading from the internet. It is unclear whether the Child was West’s murdered daughter Heather.
    Peter Robbins, the Chief Executive of the Internet Watch Foundation, which works with the Police, Government and internet service providers, in tackling paedophilia online, says software is in development which could remove child pornography from the net forever. The software should be ready in two years.
    Police say that the list of rich and famous Operation Ore suspects would fill newspaper front pages for an entire year.
    Provided by: Financial Times Information Limited.
    Index terms: Police Protection, Crimes : General News.
    Location(s): United Kingdom Europe Western Europe
    Record Number: A20030120-10A4-EIW,O,XML,EIW

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    1. This is Horrific and hopefully more will be Outed. I fail to see though what the Nationality/Religious convictions of the Operators of this Hell Hole has to do with it’s day to day operation?

    2. Great work. But you mention that the guest house proprietors were jews. I think you should have mentioned the fact that one of the visitors to the guest house, “Colin Jordan, Political Leader and author died 2009″ is in fact the man who is the founding father of the present BNP. And isn’t Jewish. An oversight….?

      • What is apparent is that the National Front and the BNP it seems are just a part of the establishment and that they like other “mainstream” politicians answer to a higher power (Bankers). The fact Colin Jordan would be in the same room as Leon Britton is disturbing.
        But it’s fact the majority of the people are Jewish.

    3. Perhaps someone should send this excellent piece of work to Baroness Butler-Sloss – it will be interesting to see how ‘The Establishment’ covers-up this lot – ‘D’ notices to everyone I guess!
      Question is, will the Butler-Sloss inquiry also investigate the previous apparent cover-ups?

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    5. i wonder if all the politicos will get away with it they are used to lying as normal,its a sad world where rich beasts roam at will

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    11. Wherever young boys were isolated, boarding schools or care homes, paedophiles found a way to infiltrate such institutions and prey upon the vulnerable. As for myself & the females I knew growing up it wasn’t even worth reporting rape or abuse for the degradation and trouble it brought.. A friend of mine was raped by her father another by her uncle. They were called liars by their own mothers. I believe there is a far bigger story in our not so distant past regarding incest and child sex abuse. Far too many vile individuals it would seem in this world.

    12. .. How much more clandestine are the meetings with children and politicians and royals today ? You don’t just get a series of attacks on children in 70s and 80s then it all goes dead , lets remember these bastards are still raping and killing children from care homes

    13. I find it hard to believe people involved in this sort of thing would sign their real names in a guest book. Take Colin Jordan for example, there is no way he was a nonce and somebody has obviously used his name.

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    15. Whilst I congratulate you on informing the public of a cover up, I think that brandishing comments about Cliff Richards are wrong, No I am not one of his fans, But lets say he went to the hotel once so his name appears on the list as I sure they would want a record of the famous. it does not prove that he has anything to do with being gay or a paedophile.
      being gay is not the same as a paedophile as I have not seen any gay paedophiles sent to jail, paedophiles are just mentally ill sick perverts. and not to be confused with gays

      • He must have known where he was going! it’s not a glossy night club with a big x over the door saying welcome god bless you! the alter boys were drugged up filled with booze getting rooted,tortured,raped and oh lets not forget murdered by high society employees of the state celebrities and anyone else who could afford to rent these poor CHILDREN ! and are sexually very twisted! Where else would you get politicians,royal mews ranks,mi5 agents high ranks,irish politicians,rockstars,police officials under one roof in a non descript shit hole in Barnes west london??

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