lol Rick tearman wants to report slander for Sheeva cunt of shame



UKCallum 02/06/2019 at 9:28 am
The slander by Hoax Girl against Sheva in her video about her that she put up yesterday is off the charts. Does she know no shame? 🤔

(Incidentally, I had to laugh – I’m not sure what he was drinking last night but a certain Kincorth-based troll was claiming that I’m Sheva 😂)


Yeah thats right you can report slander on Sheeva, prick


HAHAHA no Ricky you got caught again ya nonce cunt




uk callum thinks he has been slandered

How can he be unless he is Ricky ?rt2
  • UKCallum
The slander in this one is off the charts!
6:30 PM · Jun 1, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

El Coyote

Replying to

If you want help lodging a defamation complaint with YouTube, I can walk you through it.



That would be great, EC. I reckon she should also do a standard bullying complaint as well.