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– but who’s been involved in covering it all up? — Wirral In It Together

The straight answer to the question posed in our headline above is: The above 48 councillors. They all knew. But there appears to be a “coming together” and a rare example of cross-party unity on this issue. And they’re all colluding to say absolutely nothing. Shame on them for their ongoing silence, hypocrisy and […]

via A proven abuser was appointed to Head of Adult Social Services at Reading Council – but who’s been involved in covering it all up? — Wirral In It Together

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Mr John Alexander Melvin Hemming a record of SUCCESS

Mr John Alexander Melvin Hemming

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Mr John Alexander Melvin Hemming has been appointed in a total of 29 companies. Mr John Alexander Melvin Hemming is no longer active in 22 of these appointments.
Company Occupation Position Appointed Status
The Parents Union Ltd Director Director 8 September 2015
JHC Systems Limited Entrepreneur Investor Director 1 February 2014
John Hemming Trading Limited Director Director 3 August 2011
Justice For Families (2010) Limited Director Director 5 July 2010 — 29 November 2011
Justice For Families Ltd Director Director 14 July 2008
JHC LLP Non-designated LLP Member 6 March 2006
Platform Securities LLP Designated LLP Member 17 January 2002 — 27 July 2005
Wisdom Solutions Limited Director Director 16 December 1997 — 19 June 2000
JHC Plc Computer Consultant Director 13 July 1991
JHC (Midlands) Limited Member Of Parliament Director 13 July 1991
Streamstamp Limited (05098448) Director Director 25 May 2004
Ai Plc (04253846) Programmer Director 31 August 2001
Corporate Network Services Limited (04253886) Programmer Director 26 August 2001
Gearhouse Group Plc (02236825) Company Executive Director 6 December 2000 — 26 February 2001
Exchangeeconomy.Com Ltd (03879589) Programmer Director 18 November 1999
Dauphin Recruitment Limited (03560424) Company Director Director 8 May 1998 — 21 March 2001
Hebden Royd Publications Limited (01929139) Technician Director 15 December 1997 — 28 July 1998
Music Mercia Limited (03478841) Technician Director 10 December 1997
Investnet Limited (02921897) Computer Programmer Director 22 April 1995
Channel 5 Community Television Limited (02949592) Entrepreneur Director 18 July 1994
Banknet Limited (02947007) Computer Programmer Director 8 July 1994
Yardley Community Partnership Limited (02921782) Computer Programmer Director 22 April 1994
Market Net Limited (02921770) Computer Programmer Director 22 April 1994
Travel Net Limited (02922009) Computer Programmer Director 22 April 1994
Reportnet Limited (02921877) Computer Programmer Director 22 April 1994
JHC (South) Limited (02276703) Computer Analyst/programmer Director 13 July 1991
JHC (North West) Limited (02275791) Computer Analyst/programmer Director 13 July 1991
JHC (North East) Limited (02275790) Computer Analyst/programmer Director 13 July 1991
JHC (South East) Limited (02275789) Computer Analyst/programmer Director 13 July 1991


Our Business

When we started our business in 1985, almost every aspect of any investment transaction was managed by hand. Systems were cumbersome, slow and paper-based. Departments were unconnected: adjustments to spreadsheets were made, but not shared. In our view, the trading and management of financial instruments would be much improved if the process were automated. With that ideal in mind, we built our first, highly efficient, multi-currency, back-office settlement and accounting system.

Our first major client was one of the London Stock Exchange’s oldest and most prestigious firms: Charles Stanley & Co Limited. The firm remains a client today – an endorsement and partnership of which we’re more than proud.

Based entirely on organic growth, a passion for quality and reputation, JHC’s technologies are now used by more than 60 financial institutions to manage funds, clients’ investments and to trade and settle securities in stock markets around the world.



JHC Systems Limited
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JHC Systems Limited

Temple Point 6th Floor, 1 Temple Row, Birmingham, West Midlands B2 5LG
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JHC Systems Limited 28 Jan 2014 — Current
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Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • United Kingdom • United Kingdom • Born in Mar 1960
Entrepreneur Investor 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • England • Born in Feb 1964
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • United Kingdom • Born in Feb 1974
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • United Kingdom • Born in Feb 1971
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • England • Born in Mar 1971
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • United Kingdom • Born in Aug 1966
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • England • Born in Mar 1969
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • United Kingdom • Born in Aug 1971
Director 1 Feb 2014 – Active
Director • British • United Kingdom • Born in Jan 1966



PEDOPHILIA (Elite) http://www.whale.to/b/pedophilism_h.html



[back] Child abuse  Sex

[Pedophilia flourishes as it is an Elite ‘habit’ (to rob energy, called energy vampirism seeEnergy robbing, one visible face of Satanism) and the main control tool 1 of the visible ruling Elite through potential blackmail/shame 2(politicians, judges…) created by NSA psychics 3 or through Sodomic (satanic) mind control, and it could be a predilection of Psychopathy, certainly of the Elite psychopaths.  Any not engineered are caused by the high level of institutionalised child abuse forced on the population (seePoisonous pedagogy).  Family Courts are one way they obtain children.]

Articles (media)
Paul Knapman
Pedophile associated deaths
SYMBOLS AND CODESBisexual (politics)
Bisexual (music)
Bisexual (film)
Boarding schools
Energy robbing (Loosh)
Family Courts 
Satanic ritual abuse
Sexual blackmailing 
Sexualizing children
Sodomic mind control
Spain & Portugal (media)
Vereniging MartijnHarman, Harriet 
Hewitt, Patricia 
Rantzen, Esther 
Lord Justice Fulford
Reece, Helen
Anthony Blunt 
Alfred Kinsey
Ball, Peter 
Brittan, Leon 
Epstein, Jeffrey 
Heath, Ted 
Hoover, J. Edgar 
Marc Dutroux
Alfred Kinsey
Jimmy Saville
Kray twins
Derek Laud
Janner, Greville 
Mandelson, Peter 
Lord McAlpine
George Robertson
Cyril SmithElite rings
Hollie Greig Scandal
North Wales paedophile ring
Haut de la Garenne 
Casa Pia scandal  
Grafton Close
Marc Dutroux
Madelaine McCann
Pedophile sex ring, Penn State
The Franklin Cover-up
McMartin Preschool site 
Catholic Priest child abuse
Kincora Children’s Home
The Finders
Elm Guest House
St. Mary’s HomeJudaism child abuse
Casa Pia child sexual abuse scandalVictims
Madelaine McCann
Johnny Gosch
Judi Amber Chase
Fiona Barnett

Judges [Judges]
Fulford, Lord Justice

Fiona Woolf

Pedophile associated deaths [Pedophile associated deaths]
Beck, Frank 
Bulic Forsythe
Carrington, Trevor 
Dando, Jill 
McRae, William 
McQueen, Alexander
McKinnon, Judge Rodney 
Mills, Iain MP
Morgan, John 
Speight, Mark 
Smelt, Colin
Smith, Mike 
Stingemore, John 
Trevor CarringtonResearchers, writers
Rev. Kevin D. Annett
Dr. Judith Reisman  
Charlene Fassa
DeCamp, John 
Knox, Marion
Hallett, Greg 
Carolyn Hamlett
Marion Knox
T Stokes
Bill MaloneyEileen Fairweather
Giovanni di Stefano
Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

Hewitt, Patricia   PIE  Harman, Harriet  Sexualizing children

SeeHomosexuality  Energy robbing  Satanism  Porn   Sodomy  Snuff Films Rape  Necrophilia

Parliamentary Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to government nonces.*Updated 1/11/12
[2009] The FRANKLIN SCANDAL A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal by Nick Bryant
Cameron, David
Hague, William

R.W. Nicholson & Associates

Beyond the Dutroux Affair. The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks

Pedophilia: the Talmud’s Dirty Secret

Pedophilia: Thriving in Judaism’s Right Wing

picture 1 p_10-1.jpginformation about the picture

This is a Masonic drawing called “The Second Portal”. it shows nude boys facing a throne undergoing some type of magical ritual. The drawing appears In The Hidden Life in Freemasonry after pg. 198. in 1926, Charles W. Leadbeater, a 33º Freemason, printed his book The Hidden Life in Freemasonry. This book was written for people involved in Luciferian rituals In the higher more occult rites of Freemasonry.  In the preface, Leadbeater talks of butterflies (pp viii-ix), which has the double meaning in the occult of souls (spirits). in the last chapter, chapter 10, he gives Masonic rituals to Invoke angels (demons) through Egyptian magic. In these Masonic temples, the checkerboard square is used in a similar fashion as a magic circle for a coven. This picture is given as a paper trail to show the sex-magic rituals that take place within various Masonic groups.

Bush Jnr  Johnny Gosch

Morrison at children’s home

nonce escapes jail





South Shields man with 2,700 images of children being abused is spared jail Dylan Robson was spared jail KARON KELLY Email Published: 15:05 Wednesday 28 November 2018 Share this article Sign Up To Our Daily Newsletter Sign up This coffee is literally life-changing. Promoted by Virgin Trains A pervert who was caught with a shocking collection of child abuse images featuring babies as young as six months old has been spared jail. Dylan Robson had downloaded the sickening haul on to two computer hard-drives and two mobile phones, which were all examined after his home was raided by Northumbria Police paedophile investigation team in October last year. Robson appeared at Newcastle Crown Court Newcastle Crown Court heard the devices revealed that the 30-year-old, of Belle Vue Crescent, South Shields, had been accessing child abuse images for around seven years. Robson’s criminal collection contained 2,670 movies and pictures, across all three categories of seriousness and featuring children aged from six months to 14 years old. The court heard the images featured sickening scenes which included an adult male wearing a hood and abusing a child and an adult female abusing a baby. Robson admitted three offences of possessing indecent images of children. Judge Amanda Rippon told him: “You have been looking at images of this kind for approximately seven years. “Some of the children on those images were as young as six months old. They were babies. “The age range is from six months to 14 years. Toddlers were being abused.” Judge Rippon told Robson: “If you are standing in front of me thinking there were no victims of these offences as far as you were concerned, you are wrong. “Every single child, every baby, every toddler that was abused, that you watched be abused, was your victim.” The judge said some of the younger babies and toddlers would be oblivious to the presence of recording equipment but that the older ones would be well aware. Judge Rippon added: “Those children know why they are being recorded, they know people like you watch them. It adds to their humiliation, at adds to their ‘Reckless’ motorist drives car into ex-girlfriend in South Shields Warning to rogue ciggy traders in South Tyneside abuse. You abused every single child you looked at. “Don’t you dare think there are no victims of these offences, they are abhorrent.” Robson was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with programme and rehabilitation requirements. He must sign the sex offenders register and abide by a sexual harm prevention order for ten years. Judge Rippon warned Robson if he breached any of the orders or committed any further offences “I will lock you up for as long as I properly can”. Robson told the judge from the dock: “I appreciate the opportunity to better myself and truly understand.” Richard Bloomfield, defending, said treatment and education would help Robson understand the seriousness of his crimes and prevent future offending.

Read more at: https://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/crime/south-shields-man-with-2-700-images-of-children-being-abused-is-spared-jail-1-9466984

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just like Scotts petition

please accept this as my final submission
i find it very upsetting that the scottish government who wants independence wants to rely on west minster.
The alarms down south regarding child abuse and children are extremely worrying because i feel they are breaking down the barriers in regards to sexuality with children. The following has been in discussion by west minster
-teaching children in schools about orgasms
-a whistle blower teacher revealing that english schools are targeting autistic children into same sex relationships
-not making online child abuse a priority (statement made by cressida dick)
-trafficked children not been given the right compensation because a court had to tell west minster
the sums of money was one million short
-west minster “accidentally” sending children to known sex traffickers. Yet again no prosecution
IF the scottish government was truly opposed to stopping child abuse then they could of easily used technology as mentioned in my petition two years ago to tackle this serious problem. But they continually undermine the independent csa inquiry and defer to england. Thus committing a crime that will never be punished.  They also implement LGBT into schools. If they really wanted to stop child abuse they could implement mandatory reporting and technology TODAY. They made the decision before any other UK authority had implemented LGBT. Proving they can make decisions about our children before west minster acts.
the same scottish government who funds sex education for 2 year olds. The barriers are being taken down one by one and nicola sturgeons government want to normalize so many dangers in our society.
More recently police scotland have targeted me. Two CID officers came to my house and tried to get me to confess to crimes i had not committed. The NCA put out a non legitimate cease and desist order against myself because i had dared to investigate a establishment child abuse network. This very network who i have recently obtained hard evidence about. This evidence points towards government funding into children being abused and even MURDERED.
This is why i started this petition because i know there is involvement at the highest levels. These two officers who left my home empty handed are in my opinion cowards. They have targeted a vulnerable adult who has been abused. They tried to accuse me of “being involved in the viewing of child abuse images” This accusation after all the hard work i have done makes me sick to my stomach and angry.
I have since had legal representation and sent police scotland a cease and desist order. I will no longer be a victim of police bullying because it is not a crime to expose child abuse. I know of at least two pedophile networks that the police will not touch. This must STOP. The scottish government must take accountability and act.
Scott Pattinson

How many men are paedophiles?

How many men are paedophiles?

Hands of clergy in prayerImage copyrightAFP

The Pope was recently reported to have said that about 2% of Catholic clergy are paedophiles. But how does this compare with society as a whole – is it more or less than average?

As soon as you give this question a moment’s thought, you realise that it’s not going to be an easy one to answer. Paedophiles are not easy to identify.

“Because paedophilia is so secretive and so few people are willing to admit it, there is no meaningful way to get a reliable estimate,” says Dr James Cantor, a psychologist and sexual behaviour scientist at the University of Toronto.

“There’s no meaningfully ethical way of taking 200 men, hooking them up to detectors, showing them pictures of adults and children and seeing how many respond most to children.”

One person who has attempted an estimate is Dr Michael Seto, a clinical and forensic psychologist at the Royal Ottawa Healthcare group.

In 2008 he wrote a book in which he put the prevalence of paedophilia in the general population at 5%.

The figure was based on surveys conducted in Germany, Norway and Finland in which men were asked whether they had ever had sexual thoughts or fantasies about children or engaged in sexual activity with children.

But Seto stresses that 5% was an upper estimate, and that the studies were limited in what they revealed.

“What those surveys don’t include are questions on the intensity of those thoughts and fantasies, whether they were repeated or not. Someone might say ‘Yes’ because they once had a fantasy but our understanding of paedophilia would be that that person recurringly had sexual thoughts and fantasies about children.”

Now, with more data and better methodology, he has revised his figure down to about 1% of the population, though he makes clear this is still only an educated guess.

One problem is that the term “paedophile” means different things to different people.

“It’s very common for regular men to be attracted to 18-year-olds or 20-year-olds. It’s not unusual for a typical 16-year-old to be attractive to many men and the younger we go the fewer and fewer men are attracted to that age group,” says Cantor.

He thinks that if we say that a paedophile is someone attracted to children aged 14 or less, then he estimates that you could reach the 2% figure.

“If we use a very strict definition and say paedophilia refers only to the attraction to pre-pubescent children [then it] is probably much lower than 1%,” he says.

The term is often applied to a person who sexually abuses someone below the age of 16, but given that in some countries – and even some US states – you can marry below the age of 16 this definition would clearly not be universally accepted.

There is consensus on the clinical definition. Michael Seto and his colleagues agree that a paedophile is someone who has a sexual interest in pre-pubescent children, so typically those under the ages of 11 or 12.

But whether the prevalence using this definition is 0.5%, as James Cantor says or 1%, as Michael Seto says, you can be assured than in any large group of people – whether they be politicians, entertainers, or Catholic clergy – you are likely to find some paedophiles.

Paedophilia is not restricted to men – some women also sexually abuse children, although research suggests this is much less common.

But back to the Pope. How would he define “paedophile”? We don’t know, but there is a clue.

There is one well-known study of child abuse among Catholic clergy, carried out by John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. Its researchers went to each diocese in the US and found all the plausible accounts of abuse involving clergy who served between 1950 and 2002 – and they found that 4.2% of had been plausibly accused of abuse.

That included allegations of abuse of adolescents as well as pre-pubescent children.

But if you consider just pre-pubescent children, the figure drops to between 1-2% according to Prof Philip Jenkins from the Institute of Studies of Religion at Baylor University in Texas. This corresponds, more or less, with the figure attributed to the Pope.

“If he was using a different word like ‘abusive clergy’ then I think he would be going for a higher figure,” says Jenkins.

The John Jay College study is not perfect, though. For some reason, 40% of the allegations referred to abuse said to have been carried out in a six-year period between 1975-1980.

It seems unlikely that cases of child abuse in the clergy would have been so heavily concentrated in one period. Furthermore, even if there was a peak in the 1970s, a lot of the perpetrators are probably no longer active in the church.

All we can confidently say is that the figures are imperfect – both for the number of active paedophiles among the Catholic clergy and the number of paedophiles in the general population and they are very difficult to compare.

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Protestors and police outside Conway Hall as the pro-paedophile activist group, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) holds its first open meeting, London, 19 September 1977.Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionProtestors and police outside PIE’s first open meeting in 1977

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Paedophile Information Exchange publicly campaigned for the age of consent to be axed or lowered – the group was well known and was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties – now Liberty. How did the network operate so openly?

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is this where Sam Best lives?

Australian town gripped by paedophile epidemic with ‘90% of school-age children sexually abused’

Investigation uncovers ‘staggering’ rate of child sex crimes in Western Australian town where abuse now ‘normal’

The town of Roebourne in the north of Western Australia has one of the world's highest rates of child sex abuse

The town of Roebourne in the north of Western Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of child sex abuse ( AFP/Getty Images )

An Australian town is in the grip of a paedophile epidemic with 90 per cent of school-age children suffering abuse, police have warned.

Thirty-six men have been charged with more than 300 offences against 184 children after an investigation uncovered a “staggering” rate of abuse in Roebourne, Western Australia.

The state’s child protection minister said the scale of the epidemic was so vast that child sex abuse had become “normal” in the remote former gold rush town, which has a largely Aboriginal population of about 1,410.

Police have identified 124 suspects from Roebourne and the surrounding communities during the operation, which still has another year to run.

The confirmed victims amount to about 90 per cent of the town’s school-age population, according to The Australianand police say they expect more to come forward.

Simon McGurk, West Australian Child Protection Minister, said abuse had become normalised through an “intergenerational” cycle.

“You would have to say that, through the sorts of numbers we are starting to see,” she said. “It’s intergenerational. Many of these perpetrators were victims themselves.”

West Australian Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said the scale of the abuse was the worst the state had ever seen and amounted to an “almost unrecoverable crisis”.

“It’s a war zone out there and the victims are little kids,” he said.

British-born Mr O’Callaghan, who oversaw the first leg of the investigation, told The Australian: “I cannot understand why we are not as a nation more shocked. When you look at the percentages, in the history of police investigation in WA, I’ve never known that percentage of kids in a town of 1,500. It’s phenomenal.”

He added: “If it happened in a Perth suburb… there’d be more noise [but] because it’s an Aboriginal community and they are Aboriginal children we’re not as outraged by it.”

Mr O’Callaghan said sex offenders in the town, where 80 per cent of people are on benefits, were spending welfare money on drugs and alcohol to lure children.

A high proportion of children in Roebourne are classed as vulnerable, according to news.com.au.

A government report published seven years ago found alcohol abuse, child neglect, violence, and crime among the town’s were occurring at an alarming rate.

Alcohol consumption was three times the Australian average, the report found.

Roebourne, which lies in the Pilbara region 930 miles (1,500km) from Western Australia state capital Perth, was a booming mining town in the 19th century.

But was reduced to a virtual ghost town in the 1960s, when mining companies developed other towns to accommodate their workers, and was subsequently reclaimed by Aboriginals as a native township.

The benefits of lucrative iron ore mines nearby have largely passed by the town, which has an employment rate of half that of wider Pilbara.