Did Jim Gamble Sanitize Gerry McCann’s CATS File 19309?

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Did Jim Gamble Sanitize Gerry McCann’s CATS File 19309?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Because if he did, it would certainly be in keeping with all the other anomalous behaviour exhibited by Jim Gamble regarding Arguido, Gerry McCann.

This topic of discussion is far from new, though no less important for being that, but it is doing the rounds currently on Twitter. Much of it revolves around this claim by a certain ‘KaOssis.’ Posted verbatim.
Gerry McCann was convicted for child sex abuses in 2002, althought the evidence has been hacked and emptied from the case file by someone who has access to the National Sex Offenders Register, namely Jim Gamble though the CEOP mainframe connected to every police station crime files in the UK, the reference for this conviction still exists in the judiscial reference files and confiemes that Gerald P McCann was placed on the Child Sex Offenders Register following conviction in court, and is still on that register today! .
Much more than that I don’t feel it’s necessary to post; principally because there are mountains of stuff to be had by searching the net:
Gerald McCann CATS system registration number 19309
Failing a Google search, you could do worse than paste these URLs into your browser. It is the comments that are of much interest as anything else, and of course, those by KaOssis.
There are just three issues in this hypothesis that I would like to mention, the first of those being importantly, the date that the, CATS system registration number 19309, was registered. That date having to be pre-March 2007 to have any significance.
Secondly, irrespectively of date; why is the file empty?
And thirdly, Gerry McCann’s claim that he had is wallet stolen, or more importantly, his credit card. Because if we are to attach the same significance to the missing credit card that the writer does, I.e. McCann had to show that his credit card had been in a third party’s possession, should various nefarious online activities concerning said card, ever come to light.
Because there has to be some significance to the credit card, why else would McCann come out with a tale of such incredulity surrounding the ‘stolen wallet’ that it makes the claim that Madeleine was abducted, almost plausible?
Gerry McCann has his wallet stolen. A day or two later it is returned to him, I’m not sure how, returned to him sans Pounds Sterling, but complete with credit cards and thirty Euros.
I’m going to have a Bill Maher moment here, and say; Imagine the balls it takes, to stand in front of another human being and tell them that?
Because let’s face it, you believe that? Then not only do I have a bridge to sell you, I have a river full of bridges that I want to sell you.
Oh! and by the by, I think this must be the thirty Euros in question. The wallet saga. & more wallet saga.



For those who would rather listen to me going through it all i have these vids up on youtube..

The Footie Paedo Series

I heard that GERRY McCANN worked as Celtic FC’s club Doctor. So knowing how riddled Celtic are & knowing Gerry McCann is….. what he is, I went digging.

But first i had to double check that he was actually at Celtic….






h.JPGhttps://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t14169-gerry-in-glasgow   archive

u.pnghttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/glasgow_and_west/6649319.stm  archive


http://themaddiecasefiles.com/celtic-daft-dad-was-a-real-pro-news-of-the-world-1-t14263.html   archive


So that would mean they must have moved mid – late 2000, as Kate met Fiona in December on the very day she got her fellowship in anaesthetics. 

But was Gerry still working at Celtic right up until then?

  • 1968       born in Glasgow
  • 1989       graduated from Glasgow Uni with BSc in physiology /  Sports science
  • *1992*    he qualified in medicine
  • mid 90s  working at Celtic
  • 2000        was at / still at Celtic
  • *2000*    (mid – late) moved south
  • 2002        obtained his MD.
  • 2003        Maddie born


I have found SIX active paedo’s running around at Celtic at EXACTLY the same time as Gerry McCann…… 

1.   1965 – 2003    JACK McGINN Former Celtic chairman & SFA president.

  • 1965  – appointed. Given grant by Board to set paper up. Was the View’s 1st Editor
  • 1981 – appointed Commercial Manager & given seat on the Board
  • July 1985 – appointed Vice Chairman following the death of Desmond White
  • Sept 1986 – became the Chairman after death of Tom Devlin
  • Oct 1991 – resigned as Chairman. maintained contact as non-executive Director
  • Aug 1994 – asked to stand aside by new Board. Retained Board position after Fergus McCann’s take-over
  • 1997 – became Vice-Chairman & President of SFA. Appointed Treasurer of SFA
  • 2003 – He resigned as President      source

2.   1988 – 1994/6   KEVIN KELLY    Honorary BC    source

3.   1996 / 1997      NEIL STRACHAN    (very likely earlier than 1996)

working at Celtic until caught being paedo which he was jailed for in 1997. So he was presumably caught 1996 / 1997  having been abusing the boy for 2 years (since 94 / 95)

“But that vile episode, which saw Neil Strachan carry out disgusting sex acts on a child aged about 18 months, did not represent the first time he had abused defenceless children. The 41-year-old was jailed for three years in 1997 for repeatedly molesting a boy. In a sickening echo of the abuse he was yesterday convicted of, the former youth football club official started preying on the boy when he was only five, after befriending his parents. Strachan quit as secretary of Edinburgh-based Celtic East Boys Club after he was caught. The abuse had gone on for two years.”   source

4.   1972 – 2002    JOHN CULLEN

 “Cullen, who worked for the official club magazine Celtic View, was dismissed from Celtic Park in June 2002 after nearly 30 years. ”  source  archive

5.   1990 – 1997     JIM McCAFFERTY

1990 – 1997 (possibly earlier)     ” Jim McCafferty has never been convicted for his crimes against boys. But the coach and kitman was linked to sex abuse as far back as 20 years ago. In 1996, the Record revealed he quit his role as kitman at Celtic over mysterious “allegations”. Then in 2005, police papers revealed he’d been considered a potential suspect in the hammer murder of Hoops starlet Lawrence Haggart”     source   archive

Former Celtic kitman Jim McCafferty ‘confesses to sexual abuse in 1990s   archiveG.JPG

6.    1974 – 1996  JIM TORBETT  

  • 1966 – 1974 
  • 1980 – 1996

1996, former Celtic Boys Club player Alan Brazil stated that when he was 13 years old he had been sexually abused by the club manager, Jim Torbett. The allegations were heard at the Glasgow Sheriff Court in 1998, where Torbett was found guilty of shameless and indecent conduct with three juvenile players between October 1967 and March 1974. in April 2018, Torbett appeared at the High Court in Glasgow where he faced 12 historical sexual abuse charges dating from Jan 1970 to Aug 1994; a June 2018 trial date was set   source

“Torbett had two stints at the Boys’ Club, the first from 1966-1974. He returned to the Boy’s Club around 1980 and stayed until a series of Daily Record stories revealed abuse claims against him in 1996. He was jailed for two years in 1998 on conviction of abusing three former Celtic Boys’ Club players, including former Scotland international Alan Brazil, between 1967-74.”  source

& all of that is before wi start on LAWRENCE HAGGART’s MURDER



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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf1_D0rvUVU?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfdpuP8ohEg?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ontmwj9Ui6k?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOv6Pzpx0ec?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

extra info


Former chairman of Celtic Boys Club,  King was at Celtic Boys Club with Jim Torbett, also worked at Torbett’s company, the Trophy Centre

  • 1980s  King’s association with Celtic Boys Club dates back to the early 80s
  • 1982-83 he helped run the under-12 team win invitational event in Rotterdam,
  • 1983 King & senior players from boys’ club on a trip to Kearney, New Jersey, USA.
  • 1984-85  helped under-12s win the Scottish Juvenile Cup.    source

1994 – 1999   FERGUS McCANN  source  


  • Mar 1994    Became owner of Celtic
  • Sept 1999   Put his majority stake up for sale. Eventually sold his shares for £40 mill


DOB Aug 1974  is a Scottish football coach and former professional player, who is the manager of Scottish Premiership club Dundee. His playing career saw him represent Dundee (two spells), Heart of Midlothian (two spells), RangersSouthampton and Falkirk.He also played 26 times for the Scotland national football teamAfter working as a pundit for Sky Sports he was appointed manager of Dundee in 2017.  source



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gerry laughing 5 days after maddie goes missing

Gerry caught laughing and joking by news team within 5 days of his daughter missing DISTURBING!!! Please note* at this time local residents were giving up their free time to help search


Hoaxstead Harassment and death threats

I’m gettting these messages from anonymous people who are victims of Hoaxtead asking me if I would set up a Facebook support group or something for them.

One of them just told me that one of the victims of Hoaxtead harassment committed suicide because of their harassment and the family does not want to talk about it.

Also, I’m commenting on their blog and they are playing games with me… they are only posting a couple of my comments, but censoring the rest of my comments, namely the ones that show evidence against them.

I’ve attached all below,


One of the comments that came in to my channel, this one doesn’t say “please dont share” but the rest of them do… these women are scared.

From their stalking file on me… all the comments they are censoring:

The following are the posts of evidence that they are censoring.

They lost 136 channels and 3,000 videos

screen shots of the death threats I have gotten from Hoaxtead

Styal prisoners handed 514 additional days for breaking prison rules

Styal prisoners handed 514 additional days for breaking prison rules in 2016

Peter Devine Senior Reporter

Styal Prison entrance.

Styal Prison entrance.

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FEMALE prisoners at Styal Prison were handed an additional 514 days in total to their sentences for breaking prison rules last year.

Research in a report published by the Howard League for Penal Reform has found that the prison population across the North West were given an average of 3.5 days in addition to their prison sentences.

At Styal, where the figure was reduced from 2015 (1,124), the average prison population of women there of 473 were handed 514 additional days in 2016.

As a whole, the prisoner population of 12,209 in the North West were given 42,919 additional days – more than 117 years taken together.

The league found that prisons were routinely and increasingly, resorting to draconian punishments in a counter-productive attempt to regain control.

Across England and Wales nearly 290,000 additional days of imprisonment were handed down to prisoners during 2016 – a 75 per cent rise in only two years – as jails have been brought to breaking point by overcrowding and staff shortages. The Howard League has calculated that the additional days imposed in 2016 alone will cost the taxpayer about £27million.

The report calls on England and Wales to follow the example set by Scotland, where the use of additional days of imprisonment was scrapped about 10 years ago.

Frances Crook, chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: “Prisons are out of control. More people than ever before are losing their lives to suicide, and violence and self-injury are at record levels. The adjudications system has become a monster that is making these problems worse.

“It is surely time to follow the example set in Scotland, where scrapping additional days’ imprisonment has made prisons fairer and safer. There are more constructive ways to deal with misbehaviour than simply locking up people for longer, which puts even more pressure on the system.

“Bold but sensible action to reduce the prison population would save lives and prevent more people being swept into deeper currents of crime, violence and despair.”

Styal chapel

Royal reunion at Styal chapel for Prince Charles with former Highgrove gardener

 (2View gallery

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PRINCE Charles was reunited with a former gardener at the Prince’s family home when he visited Norcliffe Unitarian Chapel at Styal.

His visit to the chapel took place to musical accompaniment provided by chapel organist Alan Myerscough, who worked as a part-time gardener at Highgrove House.

“Prince Charles was delighted to be reunited with Alan, and they greeted each other like old friends,” said chapel chairman Katharine Walker, who welcomed The Prince of Wales.

“Alan worked at Highgrove in 1995, and was the organist at a nearby church.”

Katharine presented Prince Charles with From Smuggling to Cotton Kings, a book on the Greg family history written by her second cousin Michael Janes.

Michael and Katharine are both descendants of the Greg family, and Katharine reminded Prince Charles of his visit to the chapel in 1995 when he met her grandmother, Katharine Jacks, the last Greg to be born and live her whole life in Styal.

She introduced Prince Charles to the minister of the chapel, The Reverend Alex Bradley, before the Prince spoke to members of the congregation.

Katharine added: “We were very privileged and honoured to have Prince Charles visit us for a second time.

“He gave us a great sense of goodwill, and everyone was very uplifted by his visit.”

Prince Charles signed the visitors book, and was also presented with a Unitarian booklet entitled A Faith Worth Thinking About.


Now police probe ‘suspicious’ deaths at hospital where children were sexually abused after being drugged

  • Police are now investigating a series of suspicious deaths at Aston Hall hospital 
  • More than 100 people say they were victims of abuse at the Derbyshire hospital
  • It emerged that as many seven patients drowned trying to escape the facility
  • Child patients at Aston Hall were drugged before they were sexually abused 

Police are to investigate a series of ‘suspicious’ deaths at a hospital where children were sexually abused after being given drugs that left them in a zombie-like state.

More than 100 have come forward to say they were victims of horrific abuses at Aston Hall hospital in Derbyshire.

A police report last week concluded that if Dr Kenneth Milner, the psychiatrist who ran the institution, were still alive, there would be enough evidence to arrest him over allegations of rape and child cruelty against patients as young as ten.

Reports have emerged that as many as seven patients drowned while trying to escape Aston Hall hospital in Derbyshire (pictured)

Reports have emerged that as many as seven patients drowned while trying to escape Aston Hall hospital in Derbyshire (pictured)

Now officers are to examine a number of deaths after it emerged that as many as seven patients drowned trying to escape from the hospital.

They include Barry Wright, whose death in 1959 was not reported to his family until two weeks later, by which time he had been buried in an unmarked grave.

Dr Kenneth Milner (pictured), the psychiatrist who ran the institution, would have faced rape and child cruelty charges if he was alive

Dr Kenneth Milner (pictured), the psychiatrist who ran the institution, would have faced rape and child cruelty charges if he was alive

Newspaper cuttings from the time report that Mr Wright, 24, was found in the River Trent on August 30, 1959. An inquest recorded an open verdict.

Police and Dr Milner said his family were not informed immediately because he could not be identified, despite the fact that he was wearing Aston Hall overalls.

His mother Gertrude, from Nottingham, said at the time: ‘It seems incredible they were unable to identify him.’

Mr Wright’s brother Leonard, now 80, of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, said: ‘He went in there [Aston Hall] and we never saw him again. We were told he had drowned.’

Three years after Mr Wright’s death, three patients who were part of a working party in the grounds of the hospital drowned together. Roy Orton, a farm worker aged 38 at the time, said he chased the men on his tractor and they seemed to panic before stepping into the Trent at Aston in 1962.

‘They just walked forward – the water reached up to their chests, then up to their necks, and they continued walking until they disappeared,’ he said.

Barbara O’Hare, 59 (pictured), said she was abused at Aston Hall at the age of 12 in 1971

Barbara O’Hare, 59 (pictured), said she was abused at Aston Hall at the age of 12 in 1971

Police believe John Wigley, 22, James Holden, 25, and Terence Comer, 19, all drowned.

One of the first drownings appears to have been in 1937, before Dr Milner took charge. Gerald Rogers, 16, drowned while trying to avoid capture after escaping from the hospital, an inquest found.

Witnesses said the boy, who was a strong swimmer and an athlete, was caught in a whirlpool after jumping into the river while being chased by police and farmworkers. He had no known family.

Patients were injected with sodium amytal, a barbiturate derivative with sedative-hypnotic properties

Patients were injected with sodium amytal, a barbiturate derivative with sedative-hypnotic properties

Aston Hall opened as a hospital for people with learning difficulties in 1925 and later became a centre for children with mental health issues.

Dr Milner, who previously worked at Broadmoor and Rampton psychiatric hospitals, ran Aston Hall for three decades until 1975, when he died.

During this time he carried out ‘narco analysis’, which involved interviewing patients in a drug-induced state ‘to recall and disclose thoughts and feelings they would normally conceal’.

The victims – who were sent to the hospital from children’s homes, courts and troubled families – described it as being like something out of a horror film.

Barbara O’Hare, 59, who was abused at Aston Hall when she was 12 in 1971, said: ‘It is very suspicious. Two sisters drowned as well. The police need to look at all the deaths.

‘There were no medical doctors at Aston Hall, no facilities to resuscitate. Did something go wrong during the experiments? Or were these people so drugged up they just wandered into the water?’

Stephen Edwards, of law firm Bond Turner, which is representing 55 former child patients from Aston Hall, said: ‘It is very concerning and the police should open an investigation.’

Detective Chief Superintendent Kem Mehmet, of Derbyshire Police, said: ‘As further information is received by our team, lines of inquiry will continue to be investigated.’


Police blunders mean child killer may NEVER face justice in case echoing Poppi Worthington

A CHILD murderer who molested and strangled a ten-year-old girl in her bed may never face justice after bungling police officers brushed the crime off as an accident.

police blunders child killer

Instead, officers wrongly believed the schoolgirl had hanged herself (Image: PA)

A serious of blunders by detectives investigating the horrific slaughter of the child means her killer could never be caught.

The schoolgirl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found dead in 2016.

Investigators failed to search for fingerprints, carry out basic forensic tests on what would have been the murder weapon and did not check whether 15 samples of male DNA found on the girl’s underwear matched any on the police national database.

They also failed to seal off the crime scene after jumping the gun and dismissing the death as an accident, in a case frighteningly similar to that of tot Poppi Worthington, The Sun reports.

Lawyer: Mother of Poppi Worthington getting ‘closer to truth’

Instead, officers wrongly believed the schoolgirl had hanged herself on some lace netting that was used to decorate her bunkbed.

A judge said the investigation was “replete with the sort of mistakes in the Poppi Worthington case”.

13-month-old Poppi died in Cumbria in 2012.

In this case, High Court judge Mr Justice Francis identified 13 police failures in the investigation that include officers failing to collect vital DNA and allowing the contamination of the crime scene.

Detectives also did not follow up claims from the victim’s family that a relative known as Mr B might have been the killer.

In 2014 Mr Justice Peter Jackson ruled Poppi died after being sexually abused by her father, Paul, 50, and criticised police and social workers.

police blunders child killer

Thirteen-month-old Poppi died in Cumbria in 2012 (Image: GETTY)

But the county council won a two-year order to cover up their shameful failings – arguing “disclosure might be unfair to the agencies”.

It was only in June 2016 that the full details surrounding their failures were published.

Despite the publicity, no health or social workers were sacked.

In March, details of two similar cases likened to the Poppi Worthington case emerged after more toddlers faced abuse in Barrow.

Sisters aged two and 10 weeks slept in cigarette butt-littered beds and went without clothes and food while their clothes were urine-soaked and sodden with beer.


Lags at Styal moan poor grub but visitors dine like kings

INMATES at a jail housing a top restaurant have moaned they are fed swede pizza while guest diners tuck into smoked salmon.

Styal Prison - Model posing as a female prisonerIG/GETTY • POSED BY MODEL

TINY PORTION: Prisoners, not pictured, at Styal Prison have complained they are fed swede pizza

The prisoners at Styal Prison – where Baby P mum Tracey Connelly is held – blasted poor grub.

They have also complained of tiny portions.

Lags claimed that they were given pizza topped with mashed swede, while tuna mayonnaise was sent to tots in the mother and baby unit.

The Clink restaurantIG

POSH: Charity-run restaurant The Clink operates from the jail

Independent Monitoring Board inspectors, who visited the jail, said many younger inmates had complained about portion sizes.

The inspectors also reported there were “concerns about the quality and quantity of food across the prison”.

A plate from The Clink's menuIG

DELICIOUS: The restaurant is rated the best in the area

Tracey ConnellyNC

HIGH PROFILE: Tracey Connelly is currently held at Styal Prison

Yet the jail, near posh Wilmslow, Cheshire, is home to The Clink restaurant – rated the best in the area on travel site TripAdvisor.

Regular clients include players from Manchester City and Manchester Utd football clubs