JOHN MANN VIP child abuse whistleblowers were ‘murdered’: MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal

VIP child abuse whistleblowers were ‘murdered’: MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal

  • MP says two VIP child abuse whistleblowers may have been ‘murdered’
  • John Mann passed detectives information about two suspicious deaths
  • The men were allegedly poised to lift the lid on Westminster sex abuse
  • Breakthrough comes a day after Mr Mann handed dossier to the police
  • Document named 22 politicians suspected of involvement in abuse ring 
MP John Mann claimed that two whistleblowers who threatened to expose an alleged VIP paedophile ring may have been murdered

MP John Mann claimed that two whistleblowers who threatened to expose an alleged VIP paedophile ring may have been murdered
A campaigning MP sensationally claimed yesterday that two whistleblowers who threatened to expose an alleged VIP paedophile ring may have been murdered.
John Mann has passed detectives information about the suspicious deaths of the men who were allegedly poised to lift the lid on child sex abuse at the heart of the Establishment.
The development comes as the Labour MP told the Daily Mail yesterday that a key witness has come forward providing the address of a Dolphin Square flat which was used for ‘abuse parties’ by a network of high-profile figures including politicians and leading members of the judiciary, military and security services.
The potential breakthrough, which could help detectives identify the alleged perpetrators, comes a day after it emerged that Mr Mann had handed detectives a dossier naming 22 politicians – including six serving MPs and members of the House of Lords – suspected of involvement in a Westminster paedophile ring.
The Bassetlaw MP has since spoken to a victim who has provided a specific location where it is claimed that boys from care homes in Lambeth, South London, were taken to be abused – the apartment in the luxury block of 1,250 flats at Dolphin Square in Pimlico.
Mr Mann alerted police to allegations of child abuse at the prestigious block in 1989 when he was a Lambeth councillor, but nothing was done. The two whistleblowers he claims may have been killed are said to have been ready to expose powerful figures preying on teenage boys from children’s care homes in Lambeth.
The information Mr Mann has given police concerns the suspicious deaths of a Lambeth Council caretaker in 1989 and a social worker in 1993 who allegedly threatened to expose a paedophile ring linked to a future minister in Tony Blair’s government.
The unnamed caretaker was said to have tapes on ultra-violent ‘sex parties’ when he died in an apparent arson attack.
A second council employee, social services manager Bulic Forsythe, was found dead by firefighters in his blazing flat in Clapham. His skull had been fractured by a heavy weapon.
In the months before his murder the 42-year-old had told colleagues at Lambeth Council he was on the verge of exposing child sex abuse and corruption.
Witnesses have said Mr Forsythe had information about council buildings being used to film child sexual abuse. He died at the time of an internal council probe into alleged sexual abuse in the housing department where he had worked.
The Bassetlaw MP has since spoken to a victim who said children were abused in an apartment in the luxury block of 1,250 flats at Dolphin Square in Pimlico

The Bassetlaw MP has since spoken to a victim who said children were abused in an apartment in the luxury block of 1,250 flats at Dolphin Square in Pimlico
The report is said to implicate council officers as well as police and politicians. It states: ‘The murder of Bulic Forsythe was seen by some witnesses as a possible outcome for anyone who strayed too far in their investigation or who asked too many questions.’
Though the panel found no ‘direct link’ between his death and work, it said its evidence should be handed to police. The murder was investigated but never solved and cold case detectives are re-examining it.
Police are said to be investigating five potential paedophile rings operating over the last three decades in locations including Dolphin Square, Lambeth, North Wales and Rochdale.
The Dolphin Square flat which Mr Mann claims he can identify is not thought to have been the residence of any politician. Mr Mann told the Mail: ‘It is a short-term let. It is a big apartment in a particular part of Dolphin Square. The allegation is teenage boys were taken there and abused by at least two MPs. It is a specific allegation which will need to be verified.’
The estate is a few hundred yards along the Thames from Parliament and apartments could be rented by the night. Police believe the block was the home of sordid ‘abuse parties’ between 1975 and 1984.

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About This Campaign

It is every parents’ single worst nightmare. Something you could never imagine happening – until it actually does and on 24th July 1991, it happened to the Needham family. The family embarked upon a dream new start on the stunning island of Kos, Greece. Whilst visiting the old farmhouse, Eddie Needham (Ben’s grandfather) was refurbishing as a project on behalf of a Greek local – the start of their nightmare was about to unfold. It was a normal sunny day, all was well, Ben was playing just outside the house with his toys, his grandmother was literally feet away from him when everything suddenly went quiet. Mrs Needham searched frantically and found no trace of him, Ben had vanished into thin air and has never been seen by his family since, despite a few false leads and positive sightings. This forced the family to sell every possession they owned just to get a ticket back home and start to try and come to terms with everything!!! The family resorted to desperate measures with Eddie wandering the island for days and even sleeping rough on the beach, but all in vain, every local search effort at the time drew a blank – Someone must have the vital information as to his whereabouts!
The family have never ever given up hope of being re-united with Ben (who was aged 21 months at the time). Back in 1991, they didn’t have things like facebook or mobile phones so I am sure you can fully appreciate the search effort although very thorough was very limited. Twenty Three difficult and painful years later, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Ben (who would be 25 now) has still not been solved and furthermore, the family have been let down by various authorities over the years and have not recieved a single penny from the government and all of the leads/private investigators etc have had to come directly out of their pocket. The Needhams are an ordinary working-class family with no millions in their banks. You may remember other high profile cases which have received alot of attention in both the media and by the government and more importantly have recieved a substantial amount of funding. The Needham family on the other hand have recieved no such thing and the government refuses to acknowledge this or rectify this. It is very humbling to think that for the record, the Needham family have never asked for any money for this nor have they wanted to be in the limelight, the only thing they really want is to solve the mystery of their missing child. One of the major issues which most people probably don’t know is that for the past 23 years, every expense they have needed to follow up on a lead with regards Ben’s disappearance (which involves having to take time off work AND pay for flights and accommodation in whichever country they have to be in), they have had to totally foot the bill themselves!! Yes, it is totally beyond words isn’t it. We (The campaign network independant from the Needham family) have set the amount to £25,000 which is not a great deal really in comparison to what has really been spent so far and what is needed for the future – but a realistic amount to at least recoup monies spent previously and afford the Needham family some future expenses funds. It is calculated that it would take 5,000 donations of just £5.00 to make the target, that is not alot of money to give up to help a family in their quest to find their missing child. If we exceed this target then that will be amazing but primarily we would really like to hit the target before April 2015. In return for your donations, you will be one of the honoured people who will have made the massive difference to one very down to earth, loving and amazing family’s lives. Please donate and lets find this “man” and re-unite him with his family where he belongs, if you are like many people, you will already remember this case and will have already taken this plight to your hearts. Let us all doing something positive and we would like to thank you very much in advance for your support xxx                                                 
Ben Needham – Missing since 1991 – Please Help Find Ben
All donations will be gratefully received, as will any information which will help with the campaign (and will be discussed with in strictest of confidence).
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    Something about the way you look tonight

    Something about the way you look tonight

    Chris Spivey/ The Colemen Experience

    I see that Elton John moved the Furniture at the weekend… Almost to the point of tears in fact with his wedding day vow of undying love.
    Still, it is about time that ET EJ made an honest woman out of her him. After all they have got two kids together – how the fuck does that even work.
    Now, it is those kids of his that I want to talk about… You see, they never smile… Never, and that can’t be right.
    However, a bit of background is needed first and as you all probably know, EJ has one hell of a dodgy background.
    Indeed, his past is a long list of sordid events and pastimes:
    • He was a drug addict
    • He was an alcoholic
    • He is known for his uncontrollable temper
    • He has long been rumoured to be into very young boys
    • He freely admits to being very promiscuous in the past
    • He was and probably still is a practitioner of the ‘Dark Arts’
    • He has some very dodgy friends including know paedophiles
    • He has owned pieces of art that were it not for the artist’s fame, would be classed as child porn
    Now I think it is safe to say that if Elton John was just plain old Reg Dwight his sons, Zachary aged three, and Elijah aged 23 months,would have been carted off by the Social Services by now.
    In fact you just know that when Andy Baboon Pierce, one of the Chimp’s Monkey Boys is given the go ahead to have a pop at John & his Furniture and the fact that they use their purchases as fashion accessories, things are far from healthy for the poor little lads – the little lads being the boys not Elton Furniture & Dave John obviously:
    For their part, Sir Elton and Mr Furnish’s happiness became complete when last month when they bought a second son, from the same surrogate.
    The couple told Hello! magazine: ‘Both of us have longed to have children, but the reality that we now have two sons is almost unbelievable. The birth of our second son completes our family in a most precious and perfect way. 
    ‘It is difficult to fully express how we are feeling at this time; we are just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.’
    So much for their ‘happiness’. What about the happiness of their two children?
    After such a high-profile birth, perhaps it would have been wise to protect the boys from the ferocious spotlight that showbiz celebrity attracts.
    But no. This week, Sir Elton dragged poor Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John (who, not surprisingly, has already been ridiculed for his name) around his post-Oscars party.
    They dolled him up like Little Lord Fauntleroy in a grotesque tuxedo, crisp shirt, miniature black bow-tie and designer trainers. Source
    Fuck me there are some loaded sentences in that snippet.
    So why does having money make you exempt from the SS’s beady eyes?
    Indeed, if anything, having money should make EJ & D Furniture – or Mr & Mr John as they are now – along with the rest of the debauched idle rich even more suspect.
    Now, the day before the weirdo’s tied the knot, the pair took their two boys to Winter Wonderland with Liz Hurley and her son:
    They were due to make their family complete at the end of the weekend.
    But there was still time to make some precious memories for Elton John, David Furnish and their two sons Zachary, three, and Elijah, 23 months, ahead of Sunday’s nuptials.
    The adorable four-piece hit London’s festive attraction Winter Wonderland with showbiz pal Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damien and David’s fun side was allowed to come out to play as he indulged in some of the exciting rides.
    Even Hollywood moviestar Liz couldn’t help but enjoy the merriment of Hyde Park’s Christmas fair ground. Source
    Well Lizzie may have enjoyed it, and fuck me, the Furniture certainly did… But the two young fellas didn’t appear to.
    The following photo’s are taken from the above article.
    Winter warmed: Elijah covered up his golden tresses with a Batman woolly hat, though he had a grumpy look on his faceFamily time: David Furnish, pictured with eldest son Zachary, took Elijah and his husband-to-be Elton John to Winter Wonderland ahead of their weekend wedding Precious memories: David relished the opportunity to hang out with his boys among the festive Christmas amusementsMatching: David wore a similar coat to his adorable son Zachary when his little man sat on his shouldersAll smiles: David gave a wave as he took his eldest son around on the Dumbo ride in Hyde ParkBig kid: The star appeared to be enjoying the ride considering more than even his young sonFather son time: David and the group hung around the park for up to four hours before stopping for lunchWinter warmed: Elijah covered up his golden tresses with a Batman woolly hat, though he had a grumpy look on his faceFeet up: Moviestar Liz sat with her feet perched under the table as she sat on a stool at the benchBig plans: The pair were no doubt discussing the weekend wedding, due to take place on Sunday
    Now those photos are all the ones in the article that show the boys faces.
    Yet on a fun day out you would expect to see the little lads tearing around and messing about with facial expressions ranging from enthusiastic excitement & merriment through to wide eyed wonder yet they both look haunted and very unhappy.
    So I went hunting around to see if they were maybe just having an off day… The following photos are what I found.
    In my humble opinion the Social Services ought to get their act together, stop harassing innocent families and target those who really need investigating – regardless of wealth and social standing.
    Indeed you only need read Coleman’s  article on the John’s to realise that fact.

    Is there more to Elton John than meets the eye?

    The Coleman Experience

    Elton and the cubs
    What do we really know about national treasure Elton John?
    At first glance he appears to be no more than a song-writing, wig-wearing, fat, short-arsed, gaylord who loves having hissy-fits and adopting babies.
    Look a little closer though, and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges.
    Does Elton John have anything to tell us about VIP child-abuse rings operating in this country?
    In 1989, the Sun published a story alleging that he had a taste for young rent boys.
    They also claimed he demanded that any boys found for him should be drugged with vast amounts of coke before being brought to his bed.
    Elton John sued and was awarded £1 million damages by an apparently contrite Rupert Murdoch.
    Was the whole episode staged to prevent other newspapers from ever reporting on Elton’s sick predilections?
    In 1999, he caused outrage by  performing at a charity concert with dancers dressed as boy scouts and forced them to strip. He was joined on stage by George Michael and the audience included none other than perverts-pal Cherie Blair and Simon Hughes MP.
    John Fogg, a spokesman for the Scout Association, said at the time:
    We think it is pretty deplorable and in bad taste in terms of denigrating our uniform and what it stands for. We are disappointed that someone of Sir Elton’s standing should involve himself in something of such poor taste. It linked homosexuality with paedophilia. If Stonewall are completely for the rights of homosexual people, they have not done themselves any favours.”
    By a strange coincidence, child-raping murderous filth, Jimmy Savile was also very fond of boy-scouts and loved to be in their company.
    Murderous child-rapist Sidney Cooke had links to a paedophile ring who abused many scouts.
    The head of the scouts in the UK is survival expert Bear Grylls.
    Grylls shares a business with Tory filth Derek Laud, who is implicated in the Dolphin Square boy-brothel scandal where care-home boys were trafficked to be abused by VIP’s.
    Laud also shares a business with Conservative peer, Lord Montagu who was charged and committed for trial a allegedly taking sexual advantage of a 14-year-old Boy Scout.
    In 2005, Have I Got News For You host, Dara O’Briain made a remark about Elton John’s role writing the score for stage musical Billy Elliot.
    Elton sees a little bit of himself in Billy,” he said, referring to the fictional 11-year-old ballet dancer.


    Family of Ben Needham to sue Home Office for funding of police operation

    Disappearance of child on Greek island in 1991 remains unsolved but family want British police to pursue suspects
    Ben Needham
    Kerry Grist, formerly Needham, holds a photograph of her son, Ben, who disappeared at the age of 21 months. Photograph: Gary Calton
    Ben Needham’s family is preparing to take the home secretary to court in an attempt to secure funding for British police to pursue suspects who might be linked to the toddler’s disappearance 23 years ago.
    South Yorkshire police requested Home Office funding 10 months ago to enable them to travel to Greece to follow up leads in the investigation, which is one of the longest running missing person’s cases in British history.
    But the force has heard nothing positive in response to its request.
    Lawyers for the Needham family are preparing to go to the high court to force the home secretary to make a decision on the application for financial support.
    The Home Office has spent more than £7m on the investigation being run by the Metropolitan police into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, officials said on Friday. British officers were in Portugal this week supporting their Portuguese counterparts as they interrogated 11 individuals – seven Portuguese and four Britons – as part of the investigation.
    The money being sought by South Yorkshire police is understood to be a sum in thousands not millions.
    Christine Needham, Ben’s grandmother, said: “The police really want to crack on with this and have heard nothing. We feel ignored and abandoned by the government. It’s very difficult. I am pleased for the family of Madeleine McCann that they are getting support, but what we are saying is please listen to our requests for support.
    “Ben was a small child who went missing too. The police have some leads they need to follow up, and they need the funds to go and do it.”
    South Yorkshire police would like to investigate leads which include eight sightings of a boy who could be Ben and to pursue information on individuals who might be of interest to the inquiry.
    Ian Brownhill, a human rights barrister who is working pro bono for the Needhams, recently wrote to the home secretary seeking a response to the request for funding. He has not received a reply.
    “What we are preparing to do now is to go to the high court to get a court order compelling the home secretary to respond to the police request,” he said.
    “It looks like that is going to be the only way things are going to be resolved. People have been identified in Greece and it’s a case of the British police supporting the local Greek officers to pursue these leads.”
    South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner has been in contact with the Home Office in an attempt to get a decision from officials.
    Needham was 21 months old when he vanished on the Greek island of Kosin 1991, where he had travelled with his mother, Kerry, to stay with his grandparents who were living on the island. On the day he went missing, he was being looked after by his grandmother while his mother worked in a local hotel. He was running in and out of the farmhouse playing but at 2.30pm his grandparents noticed he was no longer around the house.
    The disappearance of Ben Needham – who would have turned 25 last October – is one of the longest missing persons cases in British history.
    There have been several sightings over the years of a boy of similar appearance to Ben, but all have proved to be false leads. In 1998 a tourist saw a blond boy of ten on a beach in Rhodes, but a DNA test proved he was not Ben.
    Over the years police released a series of computer images showing how Ben might look as he was growing up.
    In 2012 the Home Office supported a South Yorkshire police operation to excavate land on Kos near the farmhouse where Ben was last seen but no trace of the boy was found.
    South Yorkshire police have said their role was a supporting one and the Greek authorities were responsible for the inquiry.
    A spokeswoman said: “Our support for the Needham family and the Greek authorities has remained throughout.
    “This is not our investigation, however should funding be made available we would seek to work with the Greek authorities in pursuit of progressing their investigation.”
    Minister for policing Mike Penning confirmed a request for financial assistance had been made by South Yorkshire police. He said: “This is currently under consideration by the Home Office.”

    Paedophile MPs are mocking British law

    Paedophile MPs are mocking British law

    AS a supporter of anti-child abuse initiatives, including calling for a full investigation into institutional paedophilia over the past four decades, I have been particularly interested in the events of the past week.

    Published: 00:00, Sun, March 2, 2014

    INSIDIOUS Parliament is encircled by paedophile rings influencing our society

    INSIDIOUS: Parliament is ‘encircled by paedophile rings’ influencing our society [PA]

    To recap: ­Labour Party members Harriet Harman, her husband Jack Dromey and their  colleague Patricia Hewitt have been at  the centre of a media frenzy for their alleged links to the Paedophile Information Exchange, which campaigned to legalise sex with children in the Seventies.

    Naturally, I found their reported connections to PIE disturbing when I first happened upon this information, which is why I wrote about it in the Sunday Express last May.

    The reason I did, and why I will now return to the subject, is simple.

    In October 2012, MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons and addressed the Prime Minister. He told David Cameron that he had become aware of rumours of paedophile rings which “encircled parliament” and had done so for decades and he then asked for this to be investigated.

    The Prime Minister agreed and Operation Fairbank (later evolving into Operation Fernbridge) was duly launched.

    Since Mr Watson’s pronouncement, we have witnessed the arrest of a Catholic priest, two unnamed workers associated with a children’s care home and a sorry display of Seventies light entertainers and present-day soap stars who have been ­paraded before the public and the courts to answer varying charges of abuse from paedophilia to groping.

    Most of the charges have been dismissed due to lack of evidence that comes when reporting historic abuse. There have been scant convictions save for the former TV presenter Stuart Hall.

    However what we have failed to see, and they have been glaring by omission, are any arrests pertaining to parliamentary paedophiles.

    For this reason I have been perturbed by the recent focus on Ms Harman et al by the media, including the BBC, which continues to insist that this issue is about one newpaper’s battle with the Labour Party.

    It was no more acceptable to support “paedophile rights” in the Seventies than it is now, even though apologists keep ­suggesting it was part of the “liberated landscape”.

    The truth is, there is a bigger issue within the Establishment. Over the past 17 months I have interviewed many survivors of child abuse.
    I have heard stories of satanic ritual abuse, a significant factor in many paedophile rings, at the hands of household-name parliamentarians past and present
    I have recorded ­testimonies from a number of adults who have implicated former MPs, from all parties, as their abusers.

    I have heard stories of satanic ritual abuse, a significant factor in many paedophile rings, at the hands of household-name parliamentarians past and present.

    I have listened to claims of acts so obscene, so grotesque, borne out by the physical as well as mental scars many of these survivors carry, that to hear them relay their experience has left an indelible image in my mind and no attempt to erase the details has been successful.

    One problem of a Parliament dogged with paedophiles and their sympathisers is that those MPs my interviewees have named are attempting to foist their warped ideology on our society.

    In their roles as representatives of our nation, they continue to align themselves with focus groups and ­individuals who want to significantly lower the age of sex­ual consent, just as Ms Harman apparently did decades ago with the National Council of Civil Liberties and PIE.

    I know about these supporters because I have publicly taken to task a number of them over the past year or so in print and on TV and radio.

    They include academics and lawyers and they have forcefully joined the call to legalise child sex.

    Far from “protecting children who wish to explore”, as these apologists claim, it would make youngsters more vulnerable to the advances of predatory paedophiles who wish to satiate their desires while ­escaping scot-free because if it is legal to have sex with a child, then there will be no abuse case to answer to, will there?

    The truth is, paedophilia is not a political issue but a moral one. It has no affiliations based on gender, background, cultural inheritance, wealth and religious or political persuasions.

    It permeates every area of our society and not just the preserve of stereotypical dirty old men in raincoats.
    Consequently, it is one thing to highlight MPs who have apparently previously backed dubious “anti-childhood” campaigns but it is far from an even spread of the true reality.

    We now know that MI5 ­actively covered up MP Cyril Smith’s abuse of children and it appears far from an isolated case.

    I recently interviewed Andrea Davison, a former intelligence officer now on the run in South America following her whistleblowing on the arms-to-Iraq scandal of Tony Blair’s Cabinet.

    Ms Davison was adamant that paedophiles are a staple of parliamentary life and have been for some decades. She claimed that MPs have been filmed abusing children and this footage is used to blackmail ­parliamentarians into acquiescing on ­issues of global importance.

    If this is true, we must ask just how ­ingrained in political life is a paedophile agenda?

    Despite reporting to the relevant child abuse investigations all the MPs who have been named to me, I’ve heard nothing more and neither have there been any arrests.

    While I appreciate that it would be equally wrong to name names without the due process of the law, I believe we must show a willingness to tackle this most ­heinous of subjects, and a decent starting point would be for those accused to be questioned.

    For now, abuse survivors are left asking why we are concentrating on the mis­demeanours of Harman, Dromey and Hewitt without properly tackling those in the corridors of power who have been ­implicated in the abuse of children.

    For those who support the rights of ­children, this appears to be nothing more than a smokescreen to protect the guilty.

    The question is: who is protecting our children?

    UK Police Investigating Five Alleged Pedophile Rings Involving ‘Highly Influential’ Politicians

    UK Police Investigating Five Alleged Pedophile Rings Involving ‘Highly Influential’ Politicians

    December 22, 2014 | 3:50 pm

    UK police are investigating whether as many as five pedophile rings operated in the highest reaches of the British political establishment, with the involvement of “highly influential” politicians.
    A dossier of evidence, compiled by a Labor member of parliament (MP) and handed to police, lists 22 politicians — including three serving MPs and three current members of parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords  — alleged to have participated in the networks.
    The claims are the latest in a slew of historical sex abuse allegations to have been unearthed in Britain in recent years, with few areas of public life spared as celebrities, institutions and authorities all come in for official investigation. But it is only recently that the political world has attracted serious attention.
    In this case, John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw in the Midlands, compiled the dossier from evidence provided by members of the public over the course of several months. He handed it to detectives from Operation Trinity, the London Metropolitan Police’s investigation into alleged abuse in children’s homes.
    Mann told the Telegraph that alleged child abuse networks at the center of British government in the 1970s and 80s were far more complicated than he had previously realized.
    Thirteen former ministers are also on the list, Mann said.
    Out of the five rings which involved MPs, he said that each ring “involved at least one MP, some involved more, and these were groups of people who knew about the activities of one another.”
    “In some cases I believe they committed abuse together,” he said.
    The list included fourteen Conservative politicians, five Labor and three from other parties.
    Under parliamentary privilege laws Mann could name the accused in the House of Commons without fear of legal reprisals; however, he has said he will not do so because he believes they should be properly investigated by police.
    “What the police are doing now is what should have taken place a long time ago,” he said.
    He added that it would be “inconceivable” that the police would not be interviewing some of the individuals about the allegations.
    “Some of the evidence is incredibly strong,” he said.
    “I would be quite certain there are other names I am not aware of.”
    The evidence against “approximately half” of them was “very compelling,” he added.
    UK police are currently running several consecutive investigations into historic child abuse allegations. Mann said he was concerned that police could be missing vital evidence because of a lack of communication between individual inquiries.
    “My concern is that there are so many different police investigations into this, in London and in other parts of the country,” said the MP.
    “They are not all talking to one another.
    “Operation Trinity was not aware of quite a lot of the names that I know Operation Midland is looking at.”
    Operation Midland is an investigation into historic alleged pedophile parties at Dolphin Square — an exclusive block of flats in Pimlico, central London, close to the parliament.
    The investigation has been sparked by a whistleblower, known only as Nick, who has made a number of claims about a pedophile ring involving senior politicians and public figures in the 1970s and 80s.
    Nick told police he was molested from the age of seven to 16. He said he saw a Conservative MP strangle a 12-year-old boy at a London orgy around 1980 and that a Conservative cabinet minister watched two men kill a boy in a sexual assault a year later.
    Last week London police confirmed they were investigating allegations that a pedophile ring killed three boys and appealed for public information relating to the probe. 
    They said they were looking into allegations of serious, organized sexual abuse after Nick said he and several other boys were driven to properties in London and the Home Counties where they were raped, cut and beaten.
    Follow Ben Bryant on Twitter: @benbryant

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