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FACT: Greg Watkins Is An Abuser

Greg Watkins has proven once again that he is nothing more than a cowardly abuser, shill and low life degenerate with his latest rants and lies that even the devil himself would be proud of.

His claims to ‘helping’ abuse victims is somewhat questionable as there is not one piece or even a slither of solitary evidence to support this. However, there is a vast amount of evidence that he is an abuser which is available on his own cesspit bog.

His latest claim that he and his ‘friend’ were having a good old laugh for fifteen minutes regarding Matt Quinn’s latest posting. One can only assume that Watkins ‘friend’ is non other than the ‘Scarlet PIMPernel’ himself rearing his vicious vindictive head once again. You don’t need a degree to figure out why these two bitter and twisted abusers are ‘friends’ and why Hollie Greig never got the justice she so rightly deserves.

Instead, Watkins gets his cheap nasty thrills abusing victims and takes great pleasure in doing so and then claims he has helped many victims and anyone wishing to publicize their story only need to contact him and he will be quite happy to tell the world and post it on his bog, where he can then dissect, manipulate, abuse and discriminate with total disregard and without a shred of moral decency against the victim. This is how he helps victims.

Watkins, a convicted criminal and who downloads porn also claims to be a victim of abuse when he was a child. There is no such evidence of this and yet he expects the people he insults and abuses to believe him. Ironic. Don’t you think? Where is your documented evidence Mr. Watkins? Have we just to take his word for it without physical, forensic, medical, contemporary or corroborated evidence while he continues to slander and abuse Hollie all over again?!

As he tries to encourage victims to his bog, please be aware that any contact you have with this devil spawn will be published along with personal details, your address, telephone number, email address, what you had for dinner last night, how much you pay for your weekly shop, right down to the last time you changed your bed sheets. He doesn’t care that you are a victim. He has no interest in what you have suffered. He cares little about the trauma and continued battles you have daily and he will not hesitate in turning you from being a victim into an abuser, instead of a survivor.

We can clearly see he takes great pleasure and goes to great lengths to mock and ridicule victims. All the evidence is on his bog. It is also clear and an established fact that he is a convicted criminal, a proven liar, shill and is indeed the dirty old man standing on street corners flashing to anyone who happens to glance his way. He trolls the Internet looking for his next victim(s) just to get is days worth of jollies and then laugh and snicker along with his bum chum. A paedophile ring in the making.

If you want the true facts on Watkins then please do visit:

Greg Lance-Watkins……The man who duped Robert Green.

There you will find all the established facts and information to guard yourself against Watkins the abuser.

God bless victims, survivors & supporters in the fight against child abuse.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The GLW 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas Watkins made a plea
Supporting the cause of Hollie G.
On the second day of Christmas Watkins dealt some facts
Two reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.
On the third day of Christmas Watkins wrote with glee
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.

On the fourth day of Christmas Watkins took the strop
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.

On the fifth day of Christmas Watkins got the chop
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.
On the sixth day of Christmas Watkins mask had dropped
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.
On the seventh day of Christmas Watkins let it rip
7 victims insulted
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.
On the eighth day of Christmas Watkins claims he’s been duped
8 written retractions
7 victims insulted
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.
On the ninth day of Christmas Watkins lost the plot
9 cases of defamation
8 written retractions
7 victims insulted
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.

On the tenth day of Christmas Watkins is on his knees

10 reliable sources
9 cases of defamation
8 written retractions
7 victims insulted
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.

On the eleventh day of Christmas Watkins sinks so low
11 supporters degraded
10 reliable sources
9 cases of defamation
8 written retractions
7 victims insulted
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.

On the twelfth day of Christmas Watkins pays his dues
12 years in prison
11 supporters degraded
10 reliable sources
9 cases of defamation
8 written retractions
7 victims insulted
6 blatant lies
5 outed trolls
4 temper tantrums
3 demonstrations
2 reliable witness’s
And supporting the cause of Hollie G.
Merry Christmas.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Watkins The Class Room Dunce

Greg Lance-Watkins has finally revealed to all the extent of his education which has always been questionable and his latest barrage of insults and trying to undermine Hollie Greig’s NVQ achievement sends him to the bottom of the class.

He has also revealed his lack of knowledge and understanding as to how the education system works, rendering his latest rant into another heap of bullshit that he spews with venom and utter hatred. (for a more accurate explanation of the system in Scotland, please read The Can of Worms latest post)

What is even more bizarre is his daily onslaught of insults aimed at Hollie’s supporters with his vile derogatory repetitive attacks, his accusations against them including: “Self serving, dishonest, underhand, abusers, liars and crooks without ethics, morality, integrity or principles. Serial bullies and cowards dealing in lies” – GLW. – which is ironic as he goes on to defend his partner in crime Tom George, the scarlet pimpernel himself who has shown himself to be self serving, dishonest, underhanded, abuser, liar and crook without ethics, morality, integrity or principles, a serial bully and coward just like GLW himself.

Watkins has stated about Tom George that: “I pretty soon caught on he was in fact Mark Leask……..” a blatant lie. Watkins has no information on Tom George and never has, he has no knowledge of what George claims that his own case is the biggest cover up story in Scottish history, without having a shred of evidence to back it up but he will try to convince those who will listen for all of five minutes and at the same time calls Anne Greig a liar. Mr George case is neither complex or a cover up, he refuses the help and then cries wolf. Pitiful. He is nothing more than a saboteur, bitter to the core and tried to use Hollie Greig’s case to his own advantage.

Watkins has also lied about his use of the Zemanta app regarding an image he used against the so called lynch mob and Mr. Gabe Nelson. It was suggested this image was a direct threat to Mr. Nelson which of course Watkins denied and tried to explain Zemanta automatically inserts an image into an article which unsurprisingly is another blatant lie.

The Zemanta app will give suggested images depending on what an article is about. It does not auto insert the image, the image has to be selected for input. On completion of running a short test on the app which took all of five minutes, inputting ‘lynch mob’ the app gives up to forty images of people hanging from trees including the image Watkins used of the woman known as ‘Laura Nelson’. If this was not a direct threat to Mr.Nelson then why use such an image to give that impression when there were other images readily available?

Continuing with the lies of Watkins, he is now stating that Miss Greig’s mental age is somewhere in the region of a 4-6yr old after writing for months that it was more likely to be in the region of a 3yr old. The evidence is there for all to read on his gutter trash blog. Even more recently he now claims that “No one can say Hollie has Never been abused……” ?

He will tell you that all information he has provided on his blog was approved by Miss Greig, which is an astonishing claim to make considering he believes her mental age to be that of a 3yr old and that he had many conversation with her over the telephone, but also claims that she is unable to talk and communicate.

Well as it turns out Miss Greig can do more than communicate and earned herself a respectable NVQ, an achievement for someone who has down syndrome and Watkins degrades and undermines this by stating that: “NVQ’s do not exist in Scotland” and that it “aligns her with axe murderers, rapists, and the educationally challenged who also get a vote! ” What utter claptrap and shows Watkins education as non existant.

He also dismisses the fact that compensation is paid to victims because although there is not enough evidence for a conviction, it signifies abuse has occured. He also dismisses the police who have stated they believe Miss Greig was abused.
Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) is a relatively uncommon condition that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker, deliberately makes another person (most often his or her own preschool child) sick or convinces others that the person is sick. The parent or caregiver misleads others into thinking that the child has medical problems. According to experts, common conditions and symptoms that are created or faked by parents or caregivers with MBPS include: failure to thrive, allergies, asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and infections.

Considering that Miss Greig has down syndrome which is not a sickness but a condition, Watkins attack on Anne Greig insisting she suffers from MBPS, which was suggested to him by none other than his partner in crime, are indeed invalid and without foundation as Miss Greig shows no evidence of the above symptoms.

One final note about Watkins claims and so called explanation as to why he discontinued supporting the campaign: “Anne & Robert had clearly and frequently lied about material matters and had defamed me on a regular basis behind my back I ceased managing this web site FOR them.” Anyone following this case are well aware that Anne Greig removed him from the campaign when Watkins himself began to throw insults and abuse aimed at Anne and her daughter.

“This site is not interested in ‘Producing a Result’ other than by presentation and debate of the so called evidence as provided to the public domain, primarily by Anne Greig, and discussion thereof to establish the TRUTH based upon FACTS to establish not only Justice but the clear British concept that ‘Justice Must Be Seen To Be Done”. GLW – Stolen Kids blogspot.

The only debate Watkins is interested in is his own unfounded opinions and abuse as his blog is closed to comments and so no debate or discussion is possible. This action shows what a coward and low life Watkins really is.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Regurgitated Stolen Rants

The every day regurgitated postings of Greg Lance-Watkins is becoming somewhat mundane and tiresome but it shows that he has nothing new to write and so the constant repetitive rants is all he can muster.

Again he is asking for evidence from a supporter on YouTube and attacks this innocent person with abusive comments and put downs. As ‘Justice’ has stated before, supporters are not privy to such evidence and his harassment and abusive manner are now at their peak and no-one escapes the malicious vindictive opinions of self acclaimed master of bullshit.

If Watkins is determined to see the evidence then maybe he should be asking Anne Greig and Robert Green to provide it, but then, cowards don’t go straight to the source and his main agenda is merely to discredit supporters and beat them down and is an underhanded tactic to gain information to give him something new to write.

As it stands, Watkins has no information or evidence and uses FaceBook supporters comments to fill his nasty blog with because he can’t come up with anything new. When reading his postings you just have to scan it over, there is nothing new there, all predictable rantings of a desperate mad man scrapping at the bottom of the barrel for mere scraps you would throw to a mangy dog barking up the wrong tree.

The repetitive insults and accusations are just about laughable and one has to remember that Watkins has never met any supporter or HG herself to validate his accusations. Undermining every supporter and labelling them the ‘lynch mob’ and the ‘braying mob’ where there is no evidence of this and the derogatory insults are used at every opportunity as is his running commentary on certain individuals that he has no knowledge of and so his rantings are based on his opinions and assumptions and with “no admissible substantive evidence”. Watkins fails in the intellect department which obviously originates from the very depth of a toilet bowl.

Perhaps a slot on the children’s program Jackanory would be more suited to Watkins with his childish rantings and a knack for ‘story’ telling rather than the grown up world of adults where he fails to get his ten minutes of fame.

Word Manipulation Designed To Intimidate

Word manipulation designed to intimidate and undermine someone is a tactic used on a regular basis by Greg Lance-Watkins used in the hope of overpowering anyone who does not agree with his opinion or agenda.

The tactics of deceit, manipulation and control are a steady diet for covert-aggressive personality, it’s the only way Watkins can deal with others in a situation he has no control over. His everyday over usage of exaggerated words is to simply distract, confuse and intimidate you into thinking that he is highly intellectual.

One can only assume that a thesaurus is being used as he searches for words that are manipulative, intimidating but infrequently used in every day language but they fall short of their task as his spelling and grammar are on the level of a 10yr old and yet he berates anyone who dares make the same mistake which is highly hypocritical and laughable considering that Blogger has a spellchecker which he fails to use.

Watkins aggression was not obvious in the beginning and seemed genuinely supportive of HG until he decided that there was no admissible evidence based on his opinion and became a doctor overnight to diagnose Anne Greig with Munchhausen by proxy and with severe mental health issues. Your gut may tell you that he’s fighting for something as he struggles to overcome supporters of HG and gain power, to have his way, and you find yourselves unconsciously on the defensive. But because he can’t point to clear, objective evidence he is aggressing against you.

The tactics he uses, insults, personal attacks, verbal abuse, slander, mocking are merely ploys to intimidate, manipulate and overpower you into submission making them highly effective psychological weapons to which anyone can be vulnerable. When engaging in this tactic, he actively ignores the warnings, pleas or wishes of others, and in general, refuses to pay attention to everything and anything that might distract him. He’s an expert at knowing how to change the subject, dodge the issue or in some way throws a curve. It’s merely a distraction and a diversion technique to keep the focus off his behavior, move you off-track, and keep himself free to promote his self-serving hidden agendas.

Watkins technique of using sarcasm and put-downs as a means of increasing fear and self-doubt in others is an every day occurrence and has become an obsession. Covert-aggressor’s use this tactic to make others feel inadequate or unworthy, and therefore, defer to them. It’s an effective way to foster a continued sense of personal inadequacy in the weaker party, thereby allowing an aggressor to maintain a position of dominance.

Vilifying the victim is another tactic he frequently uses in conjunction with the tactic of playing the victim role. He tried to use this tactic to make it appear he is only responding (i.e. defending himself against) aggression on the part of the victim to gain sympathy and evoke compassion. One thing that covert-aggressive personalities count on is the fact that less calloused and less hostile personalities usually can’t stand to see anyone suffering. Therefore, the tactic is simple. Convince your victim you’re suffering in some way, and they’ll try to relieve your distress. But on this occasion, this tactic backfired.

All this adds up to is a feeble attempt to discredit and create chaos, divide HG supporters causing suspicion and deliberate anarchy, another well known tactic of a shill. For all his outlandish comments and accusations that supporters are abusers, paedophiles and liars, it is Watkins himself who has a criminal record for firearms possession and an abuser of the highest standard. He has proven time and time again to be the liar and the instigator who thinks nothing of betraying anyone he comes into contact with and uses for his own selfish means and sick fantasies.

Watkins is nothing more than a school yard bully throwing a tantrum, albeit his behaviour is escalating due to the fact that he realises the people he is attacking are much stronger, more capable than he bargained for and regardless of what he throws at them they band together and unite which riles him further as he is fully aware that he has no such support, bar a possible two individuals that are just as untrustworthy, mentally or psychologically impaired as he is.

At the end of the day Watkins is grasping at straws which is clearly evident in the past few weeks which saw him stooping to the lowest level possible. As his accusations escalate and become more bizarre, it will be interesting to see what his next tactic or his next victim, will be.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Shill List Working Against Supporters

There are certain individuals who would have you believe that the vast majority of people do not believe the ‘stories’ of HG childhood abuse and that the people who support this cause are nothing more than abusers, paedophiles and liars.

We are all entitled to our own opinion, we have the right to express that opinion regardless if one disagrees.

Justice decided to compile a list of people actively and deliberately working against HG and her supporters, these people are also known as ‘shills’ that set out to discriminate, slander and verbally attack in the hope to cause disarray and doubt. After spending five hours going through files and online searching, there is now a complete list of active shills.

GREG LANCE-WATKINS – No surprises here then. His daily onslaught of abuse is wearing rather thin these days with his constant drone dalek like fashion. In desperate attempts to discredit everyone, he has resorted to trawling the internet looking for anyone that says anything positive and uses it to fill his blog with more droning and drivel. These ghastly attempts to keep this charade going are becoming more bizarre every day and more laughable than threatening. Watkins is entitled to disbelieve, but why set out to discredit and attack those who choose to believe? Is it merely for the fact that Anne Greig kicked him off the case and he went into a strop? Or is it because he really was a low life to begin with and has proven to be a liar time and time again making himself look foolish and desperate?

Watkins proved to be nothing more than a liar and hypocrite when his attempt to discredit individuals and accuse them of breaking confidentiality when he thinks nothing of doing so himself by publishing names without authorization of the people who were in his ‘circle’ and by all accounts there are only two. The publishing of emails which he edits to see fit is also a breach of confidentiality, unless the author of said emails gives permission to publish and unedited. He was also solely responsible for publishing the names of the paedophile ring and the victims but he claims it was at the insistence of Robert Green and Anne Greig. If Watkins had serious doubt about publishing the list then he should have refused to do so. But he made the choice and went ahead and breached confidentiality.

TOM GEORGE – Not so much as a shill online but recent offline activity revealed his behaviour and ongoing attempts to discredit the campaign. After stepping away in June, he would have you believe he wanted nothing more to do with it and would make no further comments. The last two weeks have shown this not to be true as he turns up like the proverbial bad penny. For all his pleading innocence it would seem, like Watkins, his name pops up whenever trouble rears its ugly head.

It would also seem he has more names than the seven dwarfs, and yet Watkins defends him for doing so and at the same time berates someone else for using a fake ID.

Tom George also thinks nothing of passing emails to others in his ‘circle’, edited and watered down versions like Watkins, breaching confidentiality. Again, pot…..kettle……black spring to mind. He may have been a victim of an attack about twenty years ago, which by all accounts left him severely brain damaged according to Watkins. If this was the case, then why was he involved in such a sensitive case that required intellect and trust? Did he fool Robert Green and Anne Greig that he was the man for the job which entailed writing to authorities and MP’s demanding a new enquiry into Hollie’s abuse. Or was he using Hollie’s case in the hope to highlight his own failing one?

Watkins and George are like two peas in a pod and their sole intention is to undermine Hollie Greig, Anne Greig, Robert Green and supporters. One has to wonder if in fact Hollie never got a new enquiry because of their involvement given their track record of failure.

As you can see, this is the entire list of shills which is laughable when Watkins will inform anyone who will dare to listen to him that there is an endless list of people actively involved in discrediting the campaign. Granted, there may be many who do not believe which is their right but the amount of people who do believe overshadows this.

Justice’s conclusion is that Watkins resides in a bubble filled with hot air and nothing much else. His intellect is zero minus, his credibility non existent and his track record for lying is notorious.

If these two are all HG and supporters have to worry about, then they can sleep easy.

As always, Justice gives you the opportunity to add anything of value and importance to this article. If you have evidence of shills you can leave them in the comment box.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Weakest Link Greg Lance-Watkins

Quote: No one can say Hollie has Never been abused – Greg Lance-Watkins
23rd October 2010

Incredible as it seems the above quote was indeed made by Watkins today on his blog where he also claims to be the ‘Messenger’ when clearly Anne Greig quite rightly removed him from the case. So who exactly is he delivering the message for?
Once again Watkins finds the need to copy and paste a comment from YouTube from someone showing a little support and dissects it in his usual abusive manner with his opinions and slanderous remarks and insults.

Quote: To have been named as a paedophile without one shred of evidence of even a possibility of that which is sustainable is an obscene crime to be accused of. – Greg Lance-Watkins.
Pot…. kettle…… black spring to mind in this instance as he publicly accuses HG supporters of being paedophiles, abusers, liars, slime, stupid and the list goes on without any evidence to back up his claims and without having any contact with most of the people he accuses and so it is only his opinion and does not validate his claims.

His continual abuse against the HG supporters is nothing more than a personal vendetta, often refering to them as the ‘lynch mob’. There is no evidence to support this claim in the slightest. If Watkins is refering to the angry outbursts due to his slanderous insults and deliberate goading on a daily basis, then I think the correct definition of their actions would be ‘self defence’.
If this lynch mob were that hateful then maybe Watkins would like to explain why that whenever he decides to attack another individual for merely clicking a ‘like’ button and calling them an abuser for doing so, that many people will come to that individuals side to support them, show solidarity and defend them yet not on any occassion has one person come to the aide of Watkins in his defence.

In his daily rants on Stolen Kids which is becoming more bizzare by the day, he demands supporters to show the evidence to justify their support for HG. As they are a support group, they would not be privvy to such information as Watkins is well aware. If indeed Robert Green and Anne Greig have further evidence, it is hardly likely they would put this in the public domain and run the risk of jeopardizing the possibility of a new enquiry.

As Watkins fails to understand the support HG has, it shows his lack of human compassion. It would be safe to say that the half of these people are infact victims and survivors of abuse and have first hand experience and knowledge as to how the system can be used and twisted to cover up crimes and protect paedophiles. They also know that medical evidence is not always sufficient or available. Medical evidence alone does not make a case, if this were true then victims who disclose abuse in later years and decide to bring criminal charges against their abuser would have no medical evidence to support this. However, statistics show that over the years many cases have been won without medical evidence. They are also aware that compensation is awarded to victims even without an arrest or conviction against their abuser. This would indicate that although there is not sufficient evidence for an arrest, it does not suggest that abuse did not occur, it signals that indeed abuse has taken place but the evidence is lacking for a conviction which is often the outcome in many cases and so compensation is awarded.

Supporters can empathise with HG and Anne Greig because they have experienced if not the same treatment but very close to it. There are supporters who know someone that has been abused and have witnessed the effects victims suffer and there are those who support merely for the fact that paedophiles are committing horrendous abuse but are protected by the system when this protection is very much lacking for the victim.

Supporters do not have to justify their beliefs and reasons to Greg Lance-Watkins it is not a legal requirement to disclose such justification and Watkins certainly doesn’t have any authority in demanding evidence to validate their support for HG.

There is only one reason they show support, they believe Hollie Greig.

NEXT POST: The shocking shill list working against HG and supporters.


Gang rape of autistic child by high level Govt freemasons in the UK

Hollie Greig Case: Shropshire Police and Council get dirty
Sunday, 27 June 2010 11:42 Added by PT Editor Omar Ghraieb

UK, June 27, (Pal Telegraph – By peter Eyre) We now see some shockingly dirty tactics being used by both the Police and Shropshire Council in an attempt to cover up this sordid case of abuse and corruption at the highest level.

There have been some harsh exchanges in communications which clearly reveals that this cover-up now extends well beyond Scotland where it first began many years ago. You will see that there are many unanswered questions and involvement by other third parties that in the real sense have no authority to become involved in the case.

Lets cast our mind back to the time when things were moving along very well and Hollies Army consisted of over 28,000…… you would expect in any campaign, especially when it involves high ranking officials or the politic elite the army was infiltrated by persons that only had one intention, and that was to destroy the structure and hopefully close the support group down.

On figure that sticks out in my mind was that of Greg Lance Watkins who rang me up one day to say that he was the only official Hollie Greig website and asked if throughout my newspaper articles and radio interviews I would give his reference as the official source for Hollie…….which I believed at the time.

It now appears that this man may well be an undercover agent for the British Government or alternatively a man with serious mental problems…..having reviewed his profile I would tend to go for the latter. This unbalanced man obviously had more sinister motives for the way in which he first supported Hollie and then did a 180 degree back flip and attacked Hollie, Anne and Robert Green. This man is truly the scum of society and should be locked away forever with the likes of the Sheriff of Aberdeen – Buchanen and all the other pedoephiles that operate within this country.

So what’s been going on behind the scenes and who is implicated in this final attempt to scupper any action against the corrupt Scottish Legal System or the high ranking figures involved in these satanic rituals that go deep within the Freemason Organisation.

As I pointed out last week the Police and Shropshire Council carried out a very well orchestrated raid on the premises belonging to Hollie and her mum whilst they were away on holiday and ransacked their house and stole their computer and other items.

Hollies mum Anne decided to write a letter to the local police regarding this terrible incident which was copied to Shropshire Social Services who are also actively involved in this shonky cover-up.:

3 Birch Grove, Ruyton XI Town, Shrewsbury SY4 1LH

[To] Shrewsbury Police Station, Clive Road, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury SY2 5RW

June 10th 2010

Dear Sirs

I am writing to complain about damage that was caused to my home by members of your force on 3rd June 2010, the theft of property on that date, the improper disclosure of information and an apparent attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The circumstances of my complaint are: As a victim of domestic violence dating back to 2000 in which my daughter Hollie was sexually assaulted by my husband and others I was allocated a council home at the above address in 2006. My daughter and I moved from Scotland and we have lived there since then. Shrewsbury Social Services are aware and have provided care for my daughter.

Earlier this month I left my home for a short holiday staying with friends.

On the 3rd June I received a message from a local solicitor that my daughter and I had been reported missing by a Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins, who I have never met, and that police officers accompanied by two social services officials had forcibly entered my home without my permission.

When I went to my home that evening I found that the front and all the interior doors had been broken open and an untidy search had been made leaving documents, correspondence, photographs and personal possessions scattered around. A DVD, titled “Camp FEMA” had been taken from its case and stolen. The electricity supply had been switched off and food in my fridge and freezer had spoiled.

Shortly afterwards, photographs of objects that were in my home appeared on Mr. Lance-Watkins web site together with material that amounts to an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The action taken by your officers is unjustified. I ask for this complaint to be recorded and investigated.

Yours faithfully

Anne Greig.

CC Shrewsbury Social Services.

As you can see the notorious Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins had apparently been involved in this case for reasons unknown and the fact that information relating to this police raid had been revealed on this scumbag’s webpage. I find it incredibly hard to understand how a WW2 Spitfire fighter ace could give birth to such a low-life imbecile as Greg Lance-Watkins who must surely be a total disgrace to his father.

I will now cover more communications with the relevant authorities and an email by Robert Green to a Mr Collard – Head of Adults and Children Law – Legal and Democratic Services – Shropshire Council…..I find the term Democratic Services rather funny based on their current Undemocratic stance:


14/06/2010 cc
FW: Hollie Greig

Dear Mr Collard,

For your information, I attach copy of e-mail sent to Mr Stephen Chandler,
whom I am given to understand had some input regarding the unwarranted and
malicious raid on Hollie`s home that has caused such alarm and distress.

I shall be informing the Court and relevant members of parliament of what
has been perpetrated in the name of Shropshire Council.

It is expected that there will be further questions as regards the
Council`s relationship with Mr Greg Lance-Watkins about whom we have
grounds to believe is a government agent, known to be a former MI5
operative. He is currently using a GSI and is known to be a saboteur, in
this case attempting to obstruct the course of justice in respect to
systematic child rape, murder and the unlawful attempt to section Anne
Mackie, as she was known then, by state officials on 5th September 2000, just eleven days after establishment figures had been identified as
Hollie`s sexual abusers. You will be aware that the abusers included a
member of the judiciary, a senior police officer and significantly, two
social workers including Hollie`s own carer.

Again, on what possible grounds, other than the false rumour promoted by a person who knew neither lady, could Hollie be possibly deemed a “missing person”? She is free to go wherever she wishes and neither she nor her mother are obliged to inform anyone of their whereabouts. When DCI Bates phoned me at my home at approximately 1330 hrs on Thursday 3rd June, just before the raid, I told him that although I did not know the precise whereabouts of Hollie and Anne, I had no concerns about their safety. So therefore, you took the word of a malicious stranger against mine, the ladies` legal representative. DCI Bates later made a false statement, in front of witnesses, about the day he phoned me.

When the “search” took place, even after I had stated I had no concerns and there would be no sign of forced entry to the home or any evidence of violence, did the large team take more than three hours to ransack the house and remove material, some of which seems to have later appeared on Mr Lance-Watkins`website?

Given these circumstances, do you really believe that any reasonable person would accept that you have no “relationship” with Mr Lance-Watkins?

Finally, you seem to have placed great store on the seemingly uncanny ability of your professional psychologist witness to make formal assessments of the mental state of individuals that she has never even met or spoken to. I suggest that a great deal of unnecessary time, distress and waste of public funds may have been avoided if your psychologist`s talents had been directed instead at an assessment of the mind of Mr Greg Lance-Watkins.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

It is becoming evident the Shropshire Council are really under tremendous pressure and now clutching at loose straws. I feel that with more support from Hollies Army with ongoing picket lines at strategic locations one can sense that justice may actually come to Hollie and her mum. I think having a small picket line outside the premises of Shropshire Council Office could well add fuel to the fire……surely some of Hollies Army live in the region?

There has been some incredible moves by Shropshire Council the latest being an attempt to remove Hollie from her mum and put her into care.

I discussed this with Robert Green and he responded with the following email:

You are right. Apparently Greg Lance-Watkins has been boasting that he is responsible for prompting Shropshire County Council`s disgusting attacks on Hollie and Anne, as well as being responsible for the ludicrous “missing person” scare, which was used as an excuse for six people to break into Hollies home on 3rd June, while she was away with Anne and spend over three hours in their small home, taking her computer, other articles and photos, two of which appeared on Greg Lance-Watkins website a few days later.

It is a state-funded conspiracy of the most appalling kind and those guilty of conspiring with Greg Lance-Watkins are the Council’s Stephen Chalmers from Social Services and legal head Tim Collard. DCI Bates of West Mercia Police is also culpable and as already made a false statement, in front of witnesses, including a solicitor.

I have documents from Tim Collard admitting contacts with Greg Lance-Watkins, but are desperately trying to say they’ve not given him details, despite the fact that it was Greg Lance-Watkins who first publicly referred the legal action against Anne and now the incriminating matter of the photos.

Latest dirty trick from Greg Lance-Watkins is to phone those involved in helping Hollie`s campaign, mostly women, giving them personal and confidential information he’s discovered on them, then threatening that he can make trouble for them owing to his “contacts”, as he has with Hollie and Anne. (surely a case of Blackmail?)

You can publish any of this. There are other officials of Shropshire Social Services who have deliberately made false sworn statements – more on this to come.


On can clearly see that when all of this fabrication is dealt with there has to be a clear cut case of charges being laid against Greg Lance-Watkins, Shropshire Council and even possibly the police themselves in perverting the course of justice or for his involvement in obtaining private documentation from the police raid and publishing it on his own web page.

You will also recall that Rober Green’s Member of Parliament David Mowat wrote a letter to the Chief Constable MacKerracher of Grampian Police but to date has still not received a response. Reader may find the following article of interest regarding this matter: [link to]

One can clearly see there are now very serious issues here in England following the police raid on Hollie and Anne`s home on 3rd June, in which items were removed and some passed on to a hostile third party for publication.

This case is started to fire up into a major show down between Scotland and England with some very senior political figures in the firing line. This peodophile case is so extensive it has the ability to cause the collapse of some aspect of the British Political system. My advice to the politic elite who feel they are beyond the law is to come clean and bring justice to Hollie Greig and all the other victims who have succumbed to these satanic criminals. Hollies Army is on to you and will not give up until this has been resolved

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 27/6/2010


Police ‘culture of disbelief’ over rape claims alarms official monitoring group

New figures reveal that police forces are writing off up to one third of all allegations reported to them

The figures show that ‘no crime’ rate for adult rape varies from only 3% in Cumbria to 33% in Lincolnshire. Photograph: Andy Thornley/ Andy Thornley/Demotix/Corbis
Official concern over a “culture of disbelief” in rape cases has been raised as new figures show that some police forces are writing off up to a third of all allegations reported to them.
A report by the high-powered joint government and police rape monitoring group confirms that a postcode lottery is operating in the way the 43 forces in England and Wales deal with rape allegations.
The figures show that the “no crime” rate for adult rape – the rate at which forces dismiss allegations initially recorded as a crime because of later details that emerge about the case – varies from only 3% in Cumbria to 33% in Lincolnshire.
Seven forces have a “no crime” rate for adult rape of 20% or more: Lincolnshire, Leicestershire (29%), Hertfordshire (21%) and the West Midlands (21%), Cleveland (20%), Derbyshire (20%) and Northumbria (20%). The national average “no crime” rate in adult rape cases is 12%, compared with 2% for all victim-based crime recorded by the police.
Dru Sharpling, HM Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC), who chairs the rape monitoring group, said the figures raised serious questions about whether a culture of disbelief persisted in some police forces when it comes to women making rape allegations. The police watchdog’s recent report on the Jimmy Savile affair detailed the difficulties encountered by rape victims in going to the police, including lack of confidence, she said. She added that there might be a range of other explanations for the disparities between forces, but questions over disbelief had to be raised.
Rape Crisis of England and Wales said it was extremely concerned by the persistently high levels of “no criming” revealed by the data and the huge disparities between forces. The figures suggested there had been only limited improvement in police practice since a major report in February 2012. “This leaves us wondering how many more reports it will take before we see a marked improvement in criminal justice for rape survivors.”
Liz Kelly, chair of End Violence Against Women, said: “Our member organisations know how deep disbelief and victim-blaming goes on in institutions and communities. But the police play a critical role enabling rape survivors to access justice, so these disparities and attitudes must be urgently tackled.”
The report, published by HMIC on behalf of the rape monitoring group – which brings together senior police officers, crown prosecutors, law officers and officials from the Home Office and Ministry of Justice – collates all the official data on the problem for the first time. It comes six years after an official watchdog first warned that some reports of rape were being wrongly classified by police forces.
The report shows that despite a steady increase in the number of recorded rapes of adults and children, about 80% of those who are raped or sexually assaulted still do not report it to the police.
In the 12 months to March 2013 there were about 10,000 recorded rapes of adults in England and Wales, and about 6,000 recorded rapes of children. These figures have risen from 6,000 adult rapes and 5,000 child rapes recorded by the police in 2008-09.
Only 1,820 (18%) of those recorded rape allegations led to a “sanction detection” in which an offender was charged or cautioned for the offence, and 1,423 (12%) of cases were “no crimed” – which meant the original allegations were classified as no crime had happened.
In the Metropolitan police, where an internal review first established the scale of the problem in 2009, the “no crime” rate has nearly halved over the past five years to 13%. It now requires a senior officer to review all “no crime” decisions, which have to be at the standard of “beyond reasonable doubt”. An external panel of academics will also carry out a quarterly review of all those allegations that have been dismissed in this way.
The figures show a postcode lottery in the rape detection rate. Durham police have the highest sanction detection rate at 32% but in Warwickshire it is only 6%. Northamptonshire had the highest rate of recorded rapes at 34.8 per 100,000 adults in the year to March 2013 while Durham had the lowest at 9.8. For child rapes, Humberside has the highest recorded rate at 106 per 100,000 children and Hertfordshire the lowest at 28. The average for the 43 forces is 59.5 per 100,000.
Jeff Farrar, of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: “To build people’s confidence in the way the police deal with sexual offences, it is my view that allegations of rape should be recorded as a crime when it is reported without question or challenge. This will help provide a consistent approach across the country that is supportive and victim-centred.”
Martin Hewitt, the Met’s deputy assistant commissioner, who is on the rape monitoring group, said it was a cause for concern that only about 20% of those who are raped or sexually assaulted report it. “This means that we are working from an incomplete picture of the offending and the majority of victims have no opportunity to access justice. As importantly, it means that rapists are avoiding arrest and conviction,” he said. “One factor affecting reporting levels is the degree of confidence that victims have in the police response and how they believe they will be treated in the wider criminal justice system. It is clear from the data published today that there are inconsistencies between forces in the way that they deal with rape. This has the potential to affect victim confidence.”
Helen Hopwood of the College of Policing said new guidance on investigating sexual offences would go out to consultation in April. “The datasets that have been published today highlight inconsistencies between forces about the outcome of rape investigations. This must be tackled.”


Thursday, 30 January 2014


Ten months have passed and Scotland`s Chief Constable still appears to be grappling with the complex question of whether or not those accused of rape should even be questioned by the Scottish police. The Chief Constable`s position is not helped, of course, by his political boss, Alex Salmond`s breaking of the law in defying the Information Commissioner in his quest to establish the facts about Salmond`s involvement in the Hollie Greig abuse case.

It may well be  that Scotland`s lamentable record of having the lowest conviction rate for rape in Europe results from the attitudes of the country`s leading figures. A symptom of their utter contempt for the plight of rape victims may lie in the existence of organisations such as the Violate Club, which is present in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The membership of this club is heavily represented by members of the judiciary, senior police officers, lawyers, politicians and court officials. Its activities are every bit as repulsive as its name suggests. Amongst other things, members are treated to displays of simulated rape and sexual acts between humans and animals.

The identities of some of its members, I understand, would be of considerable interest to those who have been following Hollie`s case and indeed to the people of Scotland in general. Some have even been unwise enough to pay for the club`s facilities by credit card.






Opalserpent wrote:Kinoko Sauce

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OMG, I feel sorry for him. What can you do, he should realise that under legal authority the police can do whatever they want
and don’t give a shit.
Owing fines is not good. I was sad watching Santos try to verbally argue with cops that treat people like
criminals for owing fines to the government.
I would donate to him actually to pay a bit of his fines. I tried donating to brother Nathaneal but paypal
laughed at my debit card.
I started researching bitcoins after that.


Minions of the pedophiles in power is all the police are but they are that conformed and prolly the half bluebrained morons are that way inclined em selves lmao Ima see the Trolls on facebook are out with their dribbling lying bollox pmsl Santos facebook friends list has some of the HGHG hoaxer nonces on it lmao ima had dealings with a bunch of anon twonks that Ima dunni believe they care a f@ck about what is going on apart from their own reputations not been blown! they really are a paranoid bunch of bullsh1tters this wee bunch Ima come across is saying the lassie that slept with Mal B at occupy went back because “YOU NEVER MET BROKEN GIRLS.” WTF eh Ima had my share, but then ima further said along the lines > yeap but none are that fkn braindead because she must have been if she never gone back with a hammer or a knife, does nae add up!< he/she then said because it was a guys named account but they said they were female not by the bollox they typed unless they were butch as feck but she/he said "SHE OBVIOSLY FELYT ABUSED
she must have been really badly raped the first time to go back for more? eh fck knows maybe it did or did nae happen but these spin docs mess with folks minds they say one thing then another as if agenda driven but when caught out for their bollox their minion trolls start their bollox threats but hey guess what none of them scare me with their pathetic threats “do you know who we are we are BOLLOX anon” p1sh threats and oh this is WAR bahahaha as if Ima did nae notice Ima been on the fkn frontline here in Scotland for a few years now even fkn exposing infiltrators from Glasgow and other places including Aberdeen dunni know Ima was one of 3 that organized FREE ROBERT GREEN but hey Ima found out from Robert while Ima visited him in Craigy that he was getting out and that was nae long after IMA was shouting FREE ROBERT GREEN at 2:30am ish walking around the prison all on my fkn tot which if none believes me feel free to contact Robert himself
Anyway you may ask why Ima go on about this on Santos thread but Badda Brian Davies as ima stated has started his bollox bahahahaha very bad move for Delusional Brian Davies

Trolls will be trolls and Ima been trolling the fkn trolls, just a wee hobby of mine that Ima become addicted to hhmm might write a book or an article apon my experiences with this sometime in the future :mrgreen:

Enough of this about trolls for now but Ima been in touch with Santos about these trolling morons and sure Santos will hunt em down n eat them when he is FREED that is for sure

Here is some awesomeness >

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My silence doesnae mean Ima quit. . . It simply means Ima wunni argue with folks that dunni want to understand. . .


Monday, 27 January 2014


Following my last post, relating to the ludicrous letter from Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson and my response, to which I am still awaiting an answer, the Scottish Police Authority has written to me to inform me that it is continuing its investigation into Chief Constable Sir Stephen House on the basis, that I quote  – “the Chief Constable persistently refuses to answer what he regards as the minimum action required to be undertaken by officers under his command which would satisfy him that a thorough investigation into rape allegations had taken place“.

Just why do Police Scotland and the First Minister persist in protecting, amongst others, Denis Charles Mackie?

BBC TV Scotland broadcast a programme on 15th January, entitled “Lawyers behaving Badly”, which involved a contribution from that loyal Scot and dedicated supporter of Hollie Greig, Stuart Usher. Interesting articles from the Diary of Injustice dated 21st, 23rd and 27th January are well worth watching, too. With regard to the BBC film, you will see a mention of a respected businessman and family man from Oban  committing suicide after being wrongly advised to deal with a Glasgow law firm that acts for Alex Salmond. I understand that law firm to be Levy & McRae, who are also representing Elish Angiolini in her case against me and yes, Police Scotland.

As you will be aware, Tim Rustige (Rusty) faces trial in Aberdeen on 24th February , following fatuous complaints by the ubiquitous Angiolini. This weekend, the site “Rusty`s Skewed News” was temporarily taken down by Google as a result of a complaint by the Scottish government. When Google were pressed for more details they revealed that the complaint had been made by – Levy & McRae.

Meanwhile, rumours abound about possible laundering of large amounts of undeclared income by some solicitors in Scotland on behalf of wealthy and influential individuals, some of whom are thought to be certain members of the judiciary. The destinations largely thought to feature are the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

My complaint about the conduct of Lord Bannatyne`s perverse decision in favour of Angiolini, dismissing my equitable right a proper defence, along with concealment of likely sources of conflict of interest, has been taken up by the European Convention on Human Rights, who have provided me with an official file number and invited me to furnish full details of the case. I have also formally complained about Bannatyne`s conduct to the Judicial Office in Scotland and am awaiting a response.

A hearing about my case is to be heard on Wednesday 29th January and I have requested that in the circumstances, Lord Bannatyne should recuse himself while complaints about his conduct are being examined. Moreover, as the Scottish state has forced me to have to try to defend myself, I demand full details of any replacement for Lord Bannatyne, as I require an assurance that no grounds exist for cause for concern over conflict of interest. I am unable to be present in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Returning to the Diary of Injustice`s 27 January publication, it seems that the Lord President may have misled about his own responsibilities to MSPs enquiring about the lack of judicial accountability. It has been discovered that the Lord President sits on a Board, along with Lord Bannatyne!

P.S. If you wish to see the BBC Scotland programme that provides some indication of the fundamental weakness of the justice system with regard to corrupt lawyers, the links are here.






Man charged with dangerous driving after Coventry ‘paedophile hunter’ injured in car crash on way to sting operation

27 Jan 2014 10:17

55-year-old arrested after collision also charged with attempting to meet under-age girl following grooming
Paedophile hunter
Paedophile hunter

A man has been charged with dangerous driving after a Coventry “paedophile hunter” broke both his ankles in a collision with a car.
Self-styled pervert catcher Stinson Hunter, aged 32, had travelled to Nuneaton as part of a sting operation when he was hurt.
Shortly after the incident a 55-year-old man was arrested by police.
He has now been charged with causing serious injury following dangerous driving and attempting to meet a girl aged under 16 following grooming.
After the collision, which happened in Cedar Road, Camp Hill, on June 4, last year, the vigilante was taken to hospital with serious injuries.
He was later diagnosed with a broken right ankle and fractured left ankle.
The accused man, has been released on police bail until he appears in court.