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 TPV – Thank you

Thanks is due to The People`s Voice (TPV) for inviting me to be interviewed by Sonia Poulton about the Hollie Greig case yesterday. For those of you who asked about Hollie, she enjoyed her 34th birthday last week. Hollie presents a shining example of bravery, against all the odds, to us all.

I was able to highlight the articles in the respected legal magazine The Firm, clearly demonstrating Alex Salmond and his government`s refusal to comply with the terms of the FOI Act when approached repeatedly by the Commissioner for information on the First Minister`s connection with the Hollie Greig case. Surely if a national leader is not prepared to stand up to defend children and the disabled in his own country from the horrors of sexual abuse, then he is palpably unfit to lead that country. That is now Alex Salmond`s position.

For those of you who watched the show and became aware of the case for the first time, I should say that the reason it has been established that the alleged abusers of Hollie were never even questioned by the police, came as a result of my trial.

When DC Lisa Evans, who had interviewed Hollie in my presence on 8th September 2009, was asked by my Counsel, Andy Lamb QC, if any of those clearly identified byHollie had been questioned by the police, DC Evans said “No”.

Nine of those named by Hollie were brought in to testify against me by the prosecution. Mr Lamb asked each of the nine if they had ever been questioned by the police about Hollie`s allegations against them. Each one replied “No”.

This by itself constitutes a gross dereliction of duty by DC Evans and the other officers directly responsible for investigating the case, led by D.I. Alex Dowell, who did not appear in court.

Again, for those new to the case, the two alleged identified abusers against whom the evidence was strongest, Hollie`s father and brother, were not amongst those who complained about me. Indeed, Mr Peter Anderson, the senior partner of Hollie`s father`s own solicitors Simpson & Marwick, which he shares with the sheriff named by Hollie, writes that “Hollie may well have been sexually abused by her father and brother”.

If even Hollie`s father`s own solicitor thinks that, is there any possible reason why the two should not be questioned immediately and have their computers checked, given the weight of evidence against them?

Moreover, when you consider that some of the celebrities in the Jimmy Savile case have even been charged, let alone questioned, on much weaker evidence that that produced to support Hollie, it makes you wonder who the Scottish police really are protecting and why?

Some of the key documentary evidence referred to in the programme may be viewed in an earlier interview with Brian Gerrish, of the UK Column, who has also been gallantly flying the flag on behalf of the many victims of state-sponsored corruption in our country.

Thank you all again for your loyal support and for the kindness I received from the team at TPV, including of course, Sonia Poulton and David Icke. They have begun a wonderful venture in the interests of freedom from the oppression suffered by so many of our fellow citizens at the hands of an increasingly repressive state apparatus.

Who is pulling the strings in our country?

Certainly not the good people of this land of ours.


  1. Good work and congratulations Robert, from us all at the Prisoners of Conscience International crew.
    Icke’s vision for a better world and pursuit of truth to achieve that wish has manifested The People’s Voice into a reality. Power be to him and his team.
    What is now required in the next stage evolution of this phenomenon is a Metro / Messenger style freebie / give-away newspaper carrying the same damning chapter and verse data that will be at hand and available to everyone at a myriad of pedestrian junctures and destinations that we all pass and congregate at during the course of our waking days.
    Then the readership will expand proportionately and critical game-changing information begin to circulate at a geometric rate – much to the ire of the ruling PTB establishment who want the cryptic Truth kept under lock and key wraps and not deciphered and disseminated by the likes of David Icke’s TPV or Brian Gerrish’s UK Column – or the scores of ardent valiant bloggers, who alike yourself, slog on regardless at getting the message out to a limited readership following.
    Hollie Greig’s ‘Day of Justice’ is coming, and this show trial to prosecute Rusty that Scotland’s hierarchy seem ‘self-harm’ determined to stage in February to appease the neurotic ‘Complainant’, ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, regardless of the ‘suicidal’ negative exposure knock-on consequences involved, might just prove the catalyst which finally sparks a chain reaction with the public demographic to demand an independent investigation into the Aberdeen elitist paedophile ring and the media-suppressed scandal of their sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs / disabled children.


  2. The Truth’s finally dawning – and coming home to roost.




Alex Salmond has today included in his independence address the astonishing claim that it would lead to a “fairer and more democratic Scotland”. Not under Salmond and his little gang, it wouldn`t.

How does he equate these concepts with the fact that I was snatched from the street by detectives at the beginning of my parliamentary election campaign in Aberdeen South in 2010, in order to challenge the SNP`s Mark McDonald and expose the SNP`s failure over the Hollie Greig case?

I was immediately then denied my human rights to legal representation and banned from the constituency and in fact, the whole of Aberdeenshire, in which Mr Salmond`s own constituency lies.

This action was not just an attack on me nor on Hollie Greig`s quest for justice, but on parliamentary democracy itself.

How then does the First Minister equate “fairness and democracy” with the single politically controlled police force that he has installed?

How does he equate these concepts with the fact that one solicitor, Peter Watson of Levy & McRae, represents the Scottish Police, Elish Angiolini, has a former Levy & McRae man as Justice Secretary and represents Mr Salmond himself ?

That is not all. By its own admission on its website, Levy & McRae represents all Scotland`s major broadcasting media. How on earth can Mr Salmond explain why he thinks these blatant conflicts of interest will lead to greater “fairness and democracy”?

Of course, we may be sure that none of the Scottish media  will dare to challenge Salmond on these fundamental points of public interest. The all-powerful Professor Watson will simply not allow it.

Just to remind everyone again that in respect of the Hollie Greig case, Salmond`s government, in 2011, breached sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Act in its repeated refusals to supply the Commissioner Kevin Dunion with the information required about Hollie.

Mr Dunion said “If the Ministers fail to comply with my decision, I have the right to certify that Ministers have failed to comply. The Court of Session can treat the failure as a contempt of court.

Thus , Alex Salmond`s entire government came within 24 hours of facing potential criminal charges.

Have the Scottish people been made aware of this dramatic event in what must be a matter of overriding public interest?

Of course not, Peter Watson would not permit the dear leader to face such likely public opprobium.

Meanwhile, in this fairer and more democratic country, Tim Rustige (Rusty) is now facing a five-day trial commencing 24th February, which is three days longer that the original was intended to be. Could it be that the trio of Sylvia Major, Elish Angiolini and Win Dragon will finally face cross-examination under oath?

The basis for this persecution of a brave international human rights activist is that he is to have publicly objected to Angiolini`s suitability to be installed as Principal of St Hugh`s College, Oxford, which she claims has caused her “alarm and distress”. Such alarm and distress must be significantly worse that the horrifying rape ordeals endured by Hollie Greig and probably, many other children and the disabled in Aberdeen. The poor woman must have suffered much more than the Lockerbie case`s Mr Al-Megrahi, terminally ill and locked away far from his home and family for years in a Scottish jail after being blatantly framed, with Angiolini`s knowledge and collaboration.

May I ask again for full support for Rusty from all decent people who really do believe in fairness and democracy?

The People`s Voice took to the air yesterday. The United Kingdom as a whole desperately needs the fundamental freedoms of the press and expression that it has been surreptitiously denied. As an example, if only the mainstream media had followed the example of David Icke in accusing Savile of his crimes whilst he was alive, how many ruined lives would have been saved, how many nightmare ordeals prevented?

That is why the country needs to return to true freedom.

I shall be interviewed by Sonia Poulton on The People`s Voice this Thursday, the 28th November. The programme begins at 17.15hrs.


i got drugged beaten and raped by women girls and gay and heterosexual men and women for about 13-14 years in childcare in scotland from the age of 2-3 years old i was born into organised child prostitution and slavery and this was allowed to continue in child care here in scotland. 

here is a video of police cover up attempts by trying to settle the case discretely

from the 19 minute and 23 second mark on the youtube time bar you will hear him say yes to the direct question asked


For years now I have made my blogs and videos with no financial reward, putting this information together takes up an inordinate amount of time, sadly I now do not now have that time. I am dyslexic, which means that putting together a simple blog takes me twice as long as it would a non dyslexic.
I have a number of projects that I would love to finish, however financial restraints means I simply do not have the time to finish them. Every donation helps and affords me a little more time to do this work.
You will notice my blogs are ad free, I have refused to allow Google Ad Sense to to plaster my work with corporate bullshite, I do not mean to profit from my work, its out there and it is free for all to read or watch, donations both allow me to continue, and show me that someone out there appreciates the time and effort that I have devoted to various projects.

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Hello Malcolm,

Thank you so much for that – like you, I`m not sure exactly what he said, but that is about the gist of it. Of course, he and others have now been involved in a further criminal act of falsifying solemn court evidence.

Your terrible experience with him over your little daughter shows him to be a thoroughly evil man.

I knew you would offer your support. I am making a few more enquiries and will then go to the police to call for his arrest.


To: bluesmangreen
Subject: BOWEN
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 21:44:33 -0500

Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy
Hello Robert
Sorry Ima nae emailed you earlier, nevertheless >>
Sheriff Bowen said > “How dare you a Welsh Englishman come to Scotland and tell us how to run our law/courts.”
Or something very close to that with the effect of with a nasty narcissistic smile on his face and tone to voice,
As a scotsman Ima find Sheriff Bowen’s remark as racist as could be, not only that but this man covered up my daughters sexual abuse even when Ima have a letter from a police CID superintendent quite clearly stating in his words that my daughter was getting “touched inappropriately”.he annulled an independent impartial eye witness to my daughters abuse that was a frind of my daughters mother that testified against her with a sworn affidavit and video evidence was ignored by him within the video evedence Ima asked mu daughter whom was touching her, where he was touching her and does mummy do about him touching you. . .This video evidence was taken to prove that grampian so called child protection services were covering up my daughters abuse and it was to prove that dozens of so called professionals knew about this and were covering it up due to the fact that Aberdeen so called child protection was or might very will still be infested with pedophiles. . . . .
Getting back to your Trial
Sheriff Bowen ignored the medical witness statements and also he ignored the fact that none of the accused had ever been questioned formally by Grampian police, with the other fact of the 13 and a half thousand pounds being payed out to Hollie for the obvious. . .
Ima willing to stand up in any court of law and testify to this in the name of God. . .
Malcolm Ogilvy



Since sending all the key expert witness documents for the attention of the First Minister`s constituency committee on 3rd October, I am still awaiting the promised response from his office. Given the overwhelming evidence of the uninvestigated crimes and police corruption, it is difficult to understand any good reason for Mr Salmond`s delay.

If I may, I will again remind readers of the headlines from respected legal magazine The Firm of 2011, illustrating within the articles the likelihood of the First Minister`s complicity in the Hollie Greig cover up.

3rd June Exclusive: Information Commissioner forces Government response to Hollie Greig inquiries.

and on 11th July,

First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations

The second article refers to the fact that the entire SNP Government came within 24 hours of being held in contempt of court due to its failure to comply with a formal enquiry from the Freedom of Information Commissioner.

Since that time, we have established that the Scottish Police made no attempt to even question the 22 identified alleged sexual abusers.

It is surely not now a question of “Will Mr Salmond act on this utter travesty of justice that  has placed Scottish children and the disabled at risk?”, but “What does he propose doing about it?”

Mr Salmond should be reminded that his overriding duty as First Minister is to be responsible for the interests and wellbeing of the people of Scotland as a whole, rather than any prior obligation to protect the coterie that surrounds him, includingKenny MacAskill, Elish Angiolini, Peter Watson and Chief Constable House.

Of course, it is not just in Scotland that terrible sexual crimes against the vulnerable are covered up at government level. In the United Kingdom, Hollie Greig`s case is but one of several, including those involving the likes of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and events at the Elm Guest House and in Jersey, at Haut De La Garenne.

It is interesting to observe that the intelligence services are now being asked to participate in countering paedophilia, but are these the same intelligence services that preventing the police from investigating Cyril Smith?

Are these the same intelligence services that that allowed Prince Charles to eulogise about Jimmy Savile on his death two years ago,?

Sir Roger Jones, Chairman of the Children in Need Charity between 1999 and 2002 said of Savile “He was a creepy sort of character – we wouldn`t want him anywhere near the charity”. Now if Sir Roger and his board knew this about Savile over ten years ago, why did the so-called intelligence services not warn Prince Charles in 2011?

Could it be that a) the intelligence services have been infiltrated by influential paedophiles, or b) there is the use of blackmailing powerful child abusers by the intelligence services in order for the state to exert control over them or c) are the services just plain incompetent?

Our intelligence services are publicly funded with a duty to protect the citizens of the United Kingdom. I believe we have a right to the truth when our children are being sexually abused and the state is failing to intervene on their behalf.


hoax  (hks)


1. An act intended to deceive or trick.
2. Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means.
tr.v. hoaxedhoax·inghoax·es

To deceive or cheat by using a hoax.
If on the balance of probabilities it is more likely than not that someone is the blameless victim of a crime of violence then the Authority is likely to make an award. Please be advised that, as the test is on the balance of probabilities, the Authority may pay compensation even where an assailant is found not guilty in a Court of law.  This is because, in a criminal court, the Crown must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the assailant is guilty of the crime. Please find a link to our guidance at the following address in the public domain:




Girl’s sex attacker learns his fate

By sue restan
Published: 16/11/2013
A 63-year-old former security guard was yesterday ordered to take part in a rehabilitation programme after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl.
Alistair Milne will also be placed under supervision for three years and will remain on the sex offenders’ register for the same period.
Milne, of Altri, 71 Whitehills, Alness, denied sexually assaulting the 15-year-old by putting his hand down her jogging bottoms, touching her, pulling her towards him and kissing her on April 27 last year.

For the full story, pick up a copy of today’s Press and Journal or read our digital edition now.