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The Short Story Of Tinribs

Professional Hoaxtead Gobshite Or Just A Keen Amateur?

For the information of the nasty Irving brood and yourself; I did happen to look back on a piece you posted regarding that McKenzie woman and the Eddie fella with respect to McNeill’s trial.

Hmm! Very interesting indeed. So, Sally Cahill issued a warning to the public gallery not to identify any of the ‘victims’ of McNeill’s campaign while the trial was ongoing?

McKenzie and Eddie must have attempted to do something along those lines.

Well, fortunately for me, and rather unfortunately for you, I wasn’t at the trial, and further to that, I only got my limited information about it via the Mail Online whereby I was able to pick out more than one or two problems with Cahill’s summation. You know, like there actually being Satanic Cults, and even further to that, you lot being part of an abusive and criminal one.

Then, to really mix it up for you, I had no idea Ricky was one of those present and would not have done so, if you had recently not tried to prevent him being exposed as a criminal who is also a Satanist. Ooops!

As far as I was aware, there were some women who had been targeted by McNeill and that is what that case focused on.

Given Ricky’s easily provable lies and criminal activities go back way before January, it matters not what Cahill meant concerning him in particular due to the fact his name had been previously broadcast all over the national and international press and that further to this, he and others mentioned had no anonymity via Pauffley’s previous ruling.

When you look at the fact that neither of the Judges have any right to prevent exposing criminal activity that comes from yourselves via Dearman and on his behalf, well…I’d say that in reality, you look proper fucked.

As such, I will let that pair argue it out among themselves, hey!

You keep letting everyone know Ricky was supposedly one of those at McNeill’s trial against the order of the Judge for as long as you like. lol.

There’s a good soft cunt and soft cunts.

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